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Governor Palin: C’mon Now, GOP, Don’t Go Wobbly on Us

Via Facebook:

Please read and pass along this article. We send good conservatives to D.C. to fulfill the promises they made to the electorate, and yet when they stay true to their word the permanent political class in their own party punishes them. This won’t be forgotten come 2014. Right now the GOP establishment is more concerned about the opinion of the media and the Georgetown cocktail circuit than they are “we the people” who hired them. For all this new talk of how the GOP needs a “populist movement,” it would do them good to remember they already have one; it’s called the Tea Party movement, and it won for them the majority they now enjoy in the House.

– Sarah Palin

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  • Christopher H Fromme

    Hey John Boehner there is a primary target on your back !!!!

    • Guest

       Are you kidding? Do you know how much money the corruptocrats on Wall Street contributed to the Crybaby?

      • Christopher H Fromme

        My preference was for Sarah to be Speaker of the House but that is a pipe dream.  I sent Sarah a budget plan that would balance the budget in 3 years and a surplus of 1.5 T in 10 years.

      • HuntingMoose

        like they gave Romney and as you should have learned, money does not win elections.

        grassroots, the thing money cannot buy does win elections. Obama had his act together with his small fanatic deranged grassroots drive the ignorant and insane from the asylum to the booth.

        • bejocy

          Yeah…but we are not a grassroots of thugs….

          • HuntingMoose

            so, yeah, we are different. but we can still organize to get as many people go vote. And since the democrats have given the green light that it is OK to get people that have no clue be picked up from the asylum , we can do that too. Level playing field.

            • bejocy

              Our son, with DS and autism…can’t talk, but he will be 18 this summer.  I’m SURE he’s a conservative, and WILL vote that way.

              I also made sure that my father, a USMC vet, who passed this year, was NOT on the voter list. What a dishonor to him, if someone voted in his name.

              • HuntingMoose

                come 2014, make sure your sons can cast his vote.

    • HuntingMoose

      Boehner is not a target but showed weakness by caving to democrats, obama, gope and what else.

      He better women up or else.

  • MarkRNY

    Sounds like a certain lady from Alaska has got her war paint on and is looking for scalps and GOPe wagon trains.

    The Wrath of The Cuda–2014!

    • Min Max

       I wanna watch that movie!!

  • korn8131

    Boehner, needs to be clipped. He is just one example of many RINO’s that need to be shown the door otherwise, the Republican Party is doomed.

    • HuntingMoose

      Why clip Boehner. Let him be and go down with the GOP.

      I am done with the GOP after this latest stab in the back. Let the GOP be the GOP, it will only drive more people away towards a new alternative and that includes all those 70+ house members who that we elected in 2010 and are now fed up as well after pushed aside again.

  • John_Frank

    Game On!

    Stacy, thank you for drawing the Governor’s latest FB post to our attention.

    • HuntingMoose

      understatement. Someone in Alaska is firing me up…

  • HuntingMoose


    And the media still does not understand why she is the leader I follow?

    don’t know if this is a shot across the bow but as far as I am concerned with the GOP after this double crossing us, the voters that gave them the large majority, as far as I am concerned and care I am fine if it would hit the GOP Titanic where the establishment is listening to the false music supplied by the democrats and Obama.

    And then, let the Phoenix as tea party rise again from the ashes and the cliff.

  • Hansome

    ADN already whining about Gov.Palin’s interview. Must go over there & needle those McGinniss-loving creeps.

    • patnatasha

      what does ADN stand for?

      • Adrienne Ross

        Anchorage Daily News


    Now THIS is the Palin I love. I sooo wished she would have said something like this on Hannity last night. 

    • HuntingMoose

      Is it not amazing how real leadership can give hope?

      Knowing there is someone who can lead us later out of the abyss we are falling in?

    • Ceejay

      She is really taking in to the GOP party to straighten it up, walk those planks in the platform that our founding fathers gave us in the Constitution!

  • Leroy Whitby

    This makes me happy. Primary the GOP establishment quislings whenever they are vulnerable.

  • HuntingMoose


    Why the fear for a 3rd party. We will NEVER have 3 parties.

    Instead, once it starts, expect 4, 5, 6, many more and not only of the GOP but also on the dem side.

    This country is a country of many voices and alliances. Having 2 parties (or 3) is an abnormality that won’t last.


  • Ceejay

    There is a new sheriff in town….they call her Sarah……….Sarah 2016!

    Catch the wave!

  • Christopher H Fromme

    Christopher Fromme ?@rebel1657
    The 1st shot of the 2016 POTUS campaign by @SarahPalinUSA  GOP, Don’t Go Wobbly on Us 1st yard sign

    This is the best way I could show my Palin 2016 Yard Sign

  • PhilTan

    AP running big story about Dick Army stepping down from Freedom Works and his 8 million dollar consulting contract. Hey, didn’t they ( Freedomworks ) try to oust Hatch untill the Guv. got involved ? We know who the real deal is . I would love to see the Guv. give a policy speech on the whole fiscal cliff mess within say 50 miles of DC before the deadline. Call them both out.

    • Spartan4Palin

      Rush talked about doing a hour long show in prime time to explain the fiscal cliff and the direction of the party.

      Wouldn’t it be a hoot if he and the Gov did the show together?

  • Guest

    Right On  Gov. Palin!!     Get ‘em !!

    I stand with Sarah Palin………

  • Jon Kelly

    NOW IS THE TIME TO BACK GOVERNOR PALIN. With more courage in her little finger than any of the "self appointed" leadership in Washington, The Governor’s position is that we’ve gone over the cliff already. BACK DOWN NOW – OBAMA WINS –COMPROMISE OBAMA WINS AGAIN.

  • wodiej

    She’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccck.  You go girl-go get ‘em!!

  • Patriot41

    Removing conservatives from chairmanships in the House, should be all the evidence that conservatives, libertarians and Tea Party members need, that the GOP simply does not wish to change it’s strategy and would rather go down in flames then turn conservative.   The GOP is not going wobbly, it has been that way for several years now and it’s time to let them fall.  It is also time to start a third party, a Constitutional party that will represent the citizens who believe in our Republic.

  • Right_Wingnut

    Take that, Yankee!

  • nkthgreek

    They who push us over the fiscal cliff, may find themselves grabbed by the ankles on the way down.

  • 01_Explorer_01

    And somebody here said the tea party is dead.

  • RedDaveR

       Boehner is going too far with this purging of conservatives. Good to see Gov. Palin calling him out on it, as well as others in the leadership, and sticking up for Tea Partiers.

      She reminds Boehner that he would not be Speaker without the likes of the four people that he is purging.

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