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Governor Palin: Happy Hanukkah

Via Facebook:

Todd and I and our family wish a very Happy Hanukkah to all throughout the world who gather this week to celebrate the Festival of Lights. Our thoughts and prayers are especially with our friends in Israel who in a special way embody the Hanukkah message by being a light of freedom in a region too often darkened by chaos and oppression. May that light shine ever brightly.

– Sarah Palin

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  • myfairlady

    Happy Hanukkah to all!

  • Ceejay

    Nice post by the Governor!

    • Robert Nieboer

       Note: She’s not a governor.

      • Marianne

        I luv The Guv!

        • Guest

          Gov Palin Rocks!!

      • mark1955

        Addressing a former Governor as "Governor" is the correct and accepted protocol. But then again you already knew that.

        • Robert Nieboer

          But in spite of what you hear in the media, only a current governor is
          formally addressed in conversation or in a salutation as Governor (Name). In a salutation, former governors go back to whatever form of address they used they were before they were the governor.       So Sarah Palin is not correctly directly addressed or referred to as Governor Palin. She of course is correctly identified in the third person as former Governor Palin, but that’s not a form of address.        Here’s the rule: Offices of which many people hold the same office at a time … senators, judges, Navy captains
          … continue to be addressed using the honorific used while they were
          in office.  But offices which are held by a single person at a time … the president, the governor, the mayor … (any office you can put a "the" in front of) most formally go back to whatever they were before.As you were Mark.

  • c4pfan

    Great post by Sarah.

  • John_Frank

    Adrienne, thank you for drawing this latest FB post by the Governor to people’s attention.

  • conservativemama

    Happy Hanukkah  everyone.  Tonight I will continue the tradition set by my late mother-in-law, a most wonderful woman, and make homemade latkes.  My girls love them.

    ‘Tis a full season in this interfaith household.


    we alway’s pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
    May G-D Jehovah Bless America and protect his people.

  • Guest

    That Sarah…she can touch the most tender portion of the heart
    with such warmth and truth…. So thankful for her & her family,
    may HaShem, blessed be He, bless them a hundredfold from the promises of Gen 12:3.

    (Adrienne, thank you for posting as do not have FB)

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