Governor Palin: The Only Hope

Governor Palin penned the following missive tonight:

Unspeakable evil slammed America in the beautiful little town of Newtown, Connecticut, just days ago. No words can express the collective shock and sorrow shared by Americans who know the murder of innocent children is the most horrendous crime imaginable. The Connecticut state motto, “Qui transtulit sustinet,” promises that only God can sustain us. Though still insufficient and unfulfilling for the grieving families of these beautiful babies in the Lord’s arms now, perhaps those words are all the inconsolable loved ones can hold on to at this time. May God show His sustaining love to them right now. Please Lord.

It may seem, especially after Friday, the world is spinning fast and furious and out of control. Many political, economic, and societal problems attempt to weigh down our spirit so heavily that some despondently give up after being deceptively led to believe there is no real hope for anything getting better. And despite 24-hour news cycles with constant information flooding our eyes and ears with much white noise, TV’s talking heads really have nothing meaningful to offer.

So the world spins furiously, but there is a reason its literal and figurative centrifugal force tightly holds us here together for such a time as this. Until God loosens the tie that binds us to this temporal earth, we are in it together, and we are expected to do our part to make it better. So, now is the time to speak truth, however politically incorrect some may deem it, and focus on what really matters so our nation’s spirit can be lifted as we unite in the cause for a better world built on real hope. First, all truly is hopeless if your faith and hope are put in any politician or media elite. That is because the average person is more truthful and responsible than the average politician or media elite.

Those who let themselves be terribly disappointed in political leaders as they ignore real problems, aided along with a complicit media bombarding us with irrelevant distractions in order to avoid facing the reality of a fallen culture, should know those distractions are to hide from a finger pointing to the main contributors to much of our problem. To stop distracting would result in acknowledging the political and media machine’s starring roles in our failing society. So, as they too often tear down those who try to do good, while elevating and celebrating corrupt selfishness, they dumbly assume we don’t know it is they who significantly contribute to our upside down world today. We’ve learned our lesson. Don’t put your hope in Hollywood or Washington. Instead, build resolve and seek truth more aggressively than ever at such a time as this.

I only know one source of truth and real hope. I call out to this hope with only childlike faith because I am so overwhelmed by the miraculous answers to my prayers that the comforting, secure hope I cling to is too inexplicable for a simpleminded person like me. Plus, because I am not a perfect Christian – and have never met one – I dare not judge others’ “Christian quotient,” and inarticulately explaining my faith is too often interpreted wrongly, hence, my thankfulness in being allowed via the Good Book to have a childlike faith that’s good enough for God. Further, I do not wish to force my beliefs down anyone’s throat – and simple faith does not do that. Though I’ll share my faith unapologetically, I beg fellow faith-filled fallible human beings to quit pretending anyone’s effective in forcing others to see the light; please also quit pretending you are holier than thou. You are not. I am not. We’re merely fortunate enough to have been knocked to our knees at some point in life and grabbed hold of the opportunity to accept undeserved grace and forgiveness that allows a rebirth and its accompanying peace that passeth all understanding. I cling to it not because I am bitter, but because there is nothing better.

May this Christmas season give you a glimpse of the faith to which millions cling to, and are willing to live and die to self for. As you watch this video, even if you’ve never prayed before, you can ask God for revelation to what occurred 2000 years ago, what it means for today, and why we celebrate the babe born in that Bethlehem manger over 2000 years ago. And I offer this not because I have all the answers, but because many ask me from where does my hope come? How do I hang on? What do I cling to? Here is a glimpse of the foundation of my faith. May you be shown through this short clip and song that the unanswered questions, the horrible suffering, and the sacrifice of One birthed opportunity for new life and real HOPE for all of us today.

Friends, please watch this, and please don’t lose hope. We mustn’t lose hope! Look up! And put your time and effort in working so hard for your family and loved ones around you. Don’t wait for a fallen world’s politicians and pundits to do it for you. You can have within yourself the ability and opportunity to help make America strong again, and her people joyful again.

– Sarah Palin

Here is the video the Governor is asking people to watch:


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  • John_Frank

    Mary Beth, thank you for bringing Sarah Palin’s latest FB post to people’s attention.

    A very powerful message.

    Even those of a different faith, or no faith at all will find comfort in her wise words.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Amen and thanks, JF!!!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thank you so much, Governor!!

    Thank you so much, Mary Beth!!!

    God bless.

    • BlueGood

       Aye, Thank you Sarah…Not only is her message beautiful, but as simple as that of Jesus….

      Sarah always cuts through the B.S. that we’ve come to "accept" as
      politics…and how very wrong the Politicians and Talking Heads are all,
      always trying to make everything so complicated…in order to make
      themselves seem more intelligent, more insightful, better than anyone

      Sarah is bang on that we no longer have to take the B.S….but just
      turn inward to the simple but very real peace that is in each and
      everyone of us….We can only hope the "Others" will "GET IT"…
      time, once again!

      Den Zegen…..(Blessings without end….)

      • jerseymark

        I join in your thoughts so aptly expressed. Thanks.

      • indemind

        Thank you Mary Beth… JMHO ..This Sarah Palin At Her Best…
        SarahAmerica "I cling to it not because I am bitter, but because there is nothing better."

  • wodiej

    What a beautiful message from Gov. Palin.  It is a call to emulate the true spirit of Christ to make the world a more loving, compassionate and kind world..  Many who say they are Christians are disguised as an emissary of Satan.  They live among us.  

    For me personally, this was humbling.  Although many people including myself have been experiencing difficult times for the last 3-4 years, I have grown closer to Christ than I’ve ever been my entire life.  That in itself is a blessing.   

    "the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much."  James 5:16

    God bless you Gov. Palin.

  • ZH100

     An inspirational message; thank you Gov.Palin

  • xthred

    She says it better than anyone.

    • conservativemama

      Exactly what I was thinking.

  • CTmom2

    Thank you Sarah, for continuing to encourage those who might be tempted to lose faith in these dark days.  Thank you for your courage in being politically incorrect.  Thank you for not taking the cynical viewpoint.  And thank you, Mary Beth, for sharing this with us.

  • RedDaveR

    Thank you Mary Beth, and thank you Gov. Palin.

  • ComotuyComoyo

    I will love that she said it on a Video with this song at backgrounds. She special lady and pray that God continue to bless her with wisdom, faith and patience to do the mission that He has for her in this World. As she pary that we all do our part and God show us the Way! Merry Christmas and Hopeful 2013!

    "God’s loyal love couldn’t have run out, his merciful love couldn’t have dried up. They’re created new every morning. How great your faithfulness! I’m sticking with God (I say it over and over). He’s all I’ve got left."

    Lamentations 3:22-24 The Message (MSG)

  • Ceejay

    Well said Sarah, there is only one we go to in times of need. 

    Thank you.

  • Leroy Whitby

    I love the picture of the child and the Christmas tree as well.

    • Guest

      he’s almost the size of the angels on the tree….

      Update: the little one is a "she"…..SP’s niece, Chuck Jr’s red-head daughter. :-))

      • Leroy Whitby

        He is almost the size of the angel ornaments! Very beautiful.

      • Leroy Whitby


  • Soo Doenim

    Sarah, perhaps your calling has been modified from seeking public office to serving as a watchman on the wall.

  • conservativemama

    Gov. Palin is right.  I was knocked to my knees 12 years ago, and the only way out of the grief was reaching for God and for me, taking the example Mary set, enduring the death of her only son.

    This message sets the right tone, says the right things, and offers so much wisdom, humility and faith.  Everything we need at this time.

  • Terry Malpass


    is why I stand with Sarah Palin.

    Amen! Sister Sarah.

  • James A. Tyler

    Let’s see what problem people will have with this message, I guess people attacked her for the condolence message, if you could believe it.

    I personally found this message to be very moving. She invoked religion without saying "God turned his back on the school because there is no school prayer" which is the argument I hear more and more now.

    • TomG

      Perhaps Sarah should quit preaching religion and spend more time working on her own disfunctional family.  She is not taken seriously by most people.  She had a chance to create change if she would have actually educated herself relative to world events.  Instead she became a huckster for reality television and exercise books.  She wants the respect of a political pundit but her actions, and those of her family, are similar to the Kardasians.  I hate to get parenting and life advice from a failed parent.

  • c4pfan

    Well put Sarah. 

  • 01_Explorer_01

    Gov. Palin,

    Your time to lead is now.  It seems to be your calling.  Did anyone notice in the second paragraph this  ……..the world is spinning fast and furious and out of control.  Fast and furious….

    • conservativemama

      Oh yes, I caught that.

    • Marianne

       The loony lefties look for any imagined sleight against their Anointed One as justification for attacking Sarah, but they probably won’t rip her for her "fast and furious" comment since they so desperately want Fast and Furious to be buried and forgotten. They may see an avenue for attack in Sarah’s probably intentional decision to put the words "bitter" and "cling" in the same sentence. And of course they will mock her for her use of the word "simpleminded". They have no desire to read her message, and even less desire to try to absorb it. They only wish to display their supposedly high level of tolerance by writing of their complete intolerance for any and all things Sarah.

  • Emerson_C


  • jgrimes

    Thank you Mary Beth for bringing  Gov Palin fb and video to C4P site.
    Only thing I can saw is AMEN, Praise The Lord!
    I stand w Sarah Palin…

  • palmerguy

    Thank you Sarah for this uplifting message and vidio, I have sent it out to many to share this blessing with others that do not come here or facebook.  God bless you and your family

  • section9

    This is the best piece of prose she’s ever written. I don’t think that Palin has ever posted or written anything more inspiring OR important.

    In a materialist, pagan age, Palin has her wits about her about What, and Who, is important.

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