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Howard Richman: Palin ‘Restores My Faith That There is Intelligence’ Within the GOP

Howard Richman has a nice piece over at the Ideal Taxes Association blog:

In it, he says Governor Palin’s November 30th interview with Greta restores his faith "that there is intelligence left within the Republican Party."

He references Governor Palin’s line that "we’ve already gone over the fiscal cliff, now it’s about how hard we hit bottom."

Richman continues:

She’s right that we’re already over the fiscal cliff in that there’s not going to be a painless way to bring down the budget deficits and prevent the collapse that will occur if they continue to grow, in proportion to GDP.

Meanwhile, the House Republicans are currently negotiating an agreement with President Obama that will substitute $200 to $250 billion in budget cuts for the $502 billion that would place if no agreement was reached.

By not dealing with the problem right after the election, they are insuring that trillion dollar deficits will continue to raise the U.S. debt-to-GDP ratio into the forseeable future.

As Palin points out, they are simply postponing the pain and making it much much worse when it does come in the future. This future is easily foreseen:

Five to 10 years from now, when interest rates climb and the U.S. government debt-to-GDP ratio is higher than today, perhaps 150% to 200%, a spike in interest rates will cause the budget deficits to spike upward. The Federal Reserve will try to keep interest rates low in order to prevent a U.S. government default, and in the process they will create high inflation. Then the dollar crashes and the American standard of living hits the ground with a splat.

And the House Republicans are agreeing to this, even though they have to sell out their fiscal conservative base to do so.

Sarah Palin has so much economic common sense. She’s for:

  • balanced budgets
  • eliminating the corporate income tax
  • balanced trade
  • balanced monetary growth

That’s precisely the recipe for stable economic growth with low unemployment. Too bad the rest of the Republican Party hasn’t figured it out.

Here’s the great interview Richman is referring to:


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  • blueniner

    The public and the media at large seem to ignore Sarah Palins expertise on economics and budgets, her accomplishments from her tenure as Governor have been posted here on C4P many times, but never gets much outside exposure.

    • patnatasha

      maybe it’s starting to get out.

  • Exgunman

    Maybe this new "Stupid Party" committee at the RNC will suddenly get struck with common sense and see that demon/commie lite is not the way to go and will issue "mea culpa" to her and ASK/BEG her help them set the party straight……………………………..SARC/ :>)

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    "In it, he says Governor Palin’s November 30th interview with Greta restores his faith “that there is intelligence left within the Republican Party.”"

    Considering the mountain of evidence to the contrary, that is an immense barrier to credulity to overcome.  Gov. Palin is probably the only existent GOP politician capable of such a feat.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    "Sarah Palin has so much economic common sense. She’s for:

    balanced budgets
    eliminating the corporate income tax
    balanced trade
    balanced monetary growth"

    She is also in favor of eliminating corporate welfare.  

    If she keeps hammering away at those easy-to-understand principles, even the BSM may eventually come to its senses.  The Obama administration wants to raise corporate income taxes, because the big corporations don’t pay them, anyway.  At least the GOP is willing to eliminate some corporate subsidies, i.e. corporate welfare, but do not specify which ones.  

    I don’t trust either of them to do the job properly.  There really is only one major political figure who can be trusted to handle both matters to the benefit of the country and its sovereign people, the lady with "the servant’s heart."

  • John_Frank

    Excellent analysis 

    Steve, thank you for bringing Mr. Richman’s blog post to our attention.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Makes no difference to the GOP. If forced, they will have one of the male candidates try and parrot what the Governor preaches. Similar to when Romney tried to talk about "crony capitalism". He never believed it and it was evident to all. The elites are convinced that she is their worst nightmare. They do get some things right. They can’t handle the truth and believe that the American people can’t either. Ship of fools about to hit the rocks!

  • Patriot41

    I wonder what took Richman so long to figure out one of the many attributes of Sarah Palin?

    Can’t agree with the assessment that it will take five to ten years for interest rates to spike.  Barneke has said that he intends to keep sub par interest rates until at least 2014.  If he does this, there is going to have to be some dramatic changes made in our money system, as no one in the international world is going to want anything to do with the dollar.  There are already several major foreign nations that have worked around the dollar, when it comes to international trade and many more are considering taking the same action.  This fact, has caused investors to look elsewhere then the U.S. for investment, which means no more foreign financing for the U.S. to borrow from.

    When the U.S. can no longer find financing abroad, it will have to turn to the citizens of this country.  That means interest rates are going to have to increase rapidly to meet the demand or there will be no investors willing to support such a move.  Investors everywhere, expect a return on their investment for the risks that they take and at this point in time, the U.S. is a very high risk investment.

    It gets worse, when investors turn their backs on the govt., the govt., then starts confiscating from it’s citizens and that is exactly what is happening right now with this tax business.  That however, is not the worst of the situation.  Our govt., is now looking at confiscating retirement portfolios to add to the Treasury, under the auspicious of sharing the wealth and keeping the country from going bankrupt.

    All of this is absolutely unnecessary, as everyone knows that excessive spending by our govt., has placed this nation into severe financial jeopardy.  Unfortunately, half of the citizens just don’t care as long as they get their piece of the spoils before our system collapses. 

    • unseen1

      can  you  blame  them.   ITs  classic  game  theory.   You  will play  by the  rules as long as there is a resonable  expectation  that all   others  will play  by the rules.   Once it  is seen  that  a  large  minority  will  cheat  and  go  outside the rules  the majority  decide to survive they must  also  ignore the rules.  

      It  is human nature.   The same thing  is  seen  in  the sports  world  as long  as   althetes saw  that  those  using steroids   were  punished     most  didn’t  use them.  Once   people  saw  that  the money  was more important than the rules  to the  owners  and  fans  almost  every  althete   started  using  steroids  to  be  able  to  stay in the game. 

      The same is  now  occurring    with  benefits.  As long  as the vast majority  saw  relief  as a safety  net     they  stayed  away from it.  they Were  too proud  to  take it  but  once   the shame of  being on foodstamps   was  taken  away  and people  saw  others  gaming the system   They   signed up  without any problems.   K street and  crony  capitalism  didn’t help  at all  as the  lower middle  class,  middle  class  saw   big  companies  and CEO’s   go hat in hand  and  begger themselves at  the alter of  DC   and   get  millions  billions and  trillions for their  effort   why  is  the lower  middle class  taking  300  bucks a  week for food  a  problem? 

      Hint it  isn’t.   You  shut  off the  tap  for the conry  capitalism  and the flushing of  our  tax dollars to  well connected people  and the rank and file  population will be  less  likely  to  ask for a hand out. 

      • Min Max

         Spot on unseen.

  • Jthom26837

     I stand with Sarah Palin!!! ’nuff said.

  • mainelysteve

    Welcome aboard Mr. Richman. Those of us who have been supporters of Sarah have known this for years. Now go tell your friends who don’t know!!!

  • unseen1

    Palin is  100%  correct on most things.  

  • n4cerinc

    Waiting for Newt to made an amendment to his statement on the GOP as it is….But Palin.

  • LBMMinnesota

    I would like to see Sarah Palin make an announcement each week setting forth one aspect of a plan for the Country, covering all of the issues to be expected in the next campaign.  Above all else, Conservatives need to present a cohesive plan, internally consistent with Conservative values.  Who are we as Conservatives?  

    I would start with a policy on election fidelity, and the method of conducting elections to ensure accuracy, both inside the party nominating process and in the general elections as a whole.  Without this, there is nothing.

    Then I would go to the next issue until everyone understands where Conservatives live intellectually.
    Sarah Palin is one of the few with the credibility to give voice to Conservative values. 

  • ChrisG

    No wonder why Palin is making sense:  she sounds more & more like Rep. Ron Paul w/ every passing day.  After all, he is the 1st person that I have heard make such a comment on the fiscal cliff, & you know what?  They’re both RIGHT!

  • mark1955

    We still need a Third Party and we need it now!

    • $35927229

       I can’t believe people still have hope for the GOP.  What will it take to make them HATE the GOP as much as the GOP hates them.

      No hope for the country without a Third Party.

  • LBMMinnesota

    Before Ronald Reagan became president, I recall weekly radio commentary in which he would make a one or two minute talk (could have been more time) on one issue per week.  They were well written and formed the basis of his core beliefs.  It was an effective presentation that kept him in the press every week and was a continuing reminder of his ideas and his presence.  I think Sarah Palin could do the same thing to great effect.

  • MJScanlonOH

    I pray this country survives until the Arctic Fox is elected….

  • HuntingMoose


    Sarah’s intelligence is not the issue, neither if the GOP recognises this fact

    The question is if they are intelligent enough to know they should the take advantage of this


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