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Howie Carr | What’s next for Scott Brown?

The papers yesterday were full of speculation about Gov. Deval Patrick appointing Vicki Kennedy as the interim senator to succeed U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry if he’s nominated this week to become secretary of state.

But the big question for Brown is whether she’ll be offered the job under the same terms that Paul Kirk agreed to in 2009 after Ted Kennedy’s death — that she agree not to run in the Democratic primary early next year to fill out the last two years of Kerry’s term.

With no incumbent in 2009, the Democrats endured a nasty, expensive primary that led to Brown’s amazing upset in January 2010.

Might the Democrats try to avoid another bloodbath by having Vicki run for the final two years of Kerry’s term … as the incumbent?

“I’ve heard so much speculation,” Brown said. “I don’t pay attention anymore.” I persisted. Do you think Deval would agree to allowing his interim appointment — most likely Vicki Kennedy — to run in the special election late next spring? Wouldn’t that anger all the Senate wannabes warming up in the bullpen to run?


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