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IBD | Americans Find They Were Duped By Democrats And Obama

It hasn’t been two months since Barack Obama won re-election, but already  we’re finding out things that were kept from us during the campaign. Expect to  hear more in the coming months.

lElections are clarifying events, we’re told. But sometimes what they clarify  is merely the gap between what we were told during the campaign and the reality  on the ground. Often, the two don’t match. That’s certainly true with Obama.

How often in recent weeks have we learned that what we heard on the campaign  trail from the Obama camp, and which were echoed by a cowed and subservient  press, were either distortions or outright lies — enough to keep a majority of  us fooled, and help win a second term for the incumbent?

Now, we’re finding the reality to be something different. And to jog your  recollection, here are just a few:


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