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IBD | Great Scott! Racist GOP Picks An African-American Senator

The first black Republican senator in three decades will be a spokesman for  Tea Party conservatism and a proud member of the party that was founded to fight  slavery and made the civil rights revolution possible.

Though he’ll inevitably be dismissed as a "token" or worse, Rep. Tim Scott,  the next Republican senator from the former slave state of South Carolina, and  the first black GOP senator since Edward Brooke of Massachusetts, shatters once  again the stereotype of the GOP as a party of racists and sexists.

Appointed by an Indian-American female, Gov. Nikki Haley, to replace outgoing  Republican and Tea Party favorite Sen. Jim DeMint, Scott got the chance to be  the first black congressional Republican since 2003 — when J.C. Watts of  Oklahoma left Congress — by beating the son of Strom Thurmond, South Carolina’s  legendary politician, in the 2010 GOP primary.


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