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IBD | ObamaCare: 21 States Reject Exchanges On Cost, Rules

ObamaCare’s subsidized insurance exchanges are supposed to be up and running  in little more than a year, putting a key piece of the federal health care law  into action.

But it’s unclear that will happen, especially with a growing number of states  saying they don’t want the cost and regulatory headaches.

The exchanges are where consumers without employer-based coverage will shop  for insurance under ObamaCare and receive a tax credit toward its purchase if  they are eligible. But 21 states have expressly declined to set up their own  exchanges, with nine others still undecided ahead of the Dec. 14 deadline.

We Won’t Build That

The more states that decline to set up a state-run exchange, the bigger the  task that will fall to the federal government, which must set up and run  insurance marketplaces in their place under ObamaCare. That could prove a  difficult mandate given that all exchanges are supposed to be operational by  Jan. 1, 2014.


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