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Jeffrey Anderson | Are Republicans Learning the Wrong Lessons?

As hard as it is to believe, it’s been only a little over three weeks since Election Day. But there are already plenty of signs that Republicans are learning many of the wrong lessons from that debacle. For starters, there’s been a lot of excessive emphasis on racial demographics, which actually changed very little from 2008.  According to exit polling, the portion of Hispanic voters went up just 1 percentage point, the portion of Asian voters went up just 1 point, and the portion of black voters stayed the same.  Meanwhile, the portion of white voters fell 2 points — largely because, as Sean Trende notes, Mitt Romney failed to turn out several million such voters. 

Now Senator John McCain says that, when it comes to the life-or-death matter of abortion, Republicans should “leave the issue alone.” Well, it would be hard to have left the issue any more alone than Romney did, and what did it get him? On an issue on which Americans are typically split pretty much right down the middle, exit polling showed that voters favored the legality (59 percent), rather than illegality (36 percent), of abortion in “most” or “all” cases. This suggests that Romney’s silence in the face of Obama’s pro-abortion rhetoric caused some swing voters to shift their position leftward (as people are inclined to do when they hear only one side of an issue advanced) — while millions of pro-life voters apparently sat this one out. 


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  • ? Jim ?

    Most analysis of the Nov election seems to do so with the premise that Republicans and Conservatives are synonymous. Which, of course, they are not.

    Conservatives are only Republicans because there is no where else for us to go – – –  YET!

    • unseen1

      The book Common Sense  made me a conservative, Reagan made  me  a Republician,  the GOPe  under Bush made me an independent

  • ? Jim ?

    I KNOW millions of ‘conservatives’ " . . . sat this one out." But I am not certain one bit it was because of the abortion issue. IMO – it was because the GOPE tried to cram a liberal down our throats!

    • unseen1

      abortion or  fill in the  conservative  cause  they are all  one and the same.  Romney  offered  nothing to conservatives except he wasn’t BHO.   Now  many  thought  that was enough to cast a vote for him.   Which  is  fine.    I was  one of them , but  many  also  thought it  wasn’t enough   which is  also  fine.   Until the GOP  returns  to the party of  Reagan  more and more  people  will abandon  them   until  the GOP  once  again  gains the  status it  had  before  Reagan that  of the permentant  minority  party in the USA.   the reason   that BHO  is POTUS today  besides  the voter fraud  is  that  the GOPe  think  50.1  is  good  enough.  Reaqgan understood  that  to  have  a mandate to govern  he  needed the  vast majority on his  side and he offered them  a  vision.  The GOPe  and the progressive  dems    offer  nothing  but  divission and the lesser of two evils.   It is  still   evil  no matter which  way  you  cut  that pig  up. 


      • Phil Arnold

        The GOPe insisted on "playing it safe" and insisted on nominating the only candidate they deemed to be "electable".  Well they got what they deserved!  

        It is never enough to expect voters to support or vote for you just because you are not as bad as the other candidate.  Romney never offered a positive vision for the future of this country or a positive reason to vote for him.

        The GOPe spent most of the last four years in an all-out-war to prevent Sarah from running for the nomination.  She was the one possible candidate who had proven her ability to excite supporters and voters alike.  If the GOPe had not succeeded in destroying her in the eyes of so many people, she could have offered the sort of positive vision to voters that would have been able to beat Obama.

        Nicole Wallace, Steve Schmidt, John McCain, Karl Rove, Barbara Bush and all the other Bushes, you won your war against Sarah; you managed to keep her out of the race; you sold out our nation in an attempt to maintain your power and perks.  I hope you are happy with the results of what you accomplished!  And be advised, I will vote for Obama to be reelected to a third term before I will ever vote for Jebbie for President.

        PS, I know that the constitution does not allow a president to run for a third term, but when has the constitution ever stopped Obama from trying to get what he wants anyway?

    • Phil Arnold

      I agree with you completely.  I finally did vote for Romney but it was only after a long struggle with my own conscience.  There is something terribly wrong with the GOP when someone who is as afraid of what Obama is doing to our country as I am has to struggle long and hard with the question of whether or not the electing the candidate pushed down our throats by the GOPe would not in fact lead to a worse result for out country. 

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