Keith R. Jackson | ObamaCare: Game On for Physicians

The  health care fix is now set to be law.  The federal government stepping into  administration and provision of medical services is creating a lot of uncertainty and concern  among those of us that provide health care service.  We know that there are  inequities, cost issues, and other problems with the current system.  But  there is a lot of angst involved in thinking that the government is up to the  challenge of appropriating control over one sixth or more of the economy,  especially when we see how government has managed what it attempts to control  now.

Patients  suffering from illness desire accurate diagnoses in a timely fashion with the  best treatment options available.  The massive bureaucracy of the Affordable Care Act ensures none of this, sacrificing the  above in an attempt to ratchet down costs and increase the availability of care  to the uninsured…or so the law is  advertised.  Perusing the bill shows that it is more a bureaucracy to  ensure the expansion and power of government.  Nowhere has thought been  given as to how we physicians can be made to feel like partners in the success  of "ObamaCare."  Nowhere is the patient the focus of the bill, unless you  count the fantasy that care is provided "free of charge."

The  current insurance-based system has, at least to some extent, market forces that  patients use to drive their decision-making.  The system works for most  Americans.  We are now being asked to trust that government can better  handle administration and payment.  Trading freedom of choice in health  care for the security of government payment for that care, to paraphrase  Benjamin Franklin, will result in us having neither freedom nor  security.


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