McConnell offers Obama’s "deficit-reduction" plan on the Senate floor, Reid objects

Late last week through his Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, Obama released his proposal, such as it is, to avert the fiscal cliff. As I noted at the time, the plan was nothing but a huge tax increase, and any deficit reduction resulting from said tax increase quickly disappeared down the black hole of more Obama cronyism and stimulus spending. In short, Obama’s "deficit reduction plan" was no different from the tax and spend policies that have characterized his first four years and have resulted in trillion dollar plus deficits each and every year. And, as an added bonus, in a blatant power grab that would make Morsi blush, Obama is insisting that the legislative branch cede him their constitutional power to raise the debt limit so that he’ll have unchecked power to raise it any time he wants. Think about that. The same guy who’s added in the neighborhood of $5 trillion to the national debt in four short years wants even more freedom to spend American into oblivion.

Thankfully, even Democrats are balking at this. Today Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell offered to bring up Obama’s proposal as is and have it voted on by the Democrat-controlled Senate. McConnell was open to submitting Obama’s plan as a stand-alone bill or as an amendment to an existing piece of legislation, whichever way Harry Reid prefers. So here we have the Republican leader of the Senate, in the spirit of bipartisanship, not only forgoing his right to filibuster Obama’s plan, but to bring it to the floor and offer it himself. You’d think Dingy Harry would jump at such a chance, right? Er … wrong:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Wednesday offered an amendment to force a vote on President Obama’s deficit-reduction plan, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) was having none of it.

“Last week [Treasury] Secretary [Timothy] Geithner brought up a proposal that was so unserious,” McConnell said on the floor, “I would like to see if my Democratic friends would like to support it.”

McConnell suggested that the Senate vote on what he called the president’s “ridiculous” plan as an amendment to the Russian trade bill that is being considered.

Reid, however, objected to McConnell’s suggestion, saying the Russian trade bill, H.R. 6156, is about job creation, not political stunts from Republicans.

“The purpose of this bill is to protect American jobs,” Reid said. “Are we going to get serious here and legislate or is this more of the political stunts that the Republican leader is going to pull today?”


McConnell said he wasn’t surprised Democrats didn’t want to vote on Obama’s plan, which he said raises taxes on small businesses.


McConnell added that he’d be happy to have a stand-alone vote on the president’s plan rather than attaching it to legislation as an amendment.

Surprisingly, Dingy Harry didn’t want to bring up Obama’s plan as a stand-alone either.  Go figure.

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