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Meet The Press Anchor Breaks Law To Embarrass NRA With High-Capacity Clip

David Gregory attempts to embarrass NRA leader by holding up high-capacity magazine clip on Meet the Press.

Just how important was it for David Gregory, NBC Meet the Press anchor to break a gun law to embarrass NRA on Sunday’s show? It was not enough for Gregory to continue to badger NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre, into submitting to points that a New Assault Weapon Ban would work when the expired ban had not. According to the Washington Post, Wednesday, December 26th, an official investigation has been launched by the D.C. attorney general’s office.

The NBC anchor had to go the extra mile to challenge Wayne LaPierre, with a high magazine clip, knowing full well that it was against the law in Washington D.C. to be in possession of such a clip. So, was it right for Gregory, a longtime Washington journalist, to break the law, when he knew that the Washington D.C. police had denied the display of the gun clip on the air when it was requested? Should Gregory be fined, suspended or fired for going too far in breaking the law in his attempt to neuter the Second Amendment rights of American law abiding citizens?

There is a serious problem that is emerging in the nation when journalists like NBC’s Gregory can decide that they are above the laws which mere mortals in the heartland of the nation must obey.

Was it not enough to bring up points of disagreement with the NRA as it attempted to do, and were summarily dismissed with great professional skill as LaPierre, displayed? When the arguments that the Meet the Press anchor was trying to skewer the NRA were easily deflected, Gregory appeared to become more combative. His continued being more insistent, and even attacking and vilifying the NRA official for not agreeing with the gun control Washington democrats, and headline writers from around the nation.

Instead, LaPierre, calmly and firmly stated his and the concerns of millions of parents around the nation that wanted to see their children arrive and leave safely from their schools. The Meet the Press anchor kept insisting that the NRA leader was wrong, wrong, wrong!

Gregory, appeared visibly shaken by the steadiness of the NRA leader and seemed to decide at that moment that he needed to play the ace, which the police had already said he could not. Gregory picked the high-capacity magazine and held it up.

By shoving the gun clip in the air with vigorous motion, he appeared to be playing to his audience, because NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre, had seen this type of clip before, and he was undeterred. Now the NBC show anchor was openly and brazenly in violation of a gun law, of laws, that he had hypocritically been referring to as needing more enforcement.

This type of gotcha journalism has a streak of yellow a mile wide, and while the gun control fanatics in the television audience may have been shaking their fists at the television screens in indignation, the D.C. police were probably wondering, what the heck is wrong with this man, who presumes their gun laws he protests against have no meaning.

Well, it should be made clear to Gregory and every other journalist who decides that they cannot run for cover under some argument of free speech, which he may try to raise, in order to escape punishment.

There are definitely a few critical questions, which journalists from other networks, newspapers and the Washington D.C. attorney general’s office should be inquiring about now. For instance, how did Gregory even get his hands on a supposedly illegal gun clip in the first place? Why did he knowingly break the law, when he was notified that he did not have permission to do so…period?

Hopefully, those and other related questions about Gregory’s ill-considered on-air performance will be answered when he appears before a judge in a Washington D.C. court to explain, why he and his network is somehow above the law.


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  • bongobear

    Is he actually going to have to appear in court?  From what I’ve been reading he is being defended by his liberal colleagues, as you might expect, and will probably get a pass on this.  I hope you’re right and he has to pay for breaking the law but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • MaMcGriz

    I hope he’s fired and then prosecuted, but I certainly won’t hold my
    breath. I doubt he’ll face any consequences, legal or otherwise.

    I’ve pretty much reached a point where I’d happily refrain from assisting the likes of Mr.Gregory if I witnessed them being assaulted. In his case I’d have no qualms about simply walking away.

    But I wouldn’t be impolite about it. I’d wave ‘bye-bye’ as I departed.

  • senator20526

    Let me get this straight….Gregory wants tougher laws, when he himself breaks the law by even possessing this magazine….he knows its illegal, but he does it anyway…DUH..what do you think a person with no regard for the law is going to do? Laws are only for honest people..People who are dishonest, like Gregory and criminals, pay no attention to the laws…

  • $7566967

    I remember this bastard when he was a member of the White House Press Corps.  He served while Bush was in office.  He was the meanest, most rude, most arrogant of all of those so-called reporters and frequently went on his soapbox making speeches and asking gotcha questions.

    I say he should be arrested, prosecuted and sentences to several years in prison for breaking the law.  If he were anyone else, this would be their fate.

  • MaMcGriz

    There’s a possibly a place in hell for people like this little man.

    It appears he’s seeking to make this about himself, first and foremost.

    It’s just one more example of divisive babble and hysteria. It’s vile.

  • CapitalG

    Gun law scofflaw’s like David Gregory who knowingly  violate the law should certainly be punished. If the average person showed up to work waving around an illegal high capacity magazine they’d probably get fired. An excuse of ‘the DC Police said it was illegal but the ATF said the DC Police said it was OK so I was confused’ isn’t going to get you off the hook.

    Glad he did it though – because it backfired on him. This Meet the Press incident has been almost as large a story as the actual shooting the past few days. There is a growing perception liberals simply don’t understand gun laws and their talking points are rapidly fading. Some schools are actually embracing LaPierre’s suggestion of armed security at the schools – a concept David Gregory ridiculed even though his own kids attend the well defended Sidwell Friends.

    Ultimately LaPierre survived this Palinization of the NRA with an assist from David Gregory. The NRA was criticized for their respectful silence and then the rush was on to criticize the response.

    It appears the NRA has become the latest target of Alinsky tactics. Sportswriter Jason Whitlock’s claim that ‘the NRA is thew KKK’ appeared to foreshadow this attack (followed shortly by his calling RGIII a ‘cornball brother’ for being a possible Republican and not really being black). The NRA will be associated with every shooting.

    Whitlock also wrote a hate filled Palin bashing piece at HuffPo in October 2008. He was an early participant in demonizing Palin and an early participant in demonizing the NRA. Wouldn’t surprise me if he was getting fed writing points.

  • sarahhasmyvote

    And now obama is going to be coming on Meet The Press to his rescue!

    Hey David, you bullied Mr. LaPierre, broke/stretched the law, and now you want a "busy" President to rescue you! How about taking this opportunity to ask why he acted so quickly for you, when he didn’t have time to help an American Marine sitting in a Mexican jail for MONTHS! Isn’t there some irony there? Your life isn’t in danger, nor your well (gun) guarded children’s in their school, as was Marine Veteran Hammar’s life. 

    And ask him about all of the illegal guns now in various cartel’s murderous hands, thanks to his Attorney General. 

    Be a real investigative journalist, not a lapdog with an agenda. Oh, and the American people are still waiting for the truth on Benghazi. Amazing how many stories you take a pass on that need the light  a real reporter would search out.

  • TangledThorns

    I support the NRA but they desperately need fresh leadership. I’d like to see Sarah or Todd Palin take up the challenge.

  • devitor

    Only one quibble I have with this article and the headline. It’s a magazine, not a clip and not a "magazine clip." It’s a detachable box magazine or simply a magazine. Mausers and SKS’s use stripper clips. Stripper clips hold five (for the Mauser) or ten rounds (for the SKS) by the case rim and you insert the clip at the top of the fixed magazine well and push the rounds down. The SKS can be modified to accept a detachable box magazine, which is very similar to the AK-47 mag, except that it has a huge lip on the front to cover the space from removing the fixed magazine well.

    The M1 Garand uses En Bloc clips which hold 8 rounds and the entire clip is inserted into the fixed magazine well. The empty clip is ejected along with the casing from the last round. An urban legend has it that American soldiers in WWII and Korea used to throw an empty Garand clip on the ground to fool the enemy into thinking they had run out of ammo, then they’d open up. Ironically, you can carry a lot more ammo with clips than detachable magazines, but reloading time is much slower. That’s why magazines are favored today.

    Modern rifles, submachine guns and pistols, and even some shotguns (like the Saiga 12) use detachable box magazines and drums. All that said, Fobbs is right on in that these magazines are illegal in DC – as they are in NYC, NJ, and a few other places. I think it’s stupid that they’re illegal, but the point is they are in these jurisdictions and Gregory knowingly broke the law by bringing one into DC. If any of us did it and were busted, we’d be sitting in jail. What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander. This idiot broke the law and it should be meted out on him fair and square just like it would be for any other ordinary citizen.

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