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Michael Bloomberg | We need gun control … for the children

The slaughter of 20 innocent children and the six adults who tried to save them in Newtown, Conn., marked a turning point in our national consciousness.  For more than a decade, both parties in Washington have mostly looked the other way when mass shootings occur.  And they have mostly ignored the 34 victims who are murdered with guns every single day.

This is different.  There is no looking away from the murdered children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.  There is no ignoring the anguish felt by their parents and by the families of the six teachers and administrators who were killed.  And there is no escaping the fact that we must do more to protect our communities from gun violence.

Sunday night, President Obama said he would use whatever powers his office holds to address this violence.  He should begin immediately by sending a legislative package to Capitol Hill that the new Congress can consider and vote on as its first order of business when it convenes in January.


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  • Alan Reichert

    Get the mentally ill off the streets, provide them with a rubber room,  Bloomberg is protected 24/7 by armed guards but does not think that the children of this country deserve the same level of protection, what a whimp!!!!

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