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Nolan Finley | Rick Snyder delivers real change in Michigan

If anyone believed in 2010, when Michigan voters drove out the Democrats who  had led them through a decade of despair, that it signaled they were ready to  embrace real change and the sacrifices and disruptions that come with it, well,  they didn’t know this state.

Gov. Rick Snyder certainly wasn’t under the illusion that a people that had  clung so tightly to their failed past would cheer a top-to-bottom remake of the  state. He knew them too well. They wanted change, but without upsetting the  status quo.

That’s impossible. Snyder knows it. And he’s determined to pull the painful  thorn of inertia from Michigan’s paw, even if it means getting scratched and  bitten.

The governor got swatted around over the past 10 days as the lame-duck  Legislature sent him more than 100 bills, many of them pushing his agenda ahead  another few dog years.

Among them were bills that defied Lansing policymakers for decades, including  a regional transit authority for Metro Detroit and repeal of the personal  property tax.


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