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Obama Demands Action on Gun Control (And Why He’s Wrong)

Never let a crisis go to waste!  Now, President Obama and the hard radical left-wing in this country are jumping to capitalize on a senseless tragedy to become a thorn in the side of average law-abiding citizens.

Today, President Obama stated:

"This time, the words need to lead to action."


The fact that this problem is complex can no longer be an excuse for doing nothing," Obama said. "The fact that we can’t prevent every act of violence doesn’t mean we can’t steadily reduce the violence."

Despite admitting that "the vast majority of gun owners in America are responsible," President Obama didn’t talk about the unbelievable tough gun laws which exist in his own hometown of Chicago.  I live here — in a far south suburb.  I can tell you, shootings are reported nearly every single day in the Windy City — even occurring in some of its most most pricey parts.  The examples are endless:

In July, 12 shootings occurred within four hours time.

In June, 7 people were killed and 35 were injured in one evening (the same weekend the President came home).

In May, 11 died and more than 40 were wounded in one weekend.

According to a recent article in Bloomberg News, the same exact laws Obama is being pressured to support on a national level are already in place in Chicago.  While overall crime has gone down, the number of shootings and gun-related deaths in the city have continued to rise.

The man who was Obama’s first chief of staff, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, receives daily reports showing just that: Shooting incidents have so far increased 12 percent and murders 19 percent from 2011, even as total crime in the city has dropped.

It’s true that many factors come into play.  One staggering issue in Chicago’s black community, however, is its massive rate of illegitimacy.

In one thoughtful (and rare) piece published by the Huffington Post in 2010 by John Petro, he gave the numbers:

Using the rate of African American children born out of wedlock in Cook County–79 percent of all black children in 2003 compared with 15 percent of white children–Mac Donald concludes, "Until that gap closes, the crime gap won’t close, either."

Of course, liberals love to bathe in the tragedy of illegitimacy when they can argue for more welfare.  However; the fact that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have remained stunningly silent throughout all this media coverage on one town in Connecticut is predictable.  You see, they have left-wing orders to obey — even though the shooting deaths of Chicago’s black youth have long surpassed the number "20″ years ago.

Never though will you hear a liberal argue against divorced/single parent situations when they can cover it up to shamelessly blame the gun.

By no means is this an attack on the black community or on single mothers.  The fact is, there are a lot of deadbeats out there and society has done its part in identifying and handling these alleged men who often jump ship.  Laws have been written to prevent them from escaping their financial responsibility. But the problems which stem from broken homes must be viewed from the pessimistic end of the spectrum.

For example, while it’s perfectly possible (and true) that single mothers are capable of making the best of the situation and surrounding their children with love and structure, the fact remains that 78 percent of our prison population comes from single-parent homes.  (According to a study done by the Index of Leading Cultural Indicators).  Another study done by the University of Pennsylvania’s school of medicine concludes that at least 50-percent of single-parent homes have some sort of sexual abuse.

As Ann Coulter once pointed out, it’s the same thing for smoking.  While the majority of smokers in America won’t get lung cancer, the majority of Americans with lung cancer were once smokers.

The only glaring similiarity between the shooter in Connecticut and the troubled black teens in Chicago’s urban communities is the broken-home element.

I cannot say that this was the driving reason behind the angry man’s mission.  But I can say that broken homes have proven to be far more destructive to this nation than a lack of strict gun laws.

Democrats won’t tackle the issue because its best for future election cycles to further entrap young women within poor inner-cities to further government dependence.  It’s also an added benefit that when the societal consequences begin to materialize, they can scramble the issue to argue for more big government and more regulation on Americans.

As conservatives, we know and still believe that the only way these young and trapped women can pull themselves up in life is for us to treat them as the individuals they are with the talents that only they possess.  They are entitled to have the adult conversations required to turn their lives around.  They have lived lives of despair forced onto them by Democrats and their accompanying policies and it is within our ability to reach out to them.

Many of these young women feel embarrassed and are afraid to come forth seeings as how the left has treated people like Bristol Palin who’ve been in the situation and have been strong enough to come forth to become part of the solution.

Conservatives believe that every American instinctively prefers to be in charge of their own lives.  They want careers, they want security, they want to be free from the restaints of government entrapment.  They want the American Dream, they want to own their own homes, they want the security of knowing that they’ll be able to one day leave something behind for their kids.

The Republicans don’t need to dither from principles.  They don’t need to reach out to one specific sex or ethnicity.  They simply need to remember their belief in the individual and to not be afraid of the same people who’ve been oppressed and directed by Democrats for far too long.

It’s apparent now more than ever before that despite party affiliation, politicians in Washington seem to have forgotten which country it is that they are serving.

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  • $8196935

    While the talk about dealing with weapons, etc that kill people, I would like to see
    Drunk Drivers who kill dealt with the same as any killer.

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration In 2010 in the United States an estimated 10,228 people died in drunk driving crashesIn most cases these killers receive a few years in prison and in many cases drive drunk again and kill.

    They need to give the person the same time as if a weapon used which in fact a car is.permanently lose their license

    • Christopher H Fromme

      Gee that means that Sen Kennedy would have stopped driving after the death of Mary Jo ?

      • $8196935

        Teddy would have had his license pulled on his first DUI if they got real with this issue

  • conservativemama

    One of my former students dropped by my classroom today.  He’s a very nice, bright young man from Vietnam.  He and his family came here about 3 years ago.  He asked me if I knew about what happened in Connecticut and we talked about how horrible it was.

    But then this young man said that people had the right to defend themselves and that Obama was wrong to try to take guns away because it wasn’t fair to people who want to defend their families.  And he took note that Obama acts like a king.  I mentioned that the 3 branches of government, something we covered in my class, is not an idea Obama seems to respect.  This young man sees clearly who Obama is and what he wants to do.  He understands and respects our constitution more than the man in the Oval Office.

  • John_Frank

    Three additional articles that people might find of interest:

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    Smith & Wesson shares spike during Obama presser

    The share price had taken a beating over the last fews, but began to surge during the POTUS presser and spiked after POTUS announced that VP Biden would lead a commission to look into remedies.

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    Revisiting the comically incompetent law which President Obama wishes to reinstate.


    GALLUP: Americans want focus on police, mental health, video violence over ‘assault weapon’ ban…

    The wisdom of the American public.

  • nkthgreek

    What, no knife control? Pity. 

  • $7566967

    Unless we’re to create a Soviet style police state, tragedies will happen in democracies.  That’s a sad fact of lie.  However, our dictator knows that he’s got an opportunity to continue his "fundamental change of our society".  The real problem is that real Americans don’t have the guts to stand up against this jerk.

    BTW, I intend to buy several shotguns before the year is out.  I’ve never owned a gun before, but I can darn sure read the writing on the wall with respect to what’s in store for next year.

  • IndieDogg

    "Laws have been written to prevent them from escaping their financial responsibility."

    While that is true, it is also true that we have a welfare system in which the mother only gets the cash if the father’s not around. Brilliant.

  • heshtesh

    Just got my new AR-15 and I can tell you Americans are certainly screaming for more gun control, evidenced by the fact i’m limited in availability for scopes,magazines and ammunition everywhere i look, after striking out at 2 local gun shops and Wal Mart I was lucky to find the last five boxes at Blue Collar Workwear.

  • StandProudNow

    I really have some warmth around my heart tonight, after a long time with despair.

    I joined the NRA!!!!    I feel SO GOOD!!! 

    The lovely lady I spoke with said that they have had quite an upswing of memberships the past week!!  (YAY!!!) She was most attentive and appreciative listening to my motives for joining, and my general philosophy and some *facts* re. recent shootings. IOW, I was rambling…lol…

    If you are interested in joining, it is $35 per year, (which was all I could do right now) or $50 for 2 years.    Worth it for an organization you KNOW isn’t gonna go wobbly on you!!

    If you feel the call to join, here’s their number:

  • qtdb7

    About the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut:
    Guns DON’T kill people.
    People kill people.

    There is a lack of individual MORALITY and RESPONSIBILITY
    in families and society these days.

    About owning guns:
    I rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

    • Marianne

       The loony lefties who believe that people are killed by guns probably also believe that typos are committed by keyboards.

    • Fiannaman

      I feel same about Fast and Furious

  • 01_Explorer_01

    "America is going to hell in a hand basket and there are not enough hand baskets"  

    -Rush Limbaugh- 

  • David O.N. Johnson

    Barack Obama could better utilize his efforts in attacking the root of the problem concerning mass violence. He is probably uniquely fitted to deal with his "friends" in Hollywood. The efforts of the Hollywood types including popular celebrities is to produce films rife with violence. Violence against women and children, complete with bloody slaughter scenes. Most can handle this film deception and not alter their moral compass but there are a few like the Connecticut shooter who fail to discern the difference between reality and fantasy. These films then encourage the mentally misguided to act out these fantasies. So, Hollywood, back up you rhetoric and recognize that you are the root of the problem, that it is your search for profit and fame that encourages mass murderers to their deeds. Man up and stop creating this trash!

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