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Obama: Sandy Hook was a tragedy, so let’s raise taxes; Update: Obama raising money off Sandy Hook shootings

That Obama would use the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre as an excuse to launch another effort to seize people’s guns was and is entirely predictable. His appointment of "Sheriff" Joe Biden to figure out a way to circumvent our second amendment rights is also no surprise. But, via Gateway Pundit, I never saw this one coming:

Allow me to summarize: We’ve been through a lot as a nation lately, so let’s stop "tangling ourselves up" in our principles because they "don’t make much sense" to statists like Obama. We’d be much better off if only we’d sit down, shut up, and willingly allow Obama to confiscate as much of our hard-earned money as he wants. "On behalf of the greater good", naturally. Does that about sum up what Obama said, or did I miss something?

Update: Unbelievable. Via Paul Bedard, Obama is still raising campaign funds … and he’s using the Sandy Hook shooting to do it.

In email from chief campaign advisor David Axelrod that urges supporters to watch President Obama’s moving address to the community of Newtown, Conn., there are two links that open a page with a video player featuring the president’s speech and two donate buttons asking for $15-$1,000 for his campaign.


Obama critic and blogger Jeryl Bier wrote, "Not one, but two buttons – two opportunities to donate to the Obama campaign. Not to the Red Cross, or to a memorial fund for the children and adults killed in Newtown. How hard would it have been to shift the focus, disable the buttons, for just one email, just one blog post? But the show must go on."

Leaving aside the appallingly sleazy decision by Obama, Axelrod and company to raise money off mass murder, isn’t the election over? Why, then, is Obama still raising campaign funds?

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  • 01_Explorer_01

    The evil serpent BO speaks with forked tongue.

  • John_Frank

    Doug, thanks for bringing this video to people’s attention.

  • Azarkhan

    For the Left, the election is never over. They campaign 24/7, 365 days a year. Conservatives need to wise up and do the same.

  • conservativemama

    If Boehner had any clue what he was doing he could simply tell the American people that they have a choice:  keep taxes as is or lower so that employers can use that money to hire more people……………..or raise taxes, and have that money sent to Washington so that Obama can hire more bureaucrats.

    Why is it that no GOP leader can speak conservative?  Is the language that foreign to them?

  • nkthgreek

    Why is Mr. Obama still raising "campaign" funds?  Simple answer:  To fund his war chest against the right, and I use the word "right" in both meanings.

  • blueniner

    Let me be very clear here President Obama, you are crass disgusting individual!

  • BrianusBerkleianus


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