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Palin as a Speaker

At lunch today, I mentioned my involvement with C4P to Phil Kerpen, head of American Commitment in Washington.

He told me of his experience with Sarah Palin when she was a keynoter for a conference he helped put on for another group a few years ago. “Her staff asked what issues she should cover, and when she came she had our reply in her hand, covered with extensive notes in her own handwriting. She focused on the issues, and had clearly thought about them. (In contrast to so many pols, who have one canned speech they give on all occasions.) She was great.”

None of this will surprise readers of this site, but it is always nice to have confirmation of one’s views from an outside source. And Phil runs a good operation; his high opinion is not lightly given.

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  • RefudiateGOPe

    Oh, I thought this was gonna be about Governor Palin being The Speaker.  :-)

    • c4pfan

      Me too!

    • JohnInFlorida

       Yeah, right … we can only dream of things that make sense.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      LOL, Refudiate :-) !!!!

  • cbenoistd

    A pleasing coincidence is this piece posted today on Legal Insurrection.

    "In between sips of wine and running outside to grab a smoke, Boehner
    delivered a rousing speech.  Unfortunately, it was his Ohio
    congressman’s stump speech that urged us to go out there and work for
    our country, or some such blather.  This was not, to say the least, an
    antidote to Obama’s disheartening victory."

  • Lennart Bilén

    Sarah Palin for Speaker of the House!!

    • CharterOakie

      Yes, with the resignation of the president and vice president to follow shortly after she takes the gavel.

      • Ceejay

        Unconventional!!!  Let us hear it!!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Right on, Bro!!!!

        PRESIDENT PALIN–sooner than we might have expected it!!!

    • blueniner

      I agree, we checks and balances, Sarah wouldnt rollover to Obama, if they are looking for a tough no nonsense, not connected to the Beltway GOPe, Sarah is your Man/woman!

    • bucky321

      the rinos control the congress. she would not get many votes.

    • jerseymark

      Yes – this is my post on the article on Breitbart about the plan to unseat Boehner:

      Let’s pick someone who has been out front taking it to Obama for four years virtually non-stop, someone who has been proven right over and over on what Obama would be like, someone who has stood strong on established Constitutional principles never waiverring, someone who has been out front in the fight against political corruption and crony captialism. Who might that person be you ask?  Gov. Sarah Palin of course – the anti-politician.

  • hrandym

    Talk about getting things done.  Sarah would have that House in shape within six months.  It would be a daunting task, but I have yet to see a situation she wasn’t up to.  When she resigned as Governor, some called her a quitter.  She is anything but.  We all know that it was a great sacrifice for her to quit, but she had set the course for Alaska and by resigning she could save the State considerable disruption, disruption that she took upon her personal self.  I have known few in public life like Sarah.  Ronald Reagan? Margaret Thatcher?  She’s right in there.

    • lyndaaquarius

      somehow, we must promote the phenomenal executive talents of governor Palin.One of the very greatest leaders to appear on the American scene is in Alaska. The only reason that people say she can’t be elected is because of the media. We just can’t allow  the corrupt media to continue to prevent  our true American Renaissance from happening. I remain optimistic that Sarah Palin’s time has not yet arrived. But, it will.

      • friskyness

         Yeah, Romney couldn’t get elected either…………people who say that have no credibility about Sarah……………….

  • hrandym

    I wanted to mention Jesse Helms, but not too many really know him.  He took unbelievable punishment as a Senator, but he stood fast.  He was a patriot and an honest man.  I know from personal experience.   I admit he didn’t have the charisma of Reagan or Palin, but his heart and principles were in the right place.

  • JVDeLong

    The possible interpretation of the title as being an endorsement of Palin as THE SPEAKER, was not in my conscious mind — but a psychologist might raise an eyebrow at my choice of words. 

    • Biamciuil80

      It was the capitalization of the letter S

  • 1776er

    moved to Open Thread

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Speaker Palin……………OMG!  If they claim the GOP is in Civil War now, that would be a revolutionary holocaust! The nuclear option! The Mayans might start a new calendar. We would be in year one, AP.  

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    And what a speaker she is!  She not only covers the issues, she frames them in ways that are unforgettable.  Her "hockey mom – pit bull" speech at the convention: her "fight like a girl" speech in Madison: her "corporate crony capitalism" speech in Indianola, and many, many others.  

    She doesn’t just give a speech, she rallies the troops in the heat of battle, where you can usually find her in the front lines.  In framing the big issues, she identifies the crux of many of the most complex with a concision that is unmatched – "death panels," the "WTF" president, "drill, baby, drill," and "Trig … is our gift from God … a miracle."     

  • dmac8889

    I have one LARGE complaint about all these Conservatives.  They keep thinking, and not enough doing.  I understand we as Conservatives are always starting from scratch having to sell our convictions to the Uninformed, but unless these uniformed can actually see successful LEADERSHIP, than it becomes nothing but HOT AIR, speaking up to a Political Class that mocks them.

  • DocBarry1

    I would expect nothing less from this wonderful American!!!

    The Governor is unique and talented!

  • sarahhasmyvote

    As opposed to obama, and his built in arrogance when speaking.  

    Sarah speaks to the people, obama speaks to his mirror.

  • HuntingMoose


    And Boehner as a Caver

    Yep. Time to get a speaker come January..


    • jerseymark

      And Boehner as a CaDAver
      Yep. Time to get a speaker come January..
      There fixed.

  • Patriot41

    Sarah Palin would be an outstanding leader no matter where she ended up.  But, and this is a big but, I would hate to place her in such a situation as Speaker of the House, with the current political madness that is taking place in Congress and with the media.  She would never have a chance and would be crushed by the establishment, before she even got a chance to be voted on.  You might just as well throw her into a den of lions as to place her in such a situation, as she has few friends on the Hill at this point in time.

    If Sarah is ever to be a leader in this country, she is going to have to run a race where she will at least have a chance of winning.  She will have to rely on the citizens’ votes and not that of the cronyism crowd in D.C.  Her abilities are far greater then most on the Hill today and they know it.  Establishment leaders in both parties have already shown their hands, when it comes to Sarah Palin and we all know exactly what they will try to do to her.  No, I would not urge her to run for Speaker of the House at this time, because of those very reasons stated.

    • Christopher H Fromme

      Sarah can be more effective for the long term goals of the conservative movement by being the voice of reason and resistance to the liberals and RINO’s in DC. Her ability to connect with people is similar to Ronald Reagan so having her message be more mainstream will result in a President Palin in 2017

    • jerseymark

      Hey – we all no very well that there is NO CHANCE that Sarah would be elected Speaker of the House. It is fun though to fantasize that the elected "leaders" of this country have a freakin’ clue.

  • mainelysteve

    Too few people give this lady the credit and respect she deserves!

  • nogeeksadmin

    Did she write anything on her hand?

    • stevethird

      A friend of mine was deriding her and me the other day, re the Hand writing incident, so I asked him "did you listen to that speech?"of course the answer was "no". All he knows about her re. that day is that she wrote on her hand. I’ve been beatin’ him up over that ever since. Sometimes I just can’t be nice about it…The people who are willfully mis and dis-informed about Sarah are gettin’ to be a real sore spot with me, not just on these boards but in real life as well.

    • John_Frank

      Did you hear the speech. Of course not.

      The exit for trolls is that way ——————>

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • Barri Park

    I have not thought much about 2016 . I thought 2008 and then 2012 , already sure for 4 years that Sarah Palin would be perfect for America . I was positive that I knew Gods plan for our nation and had plotted out the perfect storm of undeserved grace to be shed upon us . I stand corrected . Now that I think about it 2016 will be when we really need that miracle . My faith is now sobered but hardened . The same reasons I found Sarah Palin the uniquely qualified person 4 years ago grow only more crucial . One is the middle east and Islam . Palin is annointed to be the face of America in the face of that profound immorality .  As a woman , for her humble with backbone temperment , her way of telling it like it is in a way that sticks , she makes haters and liberals overheat  , her supporters are outstanding  . There is an excellence thats subtle and hard to describe , American comes to mind . The things that have made America excellent were just what global aristocrats , socialists and elitists  despised all along . Our barefoot army of Washington , our cowboys ,  rednecks ,  hippies , our soldiers . Our rights and our guns , our Christians and Jews ,  our wealth and our might . It is envy that hates innovation and excellence and it is getting its day . Who knew it gotten so bad out there , I was clueless . 

    Now I am wiser and find another reason , who better than a woman to get a generation to man up . Margaret Thatcher did it for England and they are still blessed in her wake . The women of Afghanistan was another great reason I wanted Sarah . I think she would have guarded their freedom , only God knows if its really too late for that . Womens rights are in the Afghan Constitution . George W Bush did not fail us that . I think Sarah could nudge that in the right direction just being who she is and Afghanistan needing her good will . It is going to cost us money any way it goes there , we might as well get something for it . 

    Fiscal sanity will be an even more dire need . America will need somebody who is really on our side as will Israel . 4 years is really not that long , obviously the people were not quite ready for what its going to take but 2016 is starting to look even more like that new dawn I was a bit hasty to embrace , this is an experience that a majority needed to see for themselves and Sarah would need a better educated people to be most effective , I hope it happens . The legacy Sarah would deserve if she takes on this feat would depend on more popular support than what was possible this past election cycle . 

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    She speaks from her mind;

    She speaks from her heart;

    She speaks from her guts and cojones.

    The Real America loves her, and has loved her from those first hours and days in August/September of 2008.

    From the very beginning millions of us have thought of her as OUR Sarah.

    COR AD COR LOQUITUR: Heart Speaks to Heart!!!

  • slhancock

    I wrote my congressman and requested he not vote to re-elect Boehner as speaker, and said I’d be happy to have Palin.  I explained why.

  • Guest

    She needs to run for the Senate in 2014 from AK. Days of hopeful POTUS have come and gone and would be more effective as a US Senator

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