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Video: Senator Jim DeMint’s farewell speech to the Senate

Yesterday, Senator Jim DeMint gave his farewell speech to the Senate. In his speech, DeMint noted he won’t be heading up the Heritage Foundation to be a cheerleader for the Republican Party, but rather for conservative principles. Unfortunately, the goals of the Republican Party Establishment and conservatives have been increasingly divergent of late. Via Real Clear Politics:

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  • nkthgreek

    We need as many conservatives as possible in positions of power, while there is still time!

    • 01_Explorer_01

      So how do we get that message to Sarah?

      • nkthgreek

        I have a feeling she already gets the message. Now, what will she do with it is the question.  

  • Lennart Bilén

    Conservatives Palin and also DeMint

    are quitting in stride for a different stint.

    For principles matter.

    It’s no idle chatter.

    The Republican cronies? They can’t take a hint.

  • goldenprez

    No, "it’s not political."

    Like hell it’s not!

    Every one of the ideas that Mr. DeMint is saying is "not political," is completely opposed by the "political" left.

    As I have stated previously, Mr. DeMint has voted conservatively to a fault. However, his mush-mouthed "politician speak" has always left me cold. I am not convinced that Mr. DeMint is a "leader."

    I’m sure he will be a good CEO at Heritage, and may generate some very good ideas.

    Of course, none of those ideas will be "political."

    Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

    Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

    Illegitimi non carborundum.

    Barracudas Maximus.

    • philip127

      I would have to disagree with you on your points. Sen DeMint what was saying, the way I heard him, was these ideas should not be political, they are common sense.

      There are some rules of behavior on the Senate floor, (that while I might tell them all to go screw themselves)  Sen. DeMint might hope to have his phone answered when he calls some of them on new legistration. If you noticed at the very end he made a comment about, "even if there isn’t a quom(sp)", that was his dig at the Senate. They couldn’t even be bothered to show up for his Good-by at 8:30-9:30 am?

      I guess that Lidsey & McCain were still in the make-up chair, or still trying to brake-in the third "Amigo" since they are losing the BFF from Conn..( Sen Joe L.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    If he can help fine. I just don’t know. I fear that the intellectual nitwits will either eat him alive, suck the life out of him, or both.

    • dmac8889

      That is why he is leaving.  Everyone around him are political animals having made their "Pledge"  not to the American people, but to their Party, or better yet to the Rules set down by the Permanent Political Class.  DeMint was a commoner, a trouble maker, who just didn’t get the nuance that he belonged to a brotherhood that CONTROLS all things.  This simple man hadn’t learned to throw his weight around, needing to ‘control’ his TEA Party.  There was no mistake DeMint arrived from South Carolina, or for that matter Sarah finding a pathway in Alaska.  Few spots exist on the power structure that are FREE to express ideas outside the Instituted ideas given to the american people by this Ruling Class.

  • dmac8889

    The story of our nation since 2008, our National media wants to pretend that the answers we need are to be heard by a broken Government.   Tonight instead of allowing Americans to hear what they need to hear from Senator DeMint(a speech from an honest humble man without a political agenda), our media puts on the airways the continued arguments of political policies that will have no meaning toward improving our lives.  Instead we hear from a President who appears clueless (other than he is following his ideological agenda) about ideas that have been proven to fail, but that is of no consequence.  Our Media is the problem.  Until we figure a way to dispose of it, until it offers Americans solutions, instead of conflict and acrimony, we will continue to elect those that seek power and spoils by ravaging future taxpayers, and thus their freedoms DeMint speaks about, will never again be front and center of American life.

    Unfortunately DeMint is leaving, because actually we need 60 Senators just like him.  The Conservative cause, that is nothing more than a common sense Constitutional approach of allowing Americans to be who they wish to be, with the nation as a whole benefiting from their individual successes. Politicians can not allow this to happen, because the Ruling Class system of an Elite Education, followed by an allegiance to a particular political Party, the plunder that awaits them, will not be fruitful if Americans who actually produce prosperity are allowed to hold on their hard earn gains.  Their must be a way for the Best and the Brightest to rig the game so they can control the flow of created wealth.  This is why Conservatism is so sparse in the corridor of NY-Washington.  The very idea of speaking against the "System" that becomes the Ruling Class is enough to be labeled Extreme.  Ideas are not debated, they are instituted, and to speak in disfavor of those ideas (even those that clearly are absurd), is reason enough for you to be debased, shouted down and shunned.  WE as Americans are heading toward a debacle that will not cease with minor violence, but the loss of millions, either through the failure to be able to produce and distribute, or through anger of our fellow citizen.

    • Leroy Whitby

      I think we need 26 to 30 like Demint. Huge order still. The conservatives must have the balance of power to elect the leadership. 51 is a majority, 26 is a majority of that majority . . . that’s my reasoning.

      • Leroy Whitby

        I’ll bet we don’t even need 26 reconsidering it. There’s a tendency for a few to go along with the "power" and the "establishment" no matter what that is. The mushy middle in whatever ideological conflict exists. Perhaps we just need more conservatives than committed opponents of conservatives in a caucus and we win that caucus!

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