Richard Ralston | Dealing with reality of Obamacare

Seven years in the Army provided me with a rather useful education. On one occasion, at age 19, a few minutes after being admitted to an Army hospital with strep throat and a fever of 104 degrees, I was told by a hospital orderly to get out of bed and sweep the floors. I came to learn that government medicine always serves another government agenda.

I also learned some unique turns of phrase from my sergeants that are apropos of such situations. I cannot repeat most of them here, but one term has immediate relevance: "Embrace the suck." An approximate translation would be: "At times you will find yourself in a miserable and dangerous situation with no way out. Deal with it."

With the reelection of Barack Obama, the Affordable Care Act will inexorably be implemented, and Americans will be forced to deal with its consequences on the cost, quality and availability of care. The few provisions that have bipartisan critics, such as the tax on the sale of medical equipment, might be adjusted. But there is no chance of major revisions in the next two or, probably, four years.

How will we deal with that?


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