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RIP, General H. Norman Schwarzkopf

Via Fox News:

Retired Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, who topped an illustrious military career  by commanding the U.S.-led international coalition that drove Saddam Hussein’s  forces out of Kuwait in 1991 but kept a low public profile in controversies over  the second Gulf War against Iraq, died Thursday. He was 78.

Schwarzkopf died in Tampa, Florida, where he had lived in retirement,  according to a U.S. official, who was not authorized to release the information  publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

A much-decorated combat soldier in Vietnam, Schwarzkopf was known popularly  as "Stormin’ Norman" for a notoriously explosive temper.

He served in his last military assignment in Tampa as commander-in-chief of  U.S. Central Command, the headquarters responsible for U.S. military and  security concerns in nearly 20 countries from the eastern Mediterranean and  Africa to Pakistan.

Schwarzkopf became "CINC-Centcom" in 1988 and when Saddam Hussein invaded  Kuwait three years later to punish it for allegedly stealing Iraqi oil reserves,  he commanded Operation Desert Storm, the coalition of some 30 countries  organized by then-President George H.W. Bush that succeeded in driving the  Iraqis out.

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    The General drove the Iraqis out of Kuwait and wanted to go further….he wanted Saddam Hussein……but nooooo, Bush Sr wanted no part of that.
    That’s what happens when the politicians run the wars instead of the Generals. Just think how it would be now if Schwarzkopf would have gotten his way. *sigh*

    RIP General… certainly were the hero of that war.

    • c4pfan

      Well put.

    • Freempg

      GHW Bush wanted to be too cute by half and call the war at 100 hours. How cool, he must have thought if history records his heroic efforts as the 100 Hour War. Our pilots were slaughtering the Republican Guard along the "death road" as they were fleeing Kuwait. Bush ended the war prematurely as you mentioned.

      Schwarzkopf was indeed a great man and leader, TC, and he should be honored for his service and great effforts in Iraq. But as in all things, he made mistakes as well:

      "In 1991, after the US and its allies bombed Iraq for 41 days and nights with a total of 88,000 tons of bombs, equivalent to seven Hiroshima-size atomic bombs, after the Iraqi Republican Guard was defeated and expelled from Kuwait, Bush urged Iraqis to rise up and overthrow Saddam’s regime. The Shia of Iraq responded with an intifadha, and within days Saddam’s regime lost control of the Shia areas of Iraq. Until the Shia uprising, Saddam’s helicopters were easily shot down by allied forces, if Iraqi pilots dared fly them at all, but for some reason during the Shia uprising, General Norman Schwarzkopf allowed Saddam’s generals to fly their helicopters, which they used to strafe Shia rebels on the ground and crush the uprising. Bush Senior ordered US troops not to intervene. Had US troops intervened, had Schwarzkopf not allowed Saddam’s generals to fly their helicopters, Saddam’s regime would have been overthrown in 1991."


    • mark1955

      Let’s also not forget,that political brown noser Colin Powell,who was Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff at that time part in this and who also had no business being in that job compared to Schwarzkopf,was advising Bush not to go after Sadam Hussein and to stop where they were. Bush sided with the political ladder climber Powell,instead of the Brilliant and much more Militarily accomplished Schwarzopf.

        Remember reading at the time that Schwarzkopf had a genius IQ and lived in iran as a child for a time and learned to speak farsi as his father,also a retired General, was hired by the Shah of iran to train his police forces. So Schwarzkopf was quite aquainted with that area of the world before hand. Also remember reading after his father retired from the Military,that he became head of the New Jersey State Police and was in charge of the Charles Lindberg Baby kidnapping and murder.

        Quite a life you and your family have lead General. RIP

  • alien4palin

    RIP, General!!!

  • Founders1791

    Time truly flies. It doesn’t seem so long ago when you see his face and remember when the A-10 Warthogs took out that armored column in the desert. Norman personified the can do American whom you trusted would get the job done, and did!

    HW Bush was at something like 89% approval before he tanked like a bad football team in the 4th quarter which gave rise to Perot and slick willy Clinton. We did and still do live in interesting times.

    Norm gave us comfort and confidence in the ability and goodness of America and deserves many thanks for his exemplary service and integrity……RIP

  • $7566967

    What a great man, and an even greater American.  I’m glad he, and not the overrated and media created pseudo-hero Colin Powell, was calling the shots during the Desert Storm operation. 

  • Polarbearpapa

     Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, personified these words as an American soldier…
    "The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave."Patrick Henry

  • Mr.L
  • indemind

     RIP, General…. Go with God.

  • Leroy Whitby

    Great general. General Schwarzkopf had a great deal to teach the popular culture. RIP.

  • MaMcGriz

    Rest in peace, dear hero. We will honor your memory and remain grateful for your service.

    One of the things I liked best about the General was how he slept with a loaded 12 gauge leaning against the wall, always within reach. 

    May the Lord bless and embrace this American warrior as he’s welcomed Home and rewarded for a job well done.

  • Patriot41

    Gen. Schwarzkopf was a damn good soldier, but more importantly, he was a good and decent man.  He was probably one of the least politically oriented generals of our time and had the common sense and wisdom to avoid politics during his career.  I cannot say that for most of the generals that our leading our military at this time.  A respectful salute to a great general.

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