San Francisco Chronicle | Crass warfare by teachers’ organization

Anyone under the illusion that the California  Federation of Teachers is dedicated to quality education  should go to its website, Take a look at how it attempts to enlighten  the public in a 7 1/2-minute animated video narrated by actor Ed  Asner.

This polemic could be brushed aside as another example of the degradation of  American politics if it were by any old blogger in pajamas. It’s crass,  sophomoric and at times almost laughably hypocritical.

But the real outrage is that it’s by a group representing teachers. Teachers!

The upshot of the video is that greedy rich people should be blamed for  everything because their love of money trumps any concern for the rest of us.  Apparently the federation thought its mallet-to-the-head tone throughout was too  subtle some folks – so it included a scene of a fat cat urinating on  working people.

Hypocrisy, anyone? It accused the rich of buying elections: "They spent so  much money on politics, they elected people who like what they liked" –  translated as tax cuts for them and less spending on schools  and roads. Never mind that teacher unions are far and away the biggest  contributor to California campaigns and that their return on investment in 2012  included defeat of a measure (SB1530) to streamline the process for firing  teachers in cases involving sex, drugs or violence against students.


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