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Scott Conroy | Will Scott Brown’s Senate Departure Prove Brief?

With just four words in his Election Night concession speech, outgoing Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown left little doubt about his intention to remain active in politics.

“Defeat is only temporary,” he said.

As Brown well knew that night at Boston’s Park Plaza Hotel, his opportunity to regain a U.S. Senate seat could come in a matter of months rather than years.

With Sen. John Kerry widely believed to be under consideration for a Cabinet post, the Bay State may be compelled in 2013 to hold its second special election to fill a vacated Senate seat in three years.

If Kerry does join the Obama administration, state law calls for Gov. Deval Patrick to appoint an interim senator to serve until a special election is held between 145 and 160 days of the seat being vacated.

Brown has not publicly said whether he would seek a return to the upper chamber, but close observers of Massachusetts politics have few doubts that the politically gifted, charismatic, and generally popular Republican would strongly consider a bid to duplicate his special election victory in 2010, when he claimed the seat long held by Ted Kennedy.


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  • James A. Tyler

    Sean Bielat for MA Senate 2013… Brown was a means to an end, and that was about it.

    This is outright extortion. Either we appoint an applicant as unqualified as Susan Rice to the position entrusted to preserve homeland security or we get John Kerry, as if it wasn’t bad enough, and run the risk of having to endure six more years of Scott Brown. Lovely.

  • mark1955

    Brown’s a radical lefty who was singly responsible fo voting the monstrosity of Dodd/Frank out of committee. So what difference does it make if him or a dem are in that sea? And please don’t tell me that "He’s the best we can do in Massachusetts". Brown ran on the heels of the Tea Party movement and everyone here in Massachusetts thought he’d be center/Right. We were all caught up in the euphoria.My goodness were we wrong. While i voted for MITTEN’S in the General Election ( And believe me that was tough enough ) i refused to pull the lever for Brown or Warren after He stabbed us in the Back.

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