The Future(s) of the Tea Party

On Breitbart.TV, Grover Norquist, head of Americans for Tax Reform, says:

"We are about to have a Tea Party second wave that will dwarf the first wave and that is because while ‘spend too much’ brought the Tea Party into existence, we’re about to walk into ‘spend too much, regulate too much, and tax too much,’ all together. It’s going to be a perfect storm of annoying government behavior, which is devastating to the economy, and I think the small business community which is particularly hit by Obama’s tax increases are going to lead the fight bigger, stronger, tougher than the last Tea Party."

Over at PJMedia, a commenter takes a more sober view of the future:

“Tea Party, anyone?” Yes, but…..

When heaven and earth have been moved with no positive result in order to try to get a loved one to cease their destructive lifestyle then the observation is often made that “you are going to have to let him/her hit rock-bottom before he/she will possibly heed your advice”. Quite unfortunately (and that is an understatement) in the case of our nation all of us are going to have to travel to the bottom along with those who will not heed our warnings. None of us will be simply concerned observers. The issue now is not to spin your wheels shouting unheeded advice but instead to prepare yourself for the economic disaster that is, with total certainty, going to be precipitated upon all of us. Sooner than later. The most useful future for the Tea Party is to prepare to fill the void caused by the certain collapse. In other words, to be on hand to pick up the pieces and to prepare now for that task. Otherwise, the void will be filled by tyranny which I believe is “The Plan”.

December 1, 2012 – 7:34 am

The common thread is that both 0f these observers put the Tea Party movement at the center of American politics. They do not buy the wishful thinking of the political class that the Tea Parties should go home and let the crony politicians run, and loot, the country.



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  • palin45potus

    If the people who made up the movement back in 2009-2010 seize control and do not allow the charlatans who’ve wormed their way into positions of perceived authority to continue to mis-speak for them, then the TEA Party could unite, get behind a Presidential Candidate to hold REAL power and force the establishment to respect them, and have the same effect going forward as they did back in those days.

    I think that a name change may be in order myself.

    • Mark S. Barkhurst

      I completely agree that a name change would help the Tea Party to help re-establish itself.  It would give the movement a clean start and get rid of any old baggage.

      • lanahi

        The tea party doesn’t have to re-establish itself, IMO.  It is alive and well and will have even more effect once a strong leader emerges to inspire more energy and give it direction.  And something needs to be done about just anyone being able to run as a "tea party candidate" when they arn’t even conservative.  This has confused a great many conservatives, often with that very intent to confuse.  Then there are the profiteers who organize "tea parties" for their own reasons of power and/or money.  But these are growing pains inherent in any grassroots movement…other forces will try to take it over for their own ends.

        A name change might just confuse people further, and it doesn’t affect the nature of the movement anyway if the name is changed.  Everyone has heard of the tea parties already and knows something about what they aim to do.  The left will still call it their choice labels, no matter what name it has.

        • dmac8889

          Ianahi,  I agree with most of what you say, however, if Sarah does not claim the leadership of this Party, how does it possibly expect to unite.  I see Rand Paul as the only other Natural leader, however, he could never move the Party into a winning position.  Sarah Palin has the WHOLE package.  If we don’t believe that, than this TEA Party will never unite.

          • lanahi

            Both a weakness and strength of the tea party is that it has no leader beyond those setting themselves up falsely as being one.  Sarah herself said that they should not have leaders and should remain a grassroots movement, and she refused to be considered as its leader.

            Organizations often kill the spirit of the movement they started with, and there is a huge psychological advantage of being a spontaneous groundswell from the people.  Also not having a leader makes it impossible to attack that leader and destroy the movement.  The libs would have loved to have a leader to attack and destroy as something more tangible, but they couldn’t really get their teeth into the tea party as an actual movement.  A leader would have inspired both supporters and detractors, but without that focus on one person, the movement’s issues itself was heard loud and strong.

            With that said, I’d say Sarah is the unofficial leader of the tea party, as she has done more than any others in energizing it.  And the time may come when a leader is desirable.  Right now, it is still right not to have one, I think, at least officially.

      • section9

        Oh bullshit. 

      • John_Frank

         This individual is a troll. Please govern yourself accordingly.

        • Mark S. Barkhurst

          If that is the best logic you can reply with,why bother.  This is supposed to be a discussion board where ideas are shared, not put down simply because you think I’m a troll.  Get serious, and respond with reason, not accusations.  I post my full name out in the open for a reason.

      • HuntingMoose

        Why don’t you suggest the rename of your Basement Koz website or rename the ‘democratic’ party you so blindly support since it has a lot of bagage as well, to start with the slavery they wanted to keep (yes, Lincoln was the republican), the suppression of the blacks in the 60ties by prominent democrats who doubled as KKK clowns, the corruption by it’s current members like Reid and Pelosi?

        Crawl back under your bridge or slither under that rock.

    • dmac8889

      Sarah Palin is the ONLY person that gives this party (if that is what it is) any gravitas.  I don’t see any baggage in the TEA Party.  It is clean as a whistle, and if your going to listen to what the MSM says about it, it won’t matter what name you give it.  TEA is for a reason (TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY!!)  if you don’t agree with that slogan, then you should probably head over to the Republican Party.

  • HuntingMoose



    Why do we keep up with this nonsense and call it something benign as ‘entitlements’ and not what it really is and rooted in corruption?


    • Mark S. Barkhurst

      The only entitlement that is funded is Medicaid.  The majority of the citizens who payed into Social Security during their working lives, paid into to it to have something when they retired. Social Security is not funded by the government, although the government has borrowed money from SS in the past without ever paying it back. Repaying SS is part of what makes up our National debt. Those who don’t pay into Social Security such as professionals, are left to provide for their own retirement.  Our country made a promise to those who paid into SS that they would get their money back during their retirement years.  Medicare currently is breaking even on its own and doesn’t need taxpayers assistance, but that may change in the future if modifications are not made now.  The area of the budget that has the highest potential to afford cuts is the military, particularly if we stop trying to be the policemen of the world, as we are now.   Maybe the world would like us a lot more if we stopped trying to interfere in their country’s government as much as we do now.  After all, what has the fighting in Afghanistan accomplished for us after all the billon, or trillions of dollars it has cast us?  Even the government of Afghanistan is not wholly committed to us, and has said so in the past.

      I don’t understand why people say we should cut back on SS and Medicare, unless they don’t understand who paid for the entitlements to begin with.

      • 08hayabusa

        Why pick on the military? Of the expenditures you mentioned, only the military is authorized by the Constitution.

        And as far as isolating ourselves, or in your words not being the policemen of the the world, Russia and China, as well as the rest of our enemies, would love nothing better than an unfettered take over of the world. Without our interference, one day we would look up to find our enemies on both our northern and southern borders.

        Now don’t get me wrong because I don’t believe we should be in the nation building business, but I definitely believe we should be in the bomb the heck out of them business with the message we’ll be back if they misbehave in the future. I believe in a keep your bombs to yourself and we’ll keep our bombs to ourselves approach. But make no mistake, we will attack you if you don’t.

        My opinion is, that except in the rarest of instances, the only boots we should ever put on the ground should be the painters of targets for our formidable Air Force.

        And by the way, I am a veteran.

        • HuntingMoose

          see my other post. you are replying with a deranged troll who has blogged countless numbers of lies on Sarah Palin and other things that are ruining the country.

          enjoy and next time you respond, first check the activity of the person who writes something bizarre and ugly like this.

          PS: thanks for serving. And as far as entitlements go, they should go to those like you. Not me and others that you enabled –by the given security– to earn money

          • WayofLight

             Thank you for monitoring some of the trolls that haunt the halls of C4P.  It never ceases to amaze me how much effort theses dregs of humanity put into their propaganda.  They resemble the Nazis more and more every day. 

            • HuntingMoose

              I beg to differ. the german national socialists were not as good in manipulating , lying and propaganda as we see now coming from the regime and it’s affiliates.

      • CBDenver

        What you are saying about Social Security and Medicare are not true.  From the official US Government web site

        "Social Security’s expenditures exceeded non-interest income in 2010 and 2011, the first such occurrences since 1983, and the Trustees estimate that these expenditures will remain greater than non-interest income throughout the 75-year projection period." 

        "The Trustees project that the HI [Medicaid Health Insurance]Trust Fund will pay out more in hospital benefits and other expenditures than it receives in income in all future years, as it has since 2008. The projected date of HI Trust Fund exhaustion is 2024, the same date projected in last year’s report, at which time dedicated revenues would be sufficient to pay 87 percent of HI costs"

        The reason people say we need entitlement reform is that the entitlement programs (SS and Medicare) are ponzi schemes.  They collect money from current workers and pay that money to current retirees.  During the peak employment years of the baby boomers, any SS excess monies were spent on current programs.   SS bonds were put in the government SS account to be redeemed later by future tax receipts.  The future is now.  There are not enough taxpayers to actually pay out all the benefits promised. 

        The bottom line, from the same website cited above:

        "In 2012, the projected difference between Social Security’s dedicated tax income and expenditures is $165 billion. For HI, the projected difference between dedicated tax and premium income and expenditures is $38 billion. The projected general revenue demands of SMI are $217 billion. Thus, the total general funds for Social Security and Medicare in 2012 are $420 billion, or 2.7 percent of GDP. Redemption of trust fund bonds, interest paid on those bonds, and transfers from the general funds provide no new net income to the Treasury, which must finance these payments through some combination of increased taxation, reductions in other government spending, or additional borrowing from the public."

        • Mark S. Barkhurst

          CB, I’ve written two long replies to you and lost both.  Just let me say instead that you are correct on the financial situation of both, but I also see this as a moral situation.  The current beneficiaries paid into the fund their whole working life believing what the government told them that they would receive adequate payments to live on when they retired.  Medicare came along more recently and its probable fair to make modest changes in the benefits.

          Whats important for everyone to realize, is that SS is nothing like welfare, food stamps, or Medicaid that the poor and working poor receive.  This program is for the majority of the population who have paid into the program.  Hopefully this reply, although with far less information than I wrote two times earlier, will go through without being erased before I could finish it.

          • HuntingMoose

            yes, paid into the program but not paid enough. That is the whole problem with this ponzi scheme called Social Security

            The problem is that some people have paid little , those early when the ponzi scheme was in the beginning and get a lot more out of it. Others who now start to retire are in the border area and may get some now but in 10 years from now, when you are 72 , they will no longer raise the  nominal amount and you soon will be lucky if all you can buy is a $7 latte at starbucks (yes, that is the latest price).

            One of the problems in Russia after it’s collapse was not that old people did no longer get their retirement money but their retirement money was worthless after the collapse of the ruble. The Sovjets had their currency held artificially high not backed with something real (sounds familiar??) and eventually reality kicks in.

            And for the generation that retires 10, 15 years from now, they will put their whole life money in it, considerable amounts but will get worthless paper for it in return (or not even that if the post stamps are more expensive by then).

            wakeup. you are fooling yourself.

            • CBDenver

              ‘yes, paid into the program but not paid enough" —  A normal retirement program is an investment in a fund that returns earnings based on actual economic-based growth.  So if I invest in a computer company I expect growth through dividends paid as a result of sales of computers. 

              But investing in SS is investing in non-marketable SS bonds that are redeemable only by the US government.  How does that "investment" grow?  It doesn’t grow other than through the government raising more taxes.  So as you state SS is just a Ponzi scheme where older entrants into the scheme are paid by contributions from newer entrants.

              • HuntingMoose

                You are preaching to the chorus. Yes, SS is one big ponzi scheme, I just highlighted it from a different angle.

                My pick is we should just swallow hard and bite the bullet and clean this mess and cut our losses instead of living in this lie that eventually we will get some useful money out of it.

                And as Ryan suggested,we need a solution for those that currently depend on it and for whom it is too late for an alternative. But let’s be the adults in the room and face the issue

                • CBDenver

                  I wasn’t intending to preach to you — just to agree with and add my 2 cents to your statements.

          • CBDenver

            RE:  "The current beneficiaries paid into the fund their whole working life believing what the government told them that they would receive adequate payments to live on when they retired".

            In 1937 the US Supreme Court ruled in Helvering v Davis that Social Security payments are just a tax.  As per the court, even though the Social Security program is called "insurance", there is no contract invoved thus no legal requirement for the government to honor its obligation to pay as promised.  All SS withholding taxes are just like any other taxes.  The government is free to alter or eliminate the program at any time as they see fit.

            The root of the problem is "current beneficiaries paid into the fund their whole working life believing what the government told them ".  To which the government replies "you f*d up, you trusted us".

      • section9

        Except, of course, that the actual dollars for SS are pulled out immediately after they go into the Nonexistent Trust Fund and replaced by IOU’s that can only be used for that specific agency. Both of us know this. Once the  Big Ponzi goes south on the country, the Social Security house of cards goes south, too.

        Sarah Palin didn’t engage in this looting, your friends in the Political Class did. And yet you just voted for the same gangsters who want to kick the can down the road.

        Nice going, Brownie!

    • dmac8889

      I believe your are mis using the word.  Entitlements is something you are ENTITLE to.  Social Security you put away all your working LIFE and you should have something there when you retire.  Medicare and Medicaid is WELFARE.  You can argue whether one deserves it, however, we should ALL challenge the word usage of ENTITLEMENTS when talking about the last two programs.  Social Security IS NOT Medicare.  So challenge anyone who tries to use them in the same sentence like our MSM does.  They deliberately do so, to have them appear as co-equals.  They are not.

      • HuntingMoose

        yes, you are right Social Security is a beast apart so some special considerations here.

        however, how the whole thing is handled by the government as a piggybank to fund whatever they need now and what I expect Obama to do soon, make SS available for ‘everyone’ or make the payout available for anyone as long as you have worked 1 hour in your life. And then phase 2, like what is currently happening in Europe, SS will only be available for those with no other savings during retirement (or a lower amount LOL). Trust me, it will become an entitlement under Obama and only a means to transfer savings wealth to those ‘most needy’ aka not you who put money in it your whole life.

         SS is also an unfunded promise made by FDR at a time that what was it 1 in 10 or even less would draw and only a few years. FDR made this promise that was funded like a ponzi scheme.

      • CBDenver

        According to the Supreme Court (Helvering v Davis, 1937) you and I are not entitled to anything from Social Security.  SS is just a tax, like any other tax.  There is no contract, express or implied.  The government is free to alter or discontinue the Social Security plan as they see fit.   It doesn’t matter if you paid your SS tax all these years.  You are legally entitled to NOTHING as per the US Supreme Court in their ruling all those years ago.  Nothing has changed that 1937 ruling.  Face it,  anyone who trusted the government with their retirement was a fool. 

        • dmac8889

          It can’t beat facts.  Too bad those that want their "stuff" are going to get it regardless of the cost.  AND if you’re talking SS, that is just about everybody.

  • heshtesh

    Tell me again who the Heart&Soul leader of the Tea Party is?

    • 01_Explorer_01

      It is Freedom loving Americans. The tea party is just not just one person.

      • heshtesh

        A fact i’m well aware of, but when i consider Heart & Soul of the movement i lack feeling  when Michelle Bachman or Bill Bennett try to speak to my concearns. To tell the truth i really don’t generally give a damn what either of them has to say.

    • dmac8889

      If it isn’t Sarah Palin, then the TEA Party is in the wilderness.  She is the only one on the national stage that will not have to compromise her stances to win over the majority of Americans.  All the other Republicans will be out there playing Identity politics to win over minorities.  They can’t win that battle.  FAITH is the only TRUE drawing card.  Sarah has it, the others don’t.

  • Lemuel Vargas

    The Tea Party movement would have to be able to merge its different organizations and thru it, its different beliefs and idiosyncracies into a single organization which would be able to accomodate the most popular beliefs of the group such as make the federal government as lean as possible,  take care of the trllion dollar deficit that is staring us in the face ( the 2 basic beliefs of the TP) and other popular beliefs such as Sarah Palins’ Platforms:

    1.fighting the legal corruption (or as Sarah said nicely, crony capitalism)

    2. An end to expanding the federal government via a respect for the Tenth Amendment

    3,Repealing Obamacare.

    4. No more runaway debt. This necessitates prioritizing and cutting spending.

    5. Energy independence, an “all of the above energy policy.” She distilled it down to this: “America’s economic revival starts with America’s energy revival.”

    6. Making America the most attractive country to do business. Included in this is eliminating all federal corporate taxes, which frees up job-creators but requires that they “stand or fall on [their] own.

    The merging of the different organizations into a single organization must be next stage for the Tea Party if it is to withstand the test of time because if it remains as separate organizations, the clashing of its different beliefs will create animosity which will in turn dissipate the goodwill that has been created by the different organizations within the TP.

    The formation of the different organizations when the TP was formed and undergone its 1st test of fire during the 2010 mid term election and the 2nd test during the 2012 presidential election must be considered as baptism of fire and thus adolescent grumblings of the group. We are ready for the next step then, which is adulthood or the formation of a single entity that would be capable  of going head to head with either the Dems or the Repubs.

    So what do the commenters here think of the observation that the TP has outgrown its adolescence of being comprised of different organizations and is ready to enter adulthood of which these different organizations would have to merge into a single entity?

    • dmac8889

      Bravo!!!   Unite, Unite quickly, or we will dissolve.  We must recognize when we are infiltrated:  Ann Coulture, Scott Brown, Christie, and sadly (because I like him, but he owns his success to the Bush Clan), Rubio.   We have only one friend on TV:  Hannity.  

      By the way Social issues will matter, because we need to draw from Minorites to join us.  That is their pathway.  Without them, we can’t win.

  • Leroy Whitby

    I will take my lead from Sarah Palin in terms of what our response as the Tea Party should be.

  • nkthgreek

    The Tea Party has of yet no designated leader, I can think of one.

    • 08hayabusa

       Nor should it have.

      But Sarah sure is the bona fide spokesperson as most will agree. No one has taken more heat or done more for the movement than her.

      • nkthgreek

        Amen to that. I suppose it would be asking too much to expect a little appreciation in return.

      • dmac8889

        The TEA Party needs to decide on a LEADER within 15 months, or outside forces will divide us and bury us.

        • 01_Explorer_01

          No it doesn’t.  How do they decide?  By a vote?  How will those small groups in the towns vote who are not members of a national tea party organization cast their vote?  Who are the candidates? Does she want to run for head of the tea party?

          • Lemuel Vargas

            That is why the TP must evolve to become a single entity 1st before all these decisions are realized,

  • PAWatcher

    The TEA movement was a spontaneous response to a precieved threat that millions felt at the same time because the threat had become real…….Our nation was about to be fundamentally changed. Bush started it with TARP (and We felt it). Then along came obama with his socialist/communist agenda. Sarah Palin had obama’s number, and corrupt politician’s numbers- IMHO that included Bush, other RINOs and Chaney-  hence she became the target of the dems and GOPe. The TEA people liked her politcal acumen because she said what We felt and We became the target as our strength became apparent.
    We are still their targets, so, We and Sarah must still be viable alternatives to the status quo. They always announce their stiffest competition in the form of derogatory rhetoric.
    I think the TEA people and Sarah will instinctively know when and how to respond to their dog and pony shows in DC. It’s a wait and see right now and let the dems and RINOs think they are on the fake fiscal cliff saving US, LOL. As we watch secure on the bottom ready to beat them to the top as they fall on their faces. What we see will be enlightening to say the least and a barrel of laughs to boot if you’re ready for the wait.

    • dmac8889

      PAW,  I think what you wrote above is accurate, and brilliant observation.  I believe this "Fiscal Cliff" can be a great opportunity for the TEA Party and TP Congressional Representatives.   If Boehner fails to get an agreement (a bad one should have the same response), there should be a huge outcry in the TP World to demand that our TP Congressional Representatives vote Boehner out of the Speakership.   

      It is Boehner that has put the Republican Party in this NO-WIN situation.  How could he have possibly have agree to the Sequestration the way it was written.  It ALL favors the Democrats so much that they have no reason to negotiate here.  They not only put an end to the Bush Tax Cuts, but dig very deeply into the Defense Budget.  Two issues they have been trying for a decade to accomplish.  The Media will jump on the Republicans that they forced Obama’s hand, that he had no choice but to allow Sequestration to take place.  This of course is Horsesh^t.   The Media will point to the Extreme Right in Congress (TP) and blame them.  TEA Party should immediately make clear, WE would never have put ourselves in this negotiating position.

      Having said that I’m not so sure Boehner didn’t do this deliberately.  Regardless it doesn’t matter BOEHNER:  MUST BE FIRED!!!!!    TEA Party must be relentless about this and be willing to tear the Republican Party apart to accomplish this.   The Media will never ask, but I want to know WHY we got into this negotiating position.  If we go over the cliff, then it is time the GOP gets taken down, and let Obama know WE reject his agenda.  America will then find out who the real RHINOS are!!!

      • section9

        Screw ‘em. The Beltway GOP is going to cave anyway, and it won’t matter in the long run. If you want to build a Reaganite Party again, a populist GOP, and Reagan’s and Palin’s principles, you have to drive the Moneylenders from the Temple. The Pharisees will object to that, as any good Christian will tell you.

    • section9

      One of the weaknesses of the Left is that they worked themselves into believing that the TEA Party was not spontaneous, but that they were manipulated by Rich Kochies and other interests.

      This relieves them of having to take the TEA Party objections to overwhelmingly large government and insolvency seriously. After all, if the Tea Party people are just puppets, why take them seriously? I dealt with this belief system when dealing with my progressive grandfather. It’s widespread among them.

      Progressives are completely unaware of the fiscal freight train that is headed in their direction, simply because they treat objections to their rule with such scorn and derision, like the Church treated the Protestant Reformation.

      When the storm comes, Progressives be shocked, and left wandering in the streets. You can tell by their triumphalist attitude now. It’s without a hint of irony or any thought of the future. And their entire attitude is emblematic of a man, Obama, who wants to win for his side without thinking of how to bring the other side on board. Once again, now that he’s reelected, he’s returning to Peronist form.

      Obama is President of the Democratic Party more than anything else. When that ship goes down, he goes down. And trust me, the worm will turn.

      Sarah Palin has been patiently biding her time for a reason.

      • CBDenver

        The progressive’s denial that conservatives have any ideas worth examining goes beyond the accusation that the TEA party is just a mouthpiece for the evil Koch brothers.  Progressives always seem to dismiss any ideas they disagree with by making ad hominem attacks.

        The progressive attitude about regulation is a case in point.  Progressives believe that regulators are the "good guys", standing up for the little people against the rapacious Big Corporations.  They don’t seem to be aware of Public Choice studies or the concept of regulatory capture.  Progressives are ignorant of the fact that the regulatory system has been captured by special interests who use regulations to maintain the status quo and protect big corporations against competition. 

        The world view of the progressives is a childlike fairy story of the evil fat cats against the sainted reformers.  When administration officials say they are "standing up for the middle class" the idiotic progressives believe that, despite all evidence to the contrary. 

        You are right, when the SHTF the progressives will be shocked. 

        • section9

          There ARE strong cases for regulation. Much of our present problems in finance stem from the repeal of Glass-Stegall, for example, and the revolving door at the SEC between the banking industry and the the regulators who are supposed to act as their watchdogs.

          Palin, when she became governor, instantly recognized that the oil regulators had become creatures of the companies they were regulating AND that they had allowed Exxon Mobil to sit on Point Thompson and other Alaskan oil deposits in order to hoard the oil so they could bank it for later sale. She moved to change that.

          Market conservatives, as opposed to big business Republicans, recognize the need for regulation: to level the playing field instead of buying influence and cronyism as it does today.

  • Spec 5

    Just because we lose a big battle does not mean we should give up.

  • Hyman Roth

    Sarah Palin IS the Tea Party right now.  Let’s face it, there won’t be any grassroots movement again unless it is led by her running as a presidential candidate.  What happened in 09 and 10 was to a large extent due to Obama getting elected, and the Democrats controlling everything.  Now that’s all history. 

    The only thing that will energize the base and the grassroots this time is for the candidate we’ve been SCREAMING for for 4 years to get in campaign mode.

    • dmac8889

      I agree.  She doesn’t have a choice but muster up the courage, get focused, and start getting herself invited into Urban media centers around the country.  The breadbasket outings will have to wait after she has gained a NEW foothold in Urban America.  No Republican or Conservative can win without drawing something out of this area of the country.  

      If Sarah doesn’t get involved immediately it will fall to Rand Paul (which I like), but then the TEA Party will suffer long days in the wilderness.  Sarah is the ONLY politician on the right that can cross the Democrat wall. Her Faith has a strong pull into the minority side of the Dems Party, that even Hillary Clinton has trouble. AND simply for the same reasons WE support her.  Her record as Governor of focusing on the right issues and getting both parties to join her to pass laws.  She is not ego driven, she is not driven by Identity politics.  The RIGHT can’t win on Identity politics, so we need have to a politician that can reach minorities on a personal level, that translate bringing out moral issues into the public square that every other politician on the RIGHT runs from. 

      She has a tremendous amount of ground work to cover.  If she wants to be POTUS, she needs to start immediately by drawing from those, who though voted for Obama, are ready to move on, by challenging him everyday in the Urban Media Centers, pointing out the huge differences between herself and Obama.  If she waits, the Republican Party will bury her in scandal. If she doesn’t own the TEA Party in 15 months, and bring Moral Issue clarity to the TEA Party by then, the personal barrage she will face will be relentless, the Conservative Movement will then completely disengage, and 2016 will be a wipeout.

      She could go the route of continuing to recruit Congressional TEA Party candidates to strengthen the Congress in 2014, but then she will default all opportunity to win the nomination for POTUS. She must STEAL the political Middle from the GOP, by gaining strength in Urban America. This will be Jeb’s, Marco, and the FAT Man from NJ goal. She can and must beat them there. She is the only natural fit, however if she waits the Media will crush her.

      • Betsey_Ross

        Sarah has another job and it isn’t leader of the TEA Party.  Will she fix the Republicans or will she found a new and better political party?  The TEA Party ain’t it. The TEA Party is a separate entity from political parties.  It’s getting more difficult by the second to support Republicans and it is impossible to support a Democrat for even dog catcher.  We are watchdogs and frankly there is a huge amount of poltical activity that needs to be watched.  It’s not all about national politicians although we are all in crisis mode.
        We love having Sarah’s support and love and we would love to have her come and speak to us, but frankly we cannot afford her nor can we afford to rent a place to have her come and speak even if she she could.  She isn’t the leader nor does she want to be.  We have the same covictions, but are not a political party.  Nor do we want to be one. 

        A lot depends on what path Sarah is going to follow.  Is she even running?  Is she even interested in running?  The Republicans edged her out of 2012 plus she didn’t insist on helping.  She litereally disappeard since before the convention. 

        We have to get over the fact that the Media is so negative and stop the talk of ‘crushing’ her.  She is still standing and if she wants to can get right back into the fray.  Nothing the media has done has ‘crushed’ her.  It’s the Republicans that have done her damage and she backed off because they thought they could do it without her.  They can’t.  They have done themselves damage because they lack their own propoganda machine. They cannot teach nor will the media let them teach.  They have to find a way to get out their message and if they choose to do so, Sarah is the perfect person for that.  She and Newt are master teachers, but they need the propoganda machine to do it.  They need more than Fox News.  Messaging didn’t work because the people getting the Santa Claus gifts showed up because they thought their way of life was threatened.  Apparently small business can’t seem to find their voices.  Americans for Prosperity was out there working, but free stuff is more appealing than working.  Freedom is not what people want. WE have to make them want it and I guess a financial collpapse is the only way that they will understand. I pray that someone comes up with a better idea than collapse and soon.

        • dmac8889

          Betsey, excellent words.  I should have stated the Republicans ‘through’ the MSM will "Crush" her.  Maybe the TEA Party isn’t the venue for Sarah, though I believe without the large majority of the TEA Party Sarah doesn’t win the nomination.  She needs a foundation and perhaps the infrastructure that the TEA Party can offer.  Anyway I’m open for suggestions, but I’m quite certain two truths exists:  1) It will be nearly impossible for her to win the Repubican nomination (though  the possibility was there in 2012) in 2016,  &   2)The strongest candidate from the Political Right will have to take votes from the Black & Hispanic Communities to win the General.   Hate to put pressure on Sarah if she ‘wants’ to be POTUS, but she has to be thinking in this direction within a year to 15 months.

      • 01_Explorer_01

        You said one key thing here   ……If she wants to be POTUS……

        At this point who knows?

    • 01_Explorer_01

      Again, If only one person is the tea party why discount millions of Americans in small towns who have stood up to the Constitution.  It is a movement not a person.  I bet she would disgree that she is the leader of the tea party or wants to be the single leader. The left would love for her to be the tea party because it would be easier for them to attack one person than than a group.

      • Hyman Roth


        John Roberts, Mitt Romney, the GOP establishment will NOT surrender to the grassroots Tea Party without a fight.  That’s clear now.

        THUS–we need a leader.  Sarah Palin is the only person who can lead the movement now.  Of course we’ll be there to support her, but without somebody in front now, we have no hope.

        • goldenprez

           Hyman … The "bad news" is that a charlatan named Allen West is positioning himself to race to the front of the line.

          And there are way too many people who think that he is a "real" conservative.

          We need a real conservative VP candidate to run with Mrs. Palin. It would have to be someone who is willing to "go rogue." My first choice would be Mark Levin, but I think he could do more to help by staying where he is and backing the run.

          I might be convinced to accept Newt. He has been kicked around enough by the GOP, and is ornery enough to give them the proverbial finger. His influence in the GOP has seen its best, and last day. The question is, does he realize that?

          I’m open to others. What say you?

          Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

          Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

          Illegitimi non carborundum.

          Barracudas Maximus.

          • 01_Explorer_01

            Good grief……. Newt?    Sarah liked West too.

          • Mark S. Barkhurst

            If you want to see something fail, just connect what ever it is you want to fail with Allen West.  He is too decisive to lead the party.  In addition, he has said too many things in the past that too many people have disagreed with, that it would only tarnish the party and what it stands for.  I’m sorry if others find this disagreeable, but it is just my opinion and the opinion of all is what really matters, not mine. 

        • 01_Explorer_01

          You said the tea party movement failed………You said Sarah Palin is the tea party in another post…….

          Does she announce a press conference, give a speech saying "I am the leader of the tea party"
          Who decides who leads who?   I thought Sarah said you don’t need leaders.  Has she changed her mind.  She may not want the job…then what….

          • Hyman Roth

            Then what?  I don’t know.  More rallies for nothing, so we can send more Republicans to Congress who will be bullied by the GOP establishment, who will continue to move to the left, and continue to lose elections.

            Looks pretty bad to me unless a certain someone is leading this fight.  Otherwise, get ready for the national Republican party to look A LOT like the California GOP.

        • William Legge

          You are exactly right Hyman. The GOP will not allow it, I believe Sarah Palin is the leader needed.

  • HuntingMoose


  • HuntingMoose


    Since Obama likes to come up with outrageous "opening" talks through his proxy tax-cheat Geitner, here an opening point for the GOP:

    Cut all unfunded promises, also known as ‘entitlements’ and only raise tax for what the constitution authorizes, the defense and security of this nation. The only entitlements to keep are those for those in uniform since that can be argued to be part of it.

    And you know what, that would reduce our tax burden and make it for people like you and me be possible to donate more and help others and be social instead of the thievery of Obama who plays Santa with things he did not earn.

  • Jon Kelly

    Right now the Tea Party is the only TRULY INDEPENDENT POLITICAL FORCE. It must remain viable and not get caught up in the idiotic attempts of Washington’s Republicans to compromise. REMEMBER!!! 100 members of Congress claim allegiance to the Tea Party and throughout America countless leaders adhere to the Tea Party principles of Common Sense Conservatism and Values. Why do we back Governor Palin because she knows and SAYS that the Leadership of both Political Parties are full of CRAP.  OUR TIME WILL COME!!!!!!!!!

  • HuntingMoose


    We have the military to defend us against external threats. It is our tax dollars at work and exceptionally well spend. And for good order, add the essential services like police and firefighters to it.

    But we don’t raise taxes to defend us against corrupt politicians. Why is that so? Or should I regard my donation money to SarahPAC and the like type of organizations as the same? It is money exceptionally well spend although given the threat they are battling, it is seriously underfunded as well.

  • Patriot41

    I am not aware of the fact that the Tea Party ever ended.  If anything, it is growing stronger by the day and will be in the forefront of the news, as each election cycle rolls around.  

    My personal view of the Tea Party movement, was the fact that our citizens lost their right to a representative government, in that legislators from both political parties, ignored the desires of the majority of our citizens.  Not only that, but the same legislators have also conveniently ignored our founding documents and particularly, our Constitution.  Reckless spending is only one of the many reasons for the grassroots movement that has taken place in this country, for nearly a decade.  The fiscal conditions of this country, is only an outward manifestation of the political and social unrest that prevails within.

    The PJ Media commentator, is absolutely correct about the calamity that is taking place in the U.S. right now and neither political party is about to resolve those problems, as their agendas are set in stone.  One only has to look at the fact, that neither party has more then one third of the registered popular support of the citizens in this country.  Registered independents, now equal the percentages of both current parties and will continue to grow, as the nation’s political struggle continues to worsen.  A well organized Tea Party, has everything to gain from such a situation, particularly if it is structured in support of adherence to our Constitution.

    No party can function properly, without a well organized structure and that remains to be the primary problem within the Tea Party movement.  Once that structure is in place and it’s leadership elected, it will be ready to assume a political leadership role in this nation and give the citizens an opportunity once again, for representative government.

  • PhilTan

    Maybe I missed something here. The "Tea Party" that gave Obama an a$% thumping in 2010, was closely allied with Gov. Palin. They are no less powerfull, it’s just that the powers that be at the GOPe decided to run a cadidate in ’12 for president that was at polar opposites with what they stand for and who spent as much time attacking Gov. Palin behind the scenes as they did attacking Obama. If Palin runs, watch the Tea Party re emerge as such a force that keeps both parties awake at night.

    • dmac8889

      You are simpatico with me.  Sarah has this powerful force that she and only she can unite.

  • CVA9

    IMO, the Tea Party "IS" the republican party, whether you give credit to Jefferson, (Republican Democrat Party) or Lincoln as the founder, (both men of knowledge and wisdom) It is the grass root and constitution party. The Democrats have allowed the Socialist and Marxist to take over their party but I for one will not allow the RINO’s to take over my party, (conservative), if there must be a third party, let it be them not us.

  • willegge

    The Tea Party could have got behind  Newt this last election but believed the bunk, it was to divided between M.B., H. C., and R.S.. I still don’t know why Santurum since he opposed the movement. Unless it gets unified behind one leader it will not be effective to make change nationally.

  • BrianusBerkleianus


  • BrianusBerkleianus


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