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The Left’s Standard of Perfection for Governor Palin

I cannot tell you how many times me or many of my friends at C4P have been accused of believing that Governor Palin was a saint.   While it’s true that her record of reform and public service trumps that of pretty much any politician’s in DC today, most of us concede that there is only One who is Holier-Than-Thou and someday we’re all going to have to face His standard individually. 

But with the left, it’s different.  Governor Palin is an impressive advocate for personal responsibility.  To the left, “personal responsibility” means never hunting, never defending yourself, and never expecting to keep more of what you earn through your own personal endeavors.  Therefore; to them, it doesn’t matter if Governor Palin accomplished all she laid out in her agenda in only half the time in public office before resigning to prevent them from further abusing the Alaska Ethics Act.  It also doesn’t matter to them that she was able to balance a budget as a Governor, cut spending, and prioritize to make sure proper funding was available for education and low income seniors. 

What matters to them is the picture they can paint on their own.  You see; a book and movie based on anonymous sources wasn’t enough.  A peeping-Tom neighbor who wrote a book filled with lies and more anonymous sources wasn’t enough.  24,000 e-mails that were released reflecting her years as Governor weren’t enough either.  In fact they served as the direct opposite to the smoking gun the left thought would be hiding in there.  They proved she was engaged and in control as Governor of her state. 

This is why the left has created an unbelievable standard of perfection for Governor Palin.  However, this sainted image they create has never been filled by any politician in DC now nor will it ever be filled by any human being who walks the planet. 

This is how you know that even they are unsure of the false attacks and smears released despite the millions of dollars it took to produce the various aforementioned hit pieces. 

Sure, they appreciate the efforts but it’ll never be enough to quench their thirst for more hate.  And that is why we love Governor Palin so much around here.  

She married her high school sweetheart.  They had five beautiful kids together.  They face the same challenges each and every other American faces and they keep their faith and love for one another at the forefront of their lives.  Governor Palin is happy, she continues to stay fit, and even though some really smart professors out there are penning Op-Ed’s for the NY Times telling us to scrap the Constitution, she’s out there fearlessly fighting for it. 

So of course when news breaks of some kind of personal sorrow in her family, the left rushes back to that phony standard of perfection that they pretend we set up.  In a smug way, they refer to her as “Sister Sarah,” and portray her as a crusader of perfection who roams the country damning and cursing single motherhood and divorce.  

There is a problem though with their standard – it never existed.  

It’s common sense people.  Of course, we can never expect the left to catch onto common sense.  This explains why Obama had a majority in Congress in his first two years as president and why today he blames a few members of Congress on the right for the fact that he’s never passed a budget.  

Single motherhood is not an optimum condition for a child.  Neither is divorce.  But being someone who finds themselves in either situation does not disqualify them from engaging in the same kinds of personal responsibility that Governor Palin encourages. 

You do the best you can with what happens in life.  Half of all marriages in America end in divorce.  We all know someone who’s been divorced.  We all have friends whose parents have divorced.  We all know single mothers. We don’t beat these people over the head every time we see them in daily life with lectures about family values.  Rather, we invite them to become part of the solution in lieu of giving up hope. 

Underneath all their hate and rhetoric lies the truth of the left’s mission.  How many of them truly want divorced and single mothers in the inner cities to pull themselves up out of poverty?  How many of them really want these young women to fight hard to make something out of their lives so that they can move forward in life as teachers by talking to young women to encourage them to choose a different path?  The answer is simple: it’s far better for the left to have these people be punished and frightened from coming forward and to be further entrapped by government.  Their treatment of Bristol Palin is proof of that.

What bothers the left about Governor Palin isn’t the fact that someone in her family may get a divorce or have a child without being married.  What bothers them is that the Palin family is proof of using personal responsibility to optimize less-than-ideal circumstances.  

And since there is nothing more “less-than-ideal” than the state of our nation under President Obama and the current Congress, her record and resolve shall remain the same threat it was to the left four years ago.

Happy New Year!

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  • firefly4me

    The hate from the left is a natural thing when one considers that it’s all they have. It’s easy and it’s none productive which explains their moraless intent to destroy anyone that they feel threatens them. No one has been attacked more then Sarah for her stand on personal values and responsibilty.

    As Rush Limbaugh says, the progressive socialist left will always tell us who the fear the most by who they attack and the level of hate they use.

  • Gary Jackson

    Liberalism is not compatible with civilized society. Liberalism is the enemy of all free peoples. It’s a cancer on all of humanity. 

    • Argus_C4P

      Liberalism is Logic’s demented cousin.

  • Biamciuil80

    24000 email shows something else as well. There was somebody hard at work to produce that many emails in 2 and a half years.

  • nkthgreek

    The left is never right.

  • Isabel Matos

    This EDIT added at 8:15 pm because I posted the comment below by mistake lOl!! It was supposed to be under open thread. About the post above. If you can’t reason with someone, then just bless them and block them out of your conversation. There is not point in wasting time trying to please or impress them. (Believe it or not, there is a stubborn establishment mentality that is just as hard a nut to crack, but that’s a different story!)

    I try to avoid Liberals because they lie, deny and distort, and they will never change their minds no matter what. They don’t make any sense whatsover when they defend the indefensible. I avoid talking to people who are not sober, certifiably crazy and libs (innately unable to reason imo..) That’s my rule of thumb. I am proud that Sarah will have withstood the test of time and their impossible scrutiny of her. :) Now for the post that was put here by mistake lOlol:

    Dear Small and Potent Palinistas,

    A priest once asked us in mass to open our checkbooks to see where our "fortunes" were spent. He told us that where we spent our treasure is where our hearts were. 

    I don’t have money, but I have spent my time and dedicated what talents I do have to a Movement that has defined me in more ways than one. One VOice spoke for us when no one else would in 08.  She has led the way since then, I have come to claim the power of My Own VOice as a result.

    This entire post is for Sarah. I have never felt more driven to not just say, but to do what is right. I am know this feeling is shared by you who gather here as I have seen it expressed so many times.

    My efforts this year were just the beginning. If anything, they are a testament to what great things happen when one chooses to claim and exercise the liberties that are rightfully ours by God, for the greater good.  Overcoming the fear to speak openly is made easier by being part of a nurturing community such as this. I consider it not only a blessing but a miracle that even just a small dose of you does wonders.  God bless you all for that.  We are all one in the Spirit that binds us. 

    I cannot think of a better way to bid the year farewell than by saying:

                 Thank You, 2012.  You were great, but I’m ready for 2013. Happy New Year, C4P.

  • Jthom26837

     I Stand with Sarah Palin!!!

  • blueniner

    Nice post Steve. Over four years later and Sarah Palin still remains an Icon and inspiration, as well as an object of fear and hate to some, but isnt that the way it is with all great people.

    • TModelTom

      Amen,  blueliner!!

  • viewfromalaska

    These attackers don’t really recognize standards; they don’t have them and don’t like them: They use them for their favorite game of ridiculing, mocking, and taunting their target. It works really well because defending against it is very difficult. C. S.  Lewis exampled the term “Puritanism” as the most valuable weapon these people use against conservative people who have standards. Using that word has “prevented annually thousands of people from temperance, chastity, and sobriety of life.” He, by-the-way,  believed the attacker’s “unremitting anxiety acts as the lash and spur to their endeavors.” Their sole aim is to destroy. They are drab and cold inside.

  • section9

    Great article in defense of the Governor, but we need to stop playing their game, tell them to sod off, and start attacking them using the tactics they used against us.

    Stop complaining. This sh*t ain’t beanbag. These people on the Left are fascists. Treat them as such.

    • alien4palin

      Totally agree!!! Treat others as you wished to be treated. It is a long time overdue to treat these people according to the way they treat others. 

  • Jon Kelly


  • SteveBayrd

    As you know, Steve, this is right out of the Left’s Alinsky playbook, Rules for Radicals. Put a label on the "enemy" and attack without mercy. Hold the "enemy" to their standards and attack any possible deviation, no matter how contrived. Barack Obama was teaching his "students’ all about Saul Alinsky as a college "professor." He is an expert, as is his Marxist party… no longer American, now fascist AND evil. There are worse times coming, and those of us, like Governor Palin, must stick together and hold onto our character AND our guns.

  • John_Frank

    Steve, appreciate this post.

    P.S. Happy New Year to you and all the contributors at c4p. We appreciate all your efforts.

  • alien4palin

    Excellent commentary, Steve!!!
    Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!!!

  • DocBarry1

    thank you Steve, what a wonderful post to end 2012 and go into 2013 – May God continue to Bless Governor Palin and her family, friends and supporters.

    Let’s hope we have President Sarah Palin in 2016

  • myfairlady

    Thanks for the post.  It really hits the nail on the head regarding the Left’s unrelenting hate for Governor Palin.  She’s in their heads and they can’t handle it.  They are incapable of processing what she really stands for so they just go nuts with hate and envy.  They are miserable human beings!

  • sodakhic

    Isn’t it funny how single motherhood, divorce and having downs syndrome children never existed until  the Palin’s came along.

  • Freempg

    Thanks Steve. Great post. Please keep up the good work in 2013. Happy New Year.

  • Jim Crosby

    Well written. makes me cringe thinking of what the Left and its minions have done to the Palin family over the years. we’ll fight the good fight, celebrate our victories, learn from our defeats, we have the leader we need (Sarah), bring it on!

  • godsense

    The Right is what’s right, and the Left what’s left.

  • godsense

    The Right is what’s right, and the Left what’s left.

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