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The Ridiculous "Quitter" Narrative

Contributed to by Mary Beth House

The country is broke and career politicians are rich — much richer than Governor Palin or Senator Jim DeMint.  But after news broke of DeMint’s decision to resign Thursday morning, the talking heads of the GOP’s cocktail party circuit began buzzing.  Immediately, Dana Bash of CNN sent out a tweet saying a “GOP Source” had compared the South Carolina Senator to Governor Palin by claiming “DeMint is following Sarah Palin — leave in the middle of a term to make a lot of money.”

In addition, Timothy Carney at the Washington Examiner has chimed in.

“Being ‘poor’ in Congress is like being ‘broke’ at Harvard Business School,” Ari Melber incisively wrote yesterday. The context: Jim DeMint, one of the poorest U.S. Senators , just announced he was quitting two years into his six-year term to take the helm of the Heritage Foundation, a leviathan in the D.C. think-tank world.

We don’t know DeMint’s new compensation, but we know from the non-profit’s 990 forms that DeMint’s predecessor, outgoing president Ed Feulner, earned more than a million dollars last year.


Here’s politician who cashed out in way better than lobbying: Sarah Palin. Maybe it’s embarrassing for a former governor to do a reality show and charge so much for speeches, but at the worst, she’s a publicity hound. She’s not putting her public service to work for special interests.

But DeMint and Palin have more in common: They both quit early.

Failing to serve out a full term is not exactly breach of contract, but it does count as breaking an implicit commitment. If you don’t finish your term, you had better have a very good reason. Is your wife sick? Are you going poor?

For starters, Mr. Carney seems to have no problem admitting that DeMint was "one of the poorest U.S. Senators."  But what he fails to acknowledge or explain is also a lot more important to the American people: why are the other politicians so rich?

And if Governor Palin is "cashing in" then why is her net worth at only $12 million?  By contrast, Nancy Pelosi’s net worth is low-balled at $35 million, the Bushes are worth $60 million, and the Clintons are worth $80 million.  Those are just a few examples of political figures on both sides of the aisle who seem to have forgotten that elected office is supposed to be a service, as opposed to a self-serving career.

After Governor Palin accomplished virtually 100% of her campaign agenda in two-thirds of the time when she served as Alaska’s Governor, she was forced to resign to prevent a small group of extremists from further abusing the Alaska Ethics Act.  In fact, after her resignation, the state immediately sought to reform the Act to prevent that kind of abuse from ever occurring again.

Regardless, because of her service, she implemented benefits for low-income seniors, increased funding to education, and used times of surplus to responsibly go through the budget line-by-line and cut hundreds of millions from it.  Eventually, by prioritizing with respect to the people’s money, she was able to put billions away into state reserve accounts.

While Obama presided over America’s first credit downgrade, Alaska’s credit rating was increased by Moody’s.  It is now one of only 15 states with the agency’s top rating.  This was achieved due to Governor Palin’s policies put in place during her time in office.

What about Senator DeMint?  Why did he resign from office?  The answer is so clear that only a Washington insider or media pundit would have a problem figuring it out.

Senator DeMint has been a champion of Tea Party principles.  He’s locked horns many times with members of his own party when they’ve proven weak.  Further, he worked hard along with Governor Palin to make the way for many Tea Party additions to Congress like Senator-Elect, Ted Cruz.

Senator DeMint truly believes in the principles he espoused.  He believes in limited government, unleashing the power of the private sector and all the other tenants of conservative thought.  And since he has such a passion for these values, he wants to be in a position where he can affect real, tangible change to help restore our Republic.

As a Senator in the minority party, he knew his chances to be that agent for reform were severely curtailed but at the Heritage Foundation, he would be in a place where he could do more for the cause of liberty.

He also knew that there were others now from the class of 2010 and 2012, such as the aforementioned Senator-Elect Cruz, who would help fill in the gap his absence would leave while he moved on to a role that would give him the power to influence legislation and policy in a way that he could not as a Senator.

Nevertheless, the press will continue to try to diminish both Governor Palin and Senator DeMint in any way they can.  They are no strangers to rewriting history and pushing false narratives to suit their interests.  They need people to believe Governor Palin and Senator DeMint’s departures from office must have been for purely selfish and puerile reasons, such as a larger payout.  This is of course false; and one only has to look at the lives and records of the two to understand that such is anathema to their individual characters.

The true challenge in public service is measured by accomplishments and action, not by how many years someone sits around.  When you take an oath, you promise to uphold the Constitution and do right by the people.  The time allotment of any given term is not the test.  In fact, it’s a limit created to prevent one from enjoying a public job without facing the inevitable review that takes place when voters go to the polls.

The path designed by Washington lifers has been tried and tested.  It’s  contributed to taking the greatest nation on Earth and has delivered results of disparity and misery to the people.  Maybe, just maybe, if we could get people like Timothy Carney (and many others) to focus on what a public servant does while in office as opposed to admiring the cobwebs, wealth, and power collected by career politicians, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in today.

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    All this "worth"….*sigh*
    Looks like the days of "Mr Smith Goes To Washington" are over. You have to have a gazillion dollars to run for POTUS anyways……a few million tain’t nothin’.

    • socon

      We can see what those ‘gazillions’ did for Mitt.

      Sarah’s the one and always has been.  They are afraid of her because they know it, too.

  • RedDaveR

    I wonder who those "GOP sources" were that compared DeMint to Palin as far as the leaving to make money meme.  I’ll bet it was one or more of the following:

    Karl Rove
    Steve Schmidt
    Nicolle Wallace
    Mike Murphy
    Kevin Madden

    • socon

      Losers, all.

    • blueniner

      That is a collection of faces that could be used for dartboard targets, all horrible human beings.

  • c4pfan

    The press is so pathetic! 

  • myfairlady

    Very good slap down to these jerks!  The DC crowd are now pushing Rubio and Jebby as the next ones in line to run for president.  So how do they promote the other guys–by taking swipes at Governor Palin.  It is disgusting that they have to keep picking on Palin in their efforts to try to make the rest of the crowd look good.  Makes me sick!

    • misterlogic0013

        Me too ….. 

    • socon

       Palin’s a threat.  Why would they continuously attack her if she’s harmless?

      • 08hayabusa

        The Left will always tell you who they fear the most. That’s the people they Palinize.

        • socon

          I’ve never seen anyone "Palinized" like Sarah Palin.  They still won’t leave her alone and she’s not even in the public eye anymore.

  • misterlogic0013

    when the smoke clears Sarah Palin will b standing and it will have nothing to do with money, more to do with morals .. 

  • nkthgreek

    You would think the press would want Sarah to be even more politically active:   She increases her visibility, they sell more attacks.

  • Isabel Matos

    Don’t you love South Carolina? 

    Jim DeMint is GOLD!

    He stood up for us always. I will never forget when he stayed in Washington on Christmas Eve when everyone else had gone on break, just to make sure nothing would get snuck in while we weren’t watching. This was when OBamaCare was being passed unfairly and you know the rest on that.. I always thought he was an honorable man. No I am happy he has separated himself from the rest.

    It is a badge of HONOR to be labeled a quitter when the source of the accusations come from the wrong side of the Republican Party, the LSM and the Dems.  DeMint is in good company now.

    Sarah LEADS.  She was the first to step away.  More will follow.  The RUbios and RYans who we had hope for and looked up to, better get their acts together or forever regret the wrath of betrayed voters.

    NEVER betray the voters!!  This side may not have the media, the common wisdom, and may be attacked, but it is POTENT.  Good things come to those who wait, too.  OUR turn will come.
    I love that post, Mary Beth!

    Oh, and one more thing, since we’re talking about South Carolina.. How ’bout that Trey Gowdy?

    Just W.O.W.!!! Listen to Gowdy on Benghazi. Such passion and clarity.

    And his statement on Jim DeMint (just added/this was the edit to the comment)

    • socon

      I like Trent Gowdy a lot.  He’s intelligent.

      Also that congressman from Texas who used to be a prosecutor (I can’t remember his name) is great, too!

    • mark1955

      Sorry,not a Demint fan at all. Think he like Allen West is an unmitigated phony. He’s all talk. Like when he constantly threatened to have Bills fiilibustered or read in order to slow them down or kill them and then didn’t follow through.Him and Tom Coburn threatened to have the Obamacare Bill read in an attempt to kill it running up to Christmas recess only not to follow through on his threats. Demint also threatened to have the Start 2  Treaty read, several days before Christmas during the 2010 Lame Duck session. Demint’s threat,sent shock waves through the Senate, as this reading at the time would have probably killed the Treaty. Then McConnell pulled Demint aside and the threat unfortunately was averted when Demint caved as usual.

        Demint was also a big backer of MITTEN’S. He was on MITTEN’S Exploratory committee in 2007. Then he endorsed MITTEN’S,then he became one of MITTEN’S campaign co-chairs in 2008. That same year he also co-chaired Lindsey Graham’s re-election campaign. Demint also said in April 2011,"That i have no problem with Romneycare". When the Bleep hit the fan on that Demint had to walk it back. Demint also voted for the NDAA and the Senates version of the Internet Freedom destroying SOPA legislation called PIPA. Again when word got out about what was in the Bill,Demint like the Bill’s co-sponsor Marco Rubio,pretended like he never heard of it.

       On top of everything else,i believe the announcement by Allen West that,"Lincoln only served one Term in congress and Demint’s taking over as Chairman of the Heritage Foundation,followed now by articles praising the reason Demint left and denigrating the reason Governor Palin left,is no coincidence. I believe Demint and Allen West are going to be running for President in 2016 ( That’s if we have election’s ) in order to be the "Road Block dujour", in order to take votes away from Governor Palin for Jebbie. They are working for the Establishment.They might even be doing a pre-emptive Third Party Run to cut Sarah off from doing the same thing. His little off the cuff anti-Boehner remark was more of the same from Demint…All Talk and nothing else. Not a fan at all!

      • Isabel Matos

        While I read al you said with curiosity and will keep a mental note, I prefer to keep things simple.

        I said he was an honorable man, and I stand by that.  Honorable does not mean perfect. 

        And as for Allen West, he is a courageous truth teller and I admire him, too.  No one is perfect.

        What are you doing about GOP reform (personally)? 

        Here is one way to show you can help KICK BOEHNER OUT of his Speakership.. I hope you read it because although I love to read what voters have to say, I also like to see WHAT THEY DO.

        You can talk all you want about A THIRD PARTY but making small victories happen is a good way to SHOW you care.

        Thanks for the reply.  Enjoy the article (I wrote it) and have a great day.

        • mark1955

          I wasn’t criticizing you. I was using your mention of JIm Demint,as an opportunity to educate people about Jim Demint’s background and his action’s in office,backed up by his actual record,to prove that he is not anywhere near conservative as portrayed,so people don’t start viewing him as some savior only to be disappointed later.

            Also another thing i forgot to mention.Demint’s refusal to endorse in this years South Carolina repub Primary,was anything Honorable. It was to help his leftwing Buddy MITTEN’S while still keeping his own Conservative street cred and political viability. If Demint came out and endorsed MITTEN’S like he wanted to,he would have been finished in Not only South Carolina,but Conservative politics in general as MITTEN’S is more than a leper down South.

          As far as Allen West is concerned, he voted for: Every raise in the Debt Ceiling,Pigford Reparation’s,The NDAA,Banning Off Shore drilling in Florida,the opening up of the skies over the entire United States to Drones and was being lined up as the point man for John Boehner,for keeping the most egregious parts of Obamacare if it was repealed,including the "You can’t be turned down for pre-existing conditions" part. That particular regulation was the one that was designed to drive up insurance rates so high,that they would crash the Private Health insurance companies and we would be left with "Single Payer".

          Also,to my knowledge neither Demint or West offered Governor Palin any public support of any kind during her unending Public travails.

          Finally,i would like to say that i’m not just throwing information out here to be a "Stick in the Mud". Everything i post is alway’s in the spirit of "Fore Warned,is Fore Armed", in the Battle to get our Country and individual Liberty and Freedom back. AS i mentioned before,my criticism of Demint and West wasn’t meant to be a criticism of you or your article…Just used it as a chance to inform people about both of their less than Conservative records for the fight going forward, Thanks.

          • socon

             What do you think of the Heritage Foundation?

      • socon

        Guess you don’t think much of the Heritage Foundation either, right?

        I wonder what Sarah thinks of DeMint’s decision to leave the Senate.

        • mark1955

          "Guess you don’t think much of the Heritage foundation either,right? I certainly don’t consider them some ‘HolyGrail’ of the Conservative movement. Especially since they were one of the first organizations years ago,that called for an "Individual Mandate on heads of Households".I’d also like to know what the "Conservative" Heritage Foundation thinks of the less than Conservative votes and action’s that i pointed out about Demint.

           "I wonder what Sarah thinks of Demints decision to leave the Senate". That’s part of the reason i put out Demint’s ACTUAL voting record in case anyone,Including Governor Palin, might not know about it. Sarah is the Finest political leader in our Country. But none of us have time to follow everything.

           Finally,just curious as to your opinion of Demint’s action’s in voting for the Liberty destroying and blatantly unconstitutional NDAA, which as we all know ( Including Demint ) is to legalize the kidnapping and Murder of non-compliant American citizens who might be a threat to the Dictatorial designs of Obama and the dem AND repub legislator’s who are helping him pass his agenda when we find out about their collaboration. Anyone who voted for that,even though it was hidden in another Bill,knew it was there and knew what the NDAA was for. If they voted for it,it was nothing less than High Treason!

            What did you think of Demint’s backing of Romneycare? Everything i’ve pointed out is Demint’s record and it doesn’t sound very Conservative to me.

          • socon

            Hey, I’m on your side!  lol

            Facts are facts, unpleasant as they may be.

            I’ve argued with fellow Conservatives over certain War on Terror tactics, too.  I believe a lot of people are short-sighted and will regret giving the government so much power.  Case in point:  The proliferation of drones in our country.  I think it’s madness.

            No, DeMint doesn’t sound very conservative to me either.  Dammit!

            • mark1955

              I know that we are both on the same side. Unfortunately,sometimes there is no way of conveying a "Conversational"response which is what i was doing. I wasn’t responding in anger and i wasn’t even being critical of Isabel’s piece…Much of it i agree with. I was just using it as a way to educate people about Demint and West,two people i think might be an obstacle to us in the future.

              • socon

                If  DeMint and West allow themselves to be used as obstacles to Sarah, I would have no use for them.  She can’t do this alone.


          • socon

             I think Sarah is well aware of DeMint’s voting record.

            • mark1955

              Actually i do to. I think she was as alway’s, being extremely classy by saying nice things about him after he retired.

  • devitor

    Excellent article that hits the target dead on. 

    • Steve_Flesher

      Thank you, sir!  And thanks for all you do for the cause of truth!

  • friskyness

    So, Obama, Clinton, Biden, and Neopotiano(sp?) are all "quitters" because they didnt’ finish their terms of what they were elected to finish……………plus, they quit for selfish reasons, not for the benefit of their constituents…….

    • blueniner

      This chili con carney dude is no different then the lying mouthpiece for Obama ( are they related?) These Liberals will do anything to degrade Sarah Palin.

  • wodiej

    This crowd simply does not understand the virtue of doing the right thing.  Up is down, right is wrong. If one does the right thing, it’s wrong if no one else is doing it.  Who would have thought greed would be a redeeming quality for some and sacrifice for the good of people a flaw.  

  • gacresred

    Only history will tell whether Palin or DeMint quit. Right now it looks like they both quit. I hope they haven’t quit. I think as Fox News commentator and Spokesman for Heritage they will never have as much power to do good for America as Barack Obama does as President. As for how much money they make in the meantime, I have no problem with that.

    • Steve_Flesher

      If it "looks like" Gov. Palin quit, then the observer clearly isn’t looking at all the facts.

      • socon

         Some people are deliberately obtuse.

      • gacresred

        Look forward to the day when it is clear to everyone that she didn’t quit. Same for DeMint.

    • socon

      Lawfare:  The illegitimate use of domestic law with the intention of damaging an opponent, winning a public relations victory, financially crippling an opponent, or tying up the opponent’s time and resources so that he/she cannot pursue other ventures such as running for office.

      Alinsky’s Rule #13:  "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

      Both of these vicious tactics were used by the establishment to marginalize Sarah Palin.   They knew the Governor did not have the resources to combat their lies and ugly innuendo.

      Sarah faced financial ruin if she had stayed in office–DeMint did not.  The two have nothing in common.

  • c4pfan

    Allen West and Demint are not phonies!

  • Mr.L

    Excellent especially the line about serving should not be about how much time you served but what you actually did.
    I left this over at Timmy’s column: 
    "Hey Tim, I usually enjoy your stuff, but for a guy who writes for a
    major publication -often brilliantly I may add– you are willfully
    ignorant about the reasons she resigned. Stop using the word quit for
    pols like Palin and DeMint. I’m sick of people like Carney throwing the
    word quit around. It’s absolutely juvenile as if both Palin &
    DeMint had responsibilities and pressures while in office like a Barista
    would have working a part time job at Starbucks. They resigned
    gracefully and both had their reasons. Palin’s reasons are well known. I
    direct anyone who is ignorant on the subject to read here:
    Also read the sourced highlighted links within the article. You
    make it as if DeMint’s current term was the only term he had ever served
    in his political career. Before he was a Senator he was a rep. from
    99-05 and has been a senator since then. He’s been serving for 13 yrs.
    Same goes for Palin. Before she resigned she served Alaskans as a chief
    executive in one capacity or another for nearly 20 years. Now, I
    know that Tim is libertarian leaning and is sympathetic to Ron Paul and
    his ilk. But in reality and not the alternate universe of the punditry,
    public service is measured by accomplishments and action, not by how
    many years someone hangs about. And we all know how long Paul managed to
    linger and, frankly, he did not pass one piece of legislation during
    that long period of time. Palin’s accomplishment list is extremely
    impressive, especially since she accomplished to much in such a short
    period as a governor. She also did a great deal while she was a
    Commissioner of Oil & Gas and as a Mayor. Yes, Palin did a
    reality show almost 4 years ago. Stop living in the past. Are you
    really going to crucify the woman for trying to rehabilitate her image
    and also infiltrate the culture? The latter is extremely important for
    conservatives and republicans and not that many political figures know
    how to infiltrate the pop culture dominated by liberals successfully.
    What’s laughable is the fact that the show she and her family
    participated in was much more a travel leisure show that was wholesome
    and showed the beauty of the state of Alaska. Some thought it was boring
    simply because there was no trashy drama typically found in run in the
    mill reality shows. It was also a message to the American public after
    being much maligned by the DNC & liberal media to say to them "hey
    America. I’m an open book. I’m not who they portrayed me to be."  It’s
    well known that Palin’s presence on the national stage & the show
    generated a lot of tourism dollars to Alaska since. It’s truly pathetic
    how some of these people who bash her for doing as how 3 1/2 yrs ago,
    yet some of these same people backed Herman Cain who did a dopey radio
    show that nobody listened to but then when he was acandidate, he
    couldn’t seem to talk without 999. These are some of thesame people who
    bashed her for doing tv but throw Mike Huckabee’s name to run for
    president when he does a Fox show every week for many years. Yes the
    same Mike Huckabee who recently had the makers of the latest Oliver
    Stoned revisionist history cable movie on his show and treated them
    with kid gloves. the film’s main message is how communism has gotten a
    bad wrap over the years. Huck often likened himself to Reagan in 2008
    campaign. Reagan would not approve.Also, why bring Palin into it?
    Perhaps you could’ve mentioned the differences in the resignations of
    say, DeMint and Democrat HiJackson Jessie Jr. who recently had to resign
    from his congressional seat due to the fact that he had been misusing
    campaign funds which is illegal AND he went and hid behind the mental
    ward of the Mayo Clinc where he claimed exhaustion. Whether or not he
    actually physically resigned from the Mayo clinic is up for a debate but
    you may want to look into that. It would’ve been nice if you shown the
    differences between crony in the Dem party and a guy like Demint who
    actually has character and integrity while serving.Neither Palin nor
    DeMint resigned because they did anything wrong. But pundits and
    writers like Carney want to make it like they did so, regardless of the
    facts about and reasons for their resignations.Why fault good
    politicians who chart a different course or walk paths less traveled in
    their careers who, while doing so, manage to make money the honest way?
    I’m frankly surprised that a man like Carney who regularly writes articles
    and books against cronyism is in fact contradicting those arguments with
    the posting of this article. I suggest you read a book called Throw
    Them All Out which highlights the rampant crony capitalism of
    politicians on both sides of the aisle and how these worthless cads get
    fat around the ass, not for serving the people, but by engaging such
    insider trading practices which if done in the private sector they’d all
    be in orange jumpsuits. Lastly on Palin, keep calling her a quitter,
    please. Why? because if the woman ever does run for another office or
    president in the future and, what you call "the media hound" gets those
    hounding cameras in front of her and she explains the reasons for doing
    so to the masses, it will likely benefit her. Polls showing that a
    majority of American voters are sick to death with corruption, cronyism
    and entrenched politicians who get elected, promise the sun, the moon,
    the stars and in reality end up putting themselves before their
    constituents. Palin is anti all of those and most importantly, she’s
    walked it and not just talked it."

    • Steve_Flesher

      You’re tough Mr. L.  We love ya!

      • Mr.L

         love ya back. I’m sick and tired of these foos! they mess with the bull they get the horns!

  • 08hayabusa

    I am always amazed that so many people can be so easily fooled by simple sounds bites. Such as Sarah Palin quit her Governorship to enrich herself.

    As though she could see into the future that she would have two books selling off the shelves or that she would become the rock star of politics that she became.

    It is utterly amazing that people can’t see the difference between not being able to see into the future and 20/20 hindsight. 

    • socon

      Unfortunately, many people are herd-thinkers.  To paraphrase Sarah: Any dead fish can go with the flow, but only a live fish can swim against the current.

  • Isabel Matos

    Just want to make a correction (to Steve Flesher). I wrote "I love that post, Mary Beth!" in my previous post.. I had read the piece so fast, I was missed your name which was above in the title. 

    I meant to say: Great post, Steve!  And a great contribution by Mary Beth!  (just for the record. :)

  • VADMCollingwood

    I am constantly dazed and amazed that anyone cares what these Beltway bobble heads say about anything!!  

    WTF is a Dana Bash?  Why should I care?  

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