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Tony Lee: Poll Shows Hispanics View Palin More Favorably than Rubio

Tony Lee reports today, via  Breitbart:

A national survey found Hispanics have a more favorable view of Sarah Palin than Marco Rubio.

According to a recent Public Policy Polling (PPP) poll, 31% of Hispanics have a favorable view of Palin. Only 24% have a favorable view of Rubio.

After the 2012 election, establishment Republicans and the mainstream media have tried to push the meme that Republicans needed to acquiesce to Democrats on issues of immigration and government spending to appeal to Hispanics, but PPP’s national snapshot may offer proof that those assumptions are not correct.

Kudos to Whitney for digging through the crosstabs on PPP’s survey to find this interesting tidbit.

You can read Tony’s entire piece here.

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  • patnatasha

    they see rubio as a sell out and not a true conservative more like a rino in sheep’s clothing. they know the real thing when they see it. and FIRST

    • friskyness

      true, conservatives have seen the real deal in Palin…….second best, just won’t do……if the GOPe don’t want her……….then we don’t want them……………………….the GOPe better get use to losing……………………….

  • conservativemama

    Palin’s life, her family, it’s all very relatable to people out there living real lives with real problems and real challenges.

    No other Republican comes close.  They all have that Romneyesque quality of the other, the guy with whom you have nothing in common.

    • Betsey_Ross

      Sarah never panders to anyone.  She speaks to everyone as Americans.  She is the only one that does articulate the Conservative message from the heart.  Almost everyone understands her. 

  • LLDub

    PPP is not a conservative based polling company….more the opposite.   I’d be stunned if anyone there seriously considered The Guv as  a contender in 2016, much less that she’d actually run.  I think they’re sure that Rubio would run.  

    I don’t think this has anything to do with such a matchup.   Instead I think PPP is messing with us by beginning a campaign to hurt Rubio.   After all, if The Guv "isn’t" electable, what does that make Rubio?

    It’s nonsense.


    • goldenprez

       LLDub … Right on the money!

      It is amazing how people are so easily taken in. You have absolutely got "their" number!

      Best comment of the month.

      Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

      Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

      Illegitimi non carborundum.

      Barracudas Maximus.

      • Guest

        Barracuda Maximus……that brings a smile….. :-)))

    • $35927229

      From what I have read on liberal blogs these past 4 years, I believe they very much believed Sarah would run. I think they believed that more than Republicans.  They (libs) are not sure they are rid of her yet.  Just my conclusion from what I hear them say and what I read between their lines.

      From wikileaks we found out, if I remember correctly, and I think I do, that hispanics in Florida loved Sarah in 2008. I wish someone can find that link again, it also mentioned Rove saying for 2012 he wanted a candidate he could control. The wikileak was widely discussed at the time.

  • Lennart Bilén

    Of course they should have a more favorable view of Sarah Palin than of Marc Rubio.
    After all, she is all American, married to a half Eskimo.
    And she knows how to use the cojones properly.

  • $26225604

    can we not blow smoke here. you cherry picked that poll and we deserve the truth. palins unfavorables among hispanics was 67 versus rubios 42. palins favorables in general are lower than the others polled. she only beats santorum. we are big boys and girls here. we need to hear the whole truth.

    this whole thread is disappointing and misleading. but it is early and things can change.

    • Ory Hebert

      Big boys and girls always have to contradict every positive piece of Palin news, right?  

      We can read the piece ourselves.  We know the deal.

      • $26225604

        This is dishonest journalism. I dont trust any headlines, even the ones I like. So I did wade thru the NUMEROUS pages on this poll.  And I was angry when I got to the actual numbers.

        I want reality this time around, not fairy dust blown up my orifice. If C4P can post such a headline, then we can certainly "Do our own homework" and tell them this is crap.

        This poll was NOT good news for Sarah, more than likely they put her in there to trash her.

        • friskyness

           This is insane…..why show polls that are negative to Sarah because you don’t want her to run…..if the polls are that negative, you don’t have to constantly show them……they speak for themselves,,,,,,,but since the left is constantly showing them, then something is up…….if you have to fight this hard to stop someone, then there are more positives than they are letting on……..

    • Jean_A

      Blow it out your azz.

      • $26225604

         Now you sound like a person I want on my team. / sarc
        Cherry pick your truth, trot off on your merry way, and tell those of us stuck with dealing in reality to blow it out our azzes.

  • 1776er

    Polls are the heavy artillery of politics.  They are used to pound your enemy to mush.  We just got through two years of Sean Hannity pounding Conservatives of all stripes with GOPE push polls pushing Romney as the perfect candidate of the GOP. 

    Can’t you just hear Hannity’s voice as he waves around a piece of paper:

     "The fact of the matter is–the fact of the matter is–the fact of the matter is—the polls–All of the polls–say Palin has insurmountable negatives.  I have the results of the latest PPC Poll right here in my hand. It’s a very reputable SCIENTIFIC poll.  See it’s right here in black and white–56% of Americans view Sarah Palin unfavorably.  That’s a fact. That’s a fact.  That’s an insurmountable fact."

    Adjust 50 right and fire for effect.

    Didn’t take them very long to start preparing the ground of 2016 with ‘National Polls".

    "PPC surveyed 700 registered voters, 454 Democrat primary voters and 475 Republican primary voters from 11/30 to 12/2.  The margin of error for the 700 voters was +/- 3.7%, and the margins for error of the Democratic and Republican voters were +/- 4.6% and +/-4.5%, respectively.  This poll was not paid for or authorized by any campaign or political organization. PPP surveys are conducted through automated telephone interviews."

    Interesting they "surveyed" 700 voters, 454 of whom voted in Democrat primaries and 475 of whom voted in Republican primaries.  Strange don’t you think.  That’s a total of  929 votes in both Democrat and Republican primaries from 700 registered voters.   Maybe some voted in both Democrat and Republican primaries.  Those would be Democrats. Maybe a lot of those registered voters stayed home and didn’t vote.   Those would be suppressed and depressed Republicans.  

    My guess is that whoever paid for and authorized this "Scientific Automated Telephone Survey" rang up two or three thousand registered voters, maybe more, and culled out the profile of responses they were looking for.  Structured and weighted the sample so to speak.  Purely for representational purposes you understand.  Nothing nefarious here at all.  Nothing to see at all.  Move along.  

    Q4.  Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Hillary Clinton?
    Favorable 57%
    Unfavorable 36%
    Not sure  7%

    Q8.  Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Sarah Palin?
    Favorable 33%
    Unfavorable 56%
    Not Sure 11%

    Q21 If you are a Democrat press 1.  If a Republican press 2. If you are an Independent or identify with another party press 3.
    Democrat  44%
    Republican  32%
    Independent/other 24%

    44% of those 700 registered voters or 308 respondents are Democrats.  224 are Republicans and 168 are Independent or Other.  

    Sarah Palin’s Favorability results would indicate that 231 respondents had a "favorable opinion" of Sarah,  392 had an "unfavorable" opinion.  and 77 respondents were unsure what their opinion was of Sarah.

    My guess is that of those 392 folks selected to be included among the "Elite 700″ who had an unfavorable opinion of Sarah at least 300 of them were Democrats.  I can’t imagine more than 8 of those Democrats could think favorably of Sarah could you?  My goodness, those people are scared sh*tless of Sarah.  

    So what does this "Scientific Poll" mean?  Not much if you ask me.  Political propaganda.  Pure political propaganda.  Shaping the battlefield of your mind.  Predisposing you to accept whatever they tell you to think.  It’s a long, long process of softening up your brain.  The guy hasn’t even been inaugurated yet.  They are shelling your brain with 2016 Polling Artillery rounds already.

     Message your brain is being softened up to receive:  Sarah Palin is unpopular with the American people.  She can’t win.  Rooooobio is less popular than Sarah Palin.  He can’t win.  

    Be prepared to have your brain pounded to jelly with this and similar messages for the next 4 years.  Right now they are creating a "baseline"of opinion–a starting point.  For some of these potential candidates the "Opinion Survey" road is all downhill from here.

     My guess is that  someone or some entity supportive of Jeb Bush (Q2 38% Favorable 38% Unfavorable), –who or which is  neither a campaign or a political organization– paid for and authorized PPC to put these results together from 700 registered voters.   

    Roooooobio (Q12 35% Favorable and 27% Unfavorable) better watch his back.  They are even prepared to use Sarah Palin as  a polling weapon against him.  

    Chris Christie (Q3.  48% Favorable 26% Unfavorable) better watch his back, too.  Those Unfavorables are going to go up a long, long way in the next 4 years.  

    This is a good example of why those who support Sarah Palin need to think hard about doing "Scientific Automated Telephone Surveys" of their own.  They will be needed as counter battery fire for the folks whoever they are– though not yet a campaign or a political organization– who paid for and authorized this compilation of 700 responses to an automated telephone survey to yield the result they wanted to spin on the American electorate. 

    You can bet those folks faxed a copy to Sean Hannity.  And Sean’s face furrowed a bit.  

    Polling in politics these days is a matter of survival.  Political Polling Counter battery fire is the Iron Dome of politics.  Got to do it.  Otherwise you are going into a gunfight armed with…..nothing.

    • friskyness

      These polls are based on what?  The media spin of Palin….people’s "opinions" are not based on the true Palin……..people have negatives of Palin because the media doesn’t want the average american to know how great Palin is………she will have to change that if she wants to run……but it seems she has no interest in running at this point……..I want her to run, and stick it to all her enemies……but the media will block any advances she makes…..there has to be a way to get around the media and let millions of people  know the true Palin…….I’m just rambling, trying to stay positive……….

  • Jon Kelly

    No knock on anyone but Governor Palin is the best
    choice for ALL AMERICANS!!!

  • TSM_Admin


  • Azarkhan

    Color me stunned!

  • Mr.L

    "The memo continues in a scathing analysis of the campaign’s "serious errors in tactics" including refusing to allow Sarah Palin, Mr McCain’s surprise pick of running mate, to campaign among Hispanics in Florida who reportedly "loved" her aggressive style"
    Perhaps what a hispanics in America want is someone who has star power and charisma with also a true working class background.

    • $35927229

       Thanks Mr L, I was just thinking of that wikileak about hispanics loving Sarah in 2008.

    • socon

       They stupidly stopped Sarah from campaigning for the union vote in Michigan, too.

      • conservativemama

        You know, it really is as if they were afraid she would succeed and McCain might really win.  Which would have set her up for 2016.

  • $26225604

    Among Hispanic
    Rubio  Favorable  24  unfavorable   42
    Palin Favorable 31 unfavorable 67

    Among White
    Rubio Favorable 42 Unfav 22
    Palin Favorable 40 Unfav 48

    Among Black
    Rubio Fav 18 Unfav 40
    Palin Fav 8 Unfav 85

    • Jean_A

      31  to 24 is all that counts.  31 beats 24 7 days a week.
      It is what it is.

      • $26225604

         Fine, it must be hard to breath with all that sand covering your face.
        You cant simply choose to read the parts you like and ignore the rest. If that part of the poll about Palin is true, then you must assume other parts are also true.  It means she is still right where she was 4 years ago, with large unfavorables that she has to deal with and Rubio doesnt.  If you choose to just ignore that and go on your merry way, then fine.

        • Jean_A

          I am not covering my face.  Maybe you should look in the mirror and cover your face.

          I stated fact.  31 beats   

          Four year ago she didn’t have unfavorable numbers.  She came out of the election in very good shape. 

          Do you think the scumbag leftist and the GOP would have spent 3 years trashing her if her numbers were bad 4 years ago?

        • 08hayabusa

           I suggest you Goggle Reagan and what his numbers were and of course what the Media of his day said about him. Only a true Conservative is going to fire up the base and win the Presidency for the Republicans. Anything short of that is a waste of time. This past election should have taught everyone that fact of life. And Sarah Palin is the only one that fits that bill. So if you want the White House you had better get behind her and support her to run for President. Maybe she still won’t want to run, but if she has the complete support of the Conservative base maybe we can convince her that her nation needs her to.

          We are at the tipping point of 50% of the nation supporting the other 50% and it’s going to implode very soon now. It may well be to late to save America. Only time will tell. 

          Sarah Palin 2016!

          • $26225604

            my point was not about the numbers. they are what they are. my problem was with the way c4p reported the numbers

            • socon

              I understand your point.  I’m actually surprised Sarah’s numbers are that good in the Hispanic community, especially considering the vicious treatment she’s received in the press for the last 4-5 years.  They don’t know much else about her.

              Sarah could connect with Hispanics if she had a chance.  I think her negatives could turn around big.

      • blueniner

        Your little admirer on Brietbart, Caribou Bobbie was having a field day going behind posters on the Palin thread yesterday on Brietbarts Big Government. This lunatic must be on the computer 24/7 combing the sites. Some of our posters called him out…LOL..

    • socon

      I associate Rubio with Jeb Bush, and that’s NOT a good thing.  If Rubio is a RINO he will not get the Conservative vote and we will repeat 2012.

      Hispandering guarantees our defeat in 2016.

      • $26225604

         Among very conservative, Palins numbers are higher than Rubio. 84 favorable to 74 favorable. Unfavorable is about the same at 7 give or take.

        • socon

          PPP is very liberal you know.  I always take its results with a grain of salt.

          like I said; if Rubio is associated with Jeb he will have problems with Conservatives–and not just very Conservative Republicans.

          The Republicans will lose again if they insult the base.  Hispandering guarantees another defeat.

      • HisHandmaiden8

        Rubio needs to stay in Senate… plus he is not eligible to be CIC or VP… not a Natural Born Citizen…

    • PhilTan

      Romney I believe was chosen by the establishment because he at one point had low unfavorables. At the end of the day he couldn’t inspire the base. Just saying.

    • unseen1

      didn’t  you learn your  lesson   with Mitt  about  Polls?     The fact is  Rubio is an unknown  mostly    in this poll  just like Mitt  was   versus  Palin  who is a known.    Plain’s  favorables  matches  up  and  beats  Rubio   on  most of the  questions   you  post.   Rubio  has  yet to be defined  by the liberal  press.  Once the  liberal media  starts  its  work,  Rubio’s  numbers  like Mitt’s  did, will   fall.   Will they  fall as  far  as Mitt’s  or Palin’s  did   that depends on Rubio’s  response  to the  liberal media’s  attacks.   If  Palin  is  starting  higher  in the favorable  camp  after having  ALREADY been defined  by the Media  vs Rubio who has  yet to be defined   that is not good  news  for Rubio   at all.    Remember Reagan only  got  37% of the hispanic  vote in 1984  when  he   won his landslide.     Rubio  only  has a  2pt   advantage   in favorable’s  among  white’s  and the black  vote doesn’t  matter  since 90%+  vote dem.   

      So  in the next  4 years  Rubio    will have to run  the  barricade of a liberal press  meaning his favorables  will  go  down   his unfavorables  will   spike.  Palin already   did  that.   Rubio is  starting out   behind  Palin   by a country  mile  just like Mitt   was  in 2010.   And  by the end of  2012   the Media   defined  Mitt  and his  negatives were through the roof.  

      Polls are meaningless   stupid  lazy  people   use polls  to base their  decisions.    But this poll   isn’t  good  news for Rubio   at  all.

      • $26225604

        "Polls are meaningless stupid lazy people use polls to base their decisions."

        Hence, they are not meaningless.

        • unseen1

          if  someone  in an office   somewhere  can make  something up   on a whim,  fudge the numbers  and make  a poll say  anything they  want it to  say  to  push an agenda    they  are meaningless. 

          Today’s  polls  are the modern form of  studying  the entrails  of  scarifcied  animals.  The pollsters  are the  witchdoctors  of  modern  times.   300  years from  now  people  will look  back  at this  time  in  our histroy  and laugh  at  "polls"  much like  people  look back today  at those ancient  witchdoctors   and laugh that people  could think  they  could  tell the future   by    how the  bones were rolled.  

          in other words  they  are meaningless.  

  • Ceejay

    doesn’t Rubio support amnesty for illegals?

  • Jean_A

    In two years Rubio will be asking Biden for hair tips and where to buy hair plugs.

    • socon

       Ouch!  lol

    • blueniner

      You mean Marco combover?….Its going fast….LOL..

  • $35927229

    I can’t stand seeing the face of this snake on C4P.

  • $7566967

    Rubio is the biggest fraud there is.  He’s about HIM – and is more concerned with being the Hispanic candidate than the American one.  He’s an empty suit, has done nothing of note in the Senate, and reminds me of a Hispanic Obama, which cannot be a good sign.

    • Isabel Matos

      He’s extremely ambitious.  It has blinded him from making good decisions.  Instead of relying on obvious talents he has, let’s face it, he is a great speaker there is no question about that, he chooses to cut corners, get loads of money stuffed in his pockets in exchange for silly political favors he owes others. I can’t stand the thought of it, but it has been happening.  When I started supporting this cause last year I had no idea he was this bad.  He is corrupt.  It has taken me a lot of time to realize it.  I still think he has a lot to offer, just not as president.  He is PART of the problem now and I could not be more disappointed in him.

      • socon

         I’m sorry to hear that. He’s very smooth.

  • PhilTan

    Well, well, well. How do you say "Spot-On" in spanish ? Truely, I think despite the medias best attempts, many many people just like Sarah for a lot of differant reasons. BTW, I don’t think you’ll see this poll mentioned on FAUX and friends.

    • Isabel Matos

      muy acertado or acertada if you are referring to a girl :P !

  • Isabel Matos

    Wonderful!  That doesn’t surprise me.  Not in the least.  I have said this for weeks, Hispanics do not vote on Immigration or "identity politics". 

    Let me cut to the chase.. Florida is supposed to be "Jeb Bush" country, and is trying to push Immigration Reform, in part that is why he is so keen on having Rubio by his side to help implement his plan but, I have news!  Hispanics can see right through that and they are not buying it.

    THERE IS ROOM FOR SOMEONE TO COME IN AND WOW US!  (hint hint) :) I love you Sarah.

    • Christopher H Fromme

      Back about 1998  when Bubba Clinton sent back to Cuba the young boy that came to the USA with his mother that died before she could make it out of the ocean.  His father was still back in Cuba.    When he was taken out of a house by FBI?   I thought that Cuban-American’s would forever hate Democrats

  • PW4SP ? ?

    Gov. Palin has this Hispanic woman’s vote plus her family’s too. 

    • blueniner

      I grew up with Hispanics in a diverse agricultural town, and Sarah would be a natural, she would be very appealing to Hispanics. About a month ago she mentioned that the GOP has to do a better job of talking to Hisapanics, instead of ignoring them.

      • Isabel Matos

        She would just shine that genuine, natural smile of hers and that lights up anyone anywhere..!  No phoniness.  Talk about how dishonest Washington is..   Hispanics love that. 

        • socon

           Sarah has a great love for family, too, which is another quality she shares with Hispanics.

  • MarkRNY

    There’s at least one Italian/German/Polish guy in NY who views her more favorably too–an important poll imo!

  • anna

    wow that is a great start..

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