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Union Thugs Tear Down AFP Tent in Michigan, Update: Steven Crowder Punched in the Face By Angry Union Thug

As reported earlier, the Michigan Legislature passed right-to-work legislation in Michigan which is expected to be signed by the Governor within 24 hours.

Displaying their peaceful resistance, the union protestors had a little tantrum and vented their frustrations on the Americans For Prosperity tent.

Via the Daily Caller:

Pro-union protesters tore down a tent belonging to the conservative organization Americans For Prosperity outside the state capitol building in Lansing, Michigan on Tuesday.

A video posted by the MacIver Institute claims to depict several protesters in hardhats tearing down the tent, followed by cheers and whoops from the crowd.

“Our tent was ripped down by union activists actually tearing it down with knives, with people inside it,” Americans for Prosperity communications director Levi Russell told the Daily Caller.

You can read the entire piece here.

Here is the video.  I warn you to beware of the foul language.  Notice how they have a problem with being labeled as thugs right before they finish the job.


(h/t Mr. L.)

Political commentator, Steven Crowder was also physically attacked and punched by an angry union member.

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