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Union Thugs Tear Down AFP Tent in Michigan, Update: Steven Crowder Punched in the Face By Angry Union Thug

As reported earlier, the Michigan Legislature passed right-to-work legislation in Michigan which is expected to be signed by the Governor within 24 hours.

Displaying their peaceful resistance, the union protestors had a little tantrum and vented their frustrations on the Americans For Prosperity tent.

Via the Daily Caller:

Pro-union protesters tore down a tent belonging to the conservative organization Americans For Prosperity outside the state capitol building in Lansing, Michigan on Tuesday.

A video posted by the MacIver Institute claims to depict several protesters in hardhats tearing down the tent, followed by cheers and whoops from the crowd.

“Our tent was ripped down by union activists actually tearing it down with knives, with people inside it,” Americans for Prosperity communications director Levi Russell told the Daily Caller.

You can read the entire piece here.

Here is the video.  I warn you to beware of the foul language.  Notice how they have a problem with being labeled as thugs right before they finish the job.


(h/t Mr. L.)

Political commentator, Steven Crowder was also physically attacked and punched by an angry union member.

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  • TeflonWarrior

    Liberal as in free for THEM to be violent, intolerant, mysogynistic, racist, elite and thuggish.  Yeah, now I get it. Call the dictionary folks.

    Let me hear your best Mama Grizzly roar!!

  • 01_Explorer_01

    One word    THUGS!

  • MaMcGriz

    Krystal Knacht, anyone?

    This kind of government sanctioned violent aggression has become commonplace, and is largely ignored by all media, and encouraged by the doj. We all know this. I’m preaching to the choir.

    What’s the answer? What’s the solution?

    Citizens’ arrest? The Michigan attorney general? Local police force? Yeah. Good luck with that.

    Maybe it’s reached the point that freedom loving folks need to start including some seasoned israeli security teams when they make plans to attend such rallies in the future. Or maybe a posse of Texas Rangers.

    How long will law abiding, patriotic Americans tolerate being lunged at with knives?

  • Leroy Whitby

    Look for the union label. Then protect your head . . . bob and weave . . .

  • SRV ES339

    And why would AFP pitch a tent in the middle of a crowd protesting the subversion of government by the out of state corporations that support AFP… to get this film clip of course.

    You guys are all about freedom but support corporate governance… could you be any more confused?

    • Steve_Flesher

      Ha!  So, let me get this straight.  This was set up by conservatives?  Why shouldn’t AFP get to have their say anywhere?

      Why shouldn’t workers have the right to elect out of being part of a union?  If it’s such a great deal, they can choose it.

      You cannot question someone’s right to have a voice.  It sounds to me you’re suggesting AFP deserved it which to me belittles the point you’re trying to make here.

      We support free enterprise. If employers don’t treat employees right, the employees go work elsewhere and the business cannot produce goods or services. The right-to-work does not eliminate unions. It only eliminates the unions’ option of preventing those who choose to work despite protests. You’re the one who wants corporate governance but you want them to be vulnerable to the moods of union bosses and that’s not freedom.

      • blueniner

        Troll alert above…..

    • bedr1

      Unions are a money scam that have sent our jobs to China, where in the hell is your Union made label on everything made BS I say.

    • blueniner

      Who is you guys?…. using Stevie Ray Vaughn as a moniker and a Gibson ES, clever……

      • John B. Hefmier

        I do not know who this person is, but he is double trouble. 

    • CBDenver

      The legislation gives workers the right to choose to belong to the union or not.  If the unions are so great, workers will gladly volunteer to join and pay their dues.  The fact that the unions want to force people to be members tells us that the unions do not really benefit the workers. 

      • Karen Damvelt

         That is why this legislation was/is important. To give people the chance/choice to belong to the union or not without being forced as terms of employment.

    • socon

      We support the Free Market.  You leftist thugs support tyranny.

      To quote another worthless leftist, "They bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun."  "Get in their faces." 

      What else would we expect from a community organizer thug from Chicago?

    • Karen Damvelt

       The tent had been up for a week for use as a warming and gathering place while the reading and voting of the bill was going on.

  • Lennart Bilén

    The liberal "tent" is much smaller than the conervatove tent.
    To equalize the outcome it had to be torn down

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Punched out a reporter too. He tried to find refuge in the tent and they grabbed his jacket, hauled him out so they could pummel him some more. Obama’s Civilian Army is born.

  • misterlogic0013

    only the paid thugs are unhappy, all the other forced union members are happy .. they look forward to extra money and choices … winning hearts and minds the old fashion way / one battle at a time ..  

  • Mr.L

    update Steven Crowder gets punched in the face by violent union thug fat ass

  • Christopher H Fromme

    Many of the AFP activists that were in Lansing are part of the Willow Run Tea Party which is the group along with AFP where Sarah spoke in July

  • conservativemama

    I fear the next few years because of this.  The left is so close to achieving all they’ve dreamed of, all that power and money at their disposal, and to wrest it from them is going to be very painful.  They’re a mob.  I saw that and thought, French Revolution.

    • 01_Explorer_01

      It’s the communist wing of the Dem party doing this.

      • socon

         I think it’s more than just a wing.  The democrat party has been radicalized.

        • conservativemama

          I agree with you.  The thing is, if you know history, if you are from a former communist country or know people who lived in those countries, you know what you’re witnessing.  There’s a political spectrum and today’s Democratic Party is way too far left for this country.  The Founders would be horrified.  

          • socon

            They’re out of control.  This is not going to end well.

            • lanahi

              I wonder if they are out of control or are simply being controlledl by those who want violence?

              • socon


                Cloward-Piven advocates total collapse of the system.  Violence is a means to an end for the left.

      • Budvarakbar

        The democrap party has always been a communist party — — the unions, etc — just look up the history of the rotten sob labor movement — look up Debs, Look up the real founding of the NAACP and the ACLU — look up the IWW — headquartered out of Shitcago — look up the "Centralia Massacre" — Centralia, Washington – State — A-Hole IWW union pukes ambushing WW1 vets from rooftops during a 1919 Armistice Day parade — ILWU sinking  a ship in NY harbor during WW11 — oh they are just so patriotic – look up the history of the mafia in New Orleans organizing the dock workers in the 1890’s — the shiit of the world has come to US and like any invading decay organisms have managed to gain the upper hand and are about to  destroy the host —

        • lanahi

          Remember the KKK was also an arm of the Democrat party.  These goons look like the modern equivalent of the KKK.  If you can’t convince people of your cause, just knock heads a bit, or worse!

          Here’s an interesting letter to Todd Palin in September 2008 from the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation:

          "“Dear Mr. Palin: While I’m sure you’re excited by your wife’s candidacy for
          this high office, you may be discouraged to learn that the union dues you pay are already being used to defeat her. "
          The writer attaches a document from the USW Legislative Director denigrating the choice of Palin as VP. 
          He says:  “Should you wish to exercise your legal rights not to financially support your wife’s electoral defeat, please be aware that the Foundation can provide you with free legal assistance in securing these rights.”
          See the whole letter.

          They are using the dues for political influence above others, not for the good of their workers but simply for more power.  When unemployment is so high and people are hurting economically, the unions are not doing our country any favors.  All that counts to them are their own interests, the heck with the rest of the country.  They are a large part of the reason why jobs are going overseas and others are just being shut down.  They are a large part of the reason why K-Mart and Walmart and others are selling Chinese instead of American goods: American goods are overpriced.

          Some of the legislation influenced by unions, such as minimum wage, makes it even worse.  Look at what minimum wage does:  It increases the price of goods, which makes it necessary for higher wages to pay for them, and it keeps on in a continuing spiral.  We are NOT better off with all our increases in minimum wage, prices just keep going up.  Those on fixed income get pinched more and more.  Businesses that cannot afford to pay higher minimum wages simply quit hiring more workers, adding both to higher prices for those who simply raise prices and unemployment for those who don’t.

          And unions in the public sector are a crime….they are being paid more and get more benefits, more than the taxpayers who are paying them, yet they are still not happy, still want more and more and more while the rest of us have to resign ourselves with less and less! 

          This is simply greed backed up by violence. Our economy suffers, and they make it even worse. 

          Unions were important at one point, but for a long time now they have just added to the problems we have, and most of us lose.  If they really are good for the workers, they should not have to insist that everyone join…the workers should flock to them happily.  That isn’t happening.

    • friskyness

       If the liberals are so happy, why are they so violent and idiots…they shouldn’t be so violent if they are so happy……………..

      • mark1955

        I think you hit the "Nail on the Head". This is why i keep pushing the Voter Fraud issue. These thugs aren’t reacting like they are really in control and are the majority are they? That’s because they are not and they know it! They are not acting like confident victors who are in the Drivers seat. They got Obama in through massive Fraud. We are still in the Vast Majority and people have to realize that and not get dispirited that we are the increasing minority. The unions reaction is more like a dying gasp. Hang Tough everyone,display’s like this are going to turn even more people to our side.

         Also more good news for Conservatives in addition to this ‘Right to Work’ vote. In Illinois of all places. A decision came down from the 7th circuit Court of Appeals,which generally strikes down illinois Ban on ‘Concealed or Open carry’.

        • socon

          Obama didn’t win because demographics have changed.   The democrats won because we nominated a weak candidate who wasn’t a Conservative, Obama’s tactic of buying votes by giving goodies to certain voting groups (immigration policy changes and shout outs to gay groups) and massive democrat voter fraud,

          We clobbered the democrats in 2010, and with the right candidate and a better ground game, I believe we could do it again.  Though I do think the longer the left is in power, the harder it’s going to get to dislodge them.

          If the GOP chooses to insult its own base once again in 2016 and panders to minority groups for votes, we will lose.

          • mark1955

            Agree with everything you said except i believe the repub party as a vehicle to turn this Country around for us is Dead! Bush/Boehner/McConnell/Rove and company, are becoming more and more Brazen in their swing left. That’s also part of the reason i think the voter Fraud was collaborative beween both political parties. They are all lefties and the repubs wanted a reason to be able to say,"We have to face facts that the Country has changed and we have to reach acroos the aisle". That’s why Rush Limbaugh for approximately 2 weeks was steering everyone away from the voter Fraud issue and trying to pound it home that the demographics had changed,when actually no such thing has occured. I understand now that the horse has left the barn,Limbaugh is now starting to occasionally mention the voter Fraud issue,after he did his damage for his master’s in the GOPe.Too late Rush,we know what your game is now and you and people like Michelle Malkin won’t ever be viewed the same.

             There is just no way we can reform the repub party at this stage in their and our Country’s History. They are so Rotten to the core,down to almost every last political figure and commentator,that it is impossible at this stage. They have become A virtual mirror image of the dems, just like the ‘Whig Party’ of the 1850’s. At the end of the 2012 convention and after the most corrupt and rigged primaryin my lifetime, Boehner,Sununu,Dan Senor and Ginsberg,topped it off with rule changes that were specifically designed to stop Governor Palin in 2016 and nominate Jeb Bush,making it impossible for Sarah or anyone else to get the nomination. Not only that, i believe Obama has no intention of leaving and with SCYTYL firmly ensconced in their Rigging election’s now make it even more difficult to win in the current two party system. That’s why there has not ever been a better time in our Country’s History since the 1850’s to start a legitimate Third Party with Governor Palin as it’s Standard Bearer. After Boehner get’s through caving to Obama on everything the people are going to be fit to be tied. The American people will have "Had it" with Business as usual and will be more than receptive to "Something out of the Box" like a Third Party.

            • socon

              I don’t know where you got the idea I’m a big GOP fan because I’m not and I never said I was. 

              Rush and Malkin?  I believe the jury is still out on them.

              • mark1955

                I’m sorry,it’s probably my fault because i didn’t articulate myself well. I did not mean to imply you personally  were for the GOP,i just used your response as a way for me to mention an issue i consider imperative…That is the need for a Third Party and as soon as possible. The same with my mention of Rush and Malkin. I did not mean to imply you support or don’t support either of them. Seemingly unrelated to anything you said,but i believe it’s important to squeeze in a mention of what i believe is important and keep hammering it home. I do it alot with voter Fraud lately,because i don’t want anyone to take their eye off of it,or the GOPe and their lackey’s like Rush and Malkin’s part in it. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

                I also did it the other night in responding to Isabel’s comment when she mentioned Demint. Again, seemingly unrelated to anything she said about Demint,but i used it as an opportunity to remind everyone about what Demint’s real record was about,lest they get carried away with his reputation and not his actual record,only to be greatly disappointed later on. Thanks

  • Massachusettspalinsupporter

    I am Pro-life and I am Pro Union I do NOT support violence by union people

  • Massachusettspalinsupporter

    there are still many of us who are Union members and Pro Union  ( who oppose this violence) but are Pro – Life Pro marriage

    Sarah is correct it is the corrupt union elite they are not bosses they are the elite who live in DC who go to coctail parties with the lobbyists from NARAL ,Planned Parenthood and the Crony capitalists who have taken the labor movement down this path

    • Budvarakbar

      uh — look a little closer please — the organizer in chief – Obie the illegitimate – was just there in MI yesterday priming the pump — the head SOB’s and their goons were all there — Trumpka, Hoffa — (GOD I wish I could live long enough to never hear that rotten name again) , Jesse (high) Jackson was there to latch onto any loose fame >>>> no — the whole labor movement and commie demoRAT leadership was involved — you support labor — and you pays your dues — YOU ARE SUPPORTING THE VIOLENCE

      • Massachusettspalinsupporter

        That  statement makes no sense

        • lanahi

          Yes, it makes sense.  The liberal government encourages the violence and fans the flames. Our community organizer is still doing what he does best…encouraging dissatisfaction wherever he can for political purposes.

    • lanahi

      They didn’t all look like union leaders in that mob.

  • PhilipJames
    • socon

       Get him, Steven.

  • HuntingMoose



    everyone is focussing on the thuggery but strangely, the video also gives me a glimmer of hope.

    The hope I get is the comment of one of the union thugs that he does not like free loaders, those that do not pay the dues but would benefit from their negotiations.

    Although the thinking is wrong here that is not the issue. What gives me hope is that the union thug does not like free loaders.

    That should be an opening to fight with him against all the other freeloading in our welfare system, like those that can work but prefer the handout , those that suddenly have disability claims. And yes, I am only talking about the abuse cases.

    All we need to do is open his eyes and show that more of his money is going to the freeloaders in the welfare system than what he "looses" with his union dues. spare chance in comparison.


  • sarahhasmyvote

    What a charming lot. and Obama is rapidly adding more to the payroll daily….this has got to be stopped.

    • socon

      70% of new employment in the last five months has been for the government.

      No wonder our economy is dead in the water.

  • MJScanlonOH

    This is a pox on our country. The Great Uniter has become the Great Divider. Alinsky tactics in all  their glory.  Help us God, I pray for these United States….

  • BrianusBerkleianus


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