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VIDEO: Pamela Geller speaks at the Gotham Tea Party

Conservative activist Pamela Geller was the featured speaker Monday at the Gotham Tea Party in Manhattan. In her remarks, Geller ridicules Republicans for repeatedly moving to the left in a self-defeating attempt to appease liberals and their allies in the mainstream media. Democrats, she notes, never move to the right. It’s only Republicans who are willing to abandon their "principles" at the drop of a hat if they think it will gain them favor with those who will never vote for them anyway. Geller also takes Republicans, particularly the GOPe, to task for helping the Left by throwing real conservatives like Governor Palin under the bus and allowing our political enemies to pick our candidates (see Mitt Romney). If Republicans continue on this path, Geller warns, they’ll disappear. (And maybe they should so a new, conservative party can emerge.) Geller covers a wide range of other topics in her speech including the Left’s assault on free speech. Enjoy:

Visit Geller’s website, Atlas Shrugs, here.

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