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VIDEO: Pamela Geller speaks at the Gotham Tea Party

Conservative activist Pamela Geller was the featured speaker Monday at the Gotham Tea Party in Manhattan. In her remarks, Geller ridicules Republicans for repeatedly moving to the left in a self-defeating attempt to appease liberals and their allies in the mainstream media. Democrats, she notes, never move to the right. It’s only Republicans who are willing to abandon their "principles" at the drop of a hat if they think it will gain them favor with those who will never vote for them anyway. Geller also takes Republicans, particularly the GOPe, to task for helping the Left by throwing real conservatives like Governor Palin under the bus and allowing our political enemies to pick our candidates (see Mitt Romney). If Republicans continue on this path, Geller warns, they’ll disappear. (And maybe they should so a new, conservative party can emerge.) Geller covers a wide range of other topics in her speech including the Left’s assault on free speech. Enjoy:

Visit Geller’s website, Atlas Shrugs, here.

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  • richhahn

    I’m sure glad she is on our side!

  • Betsey_Ross

    Sarah is the perfect candidate anytime.  She is the only politician that I trust.  SarahAmerica! 

  • karenfromny

    I have heard her speak many times.  She is not afraid to speak her mind. Nice job Pamela

  • Isabel Matos

    AMEN!  I love this woman.

  • c4pfan

    She’s one of the few that get it.  She sometimes goes on Peter Boyle’s show here in Denver.  You know, one of those 2nd string #1 rated radio shows  I listen to according to Yankee.

    • $8196935

      2nd strings are not  commonly known around the U.S.unlike Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham.

  • Terry Malpass

    "Republicans who are willing to abandon their “principles” at the drop of a hat "

    One cannot abandon what one does not have. They have positions, not principles.

    • unseen1

      they have neither positions nor principles.   All they have are  lies to get them elected.    They  say  what  they think people  want to hear  nothing more nothing else  then  do whatever they want  when elected.   

      • TENCOLE

        So true. Then when you try to point that out to our fellow "conservatives", all they do is insult you and tell you you’re too far right, or tell you that you don’t care about your country….

        Right Yankee??

        • unseen1

          yeap.   My respect  for Palin and Demint  went up  after they said  they would leave office. 

          I’ll take a politicain  who  gives up power  anyday over  one that  has to be  carried  out in a coffin  before they  give up the power. 


      Exactly….they were never there to begin with. *sigh*

      Unfortunately, we don’t find these things out until one is push to the test. *another sigh*

  • DocBarry1

    special video and yes, Gov Palin would have been a great choice in 2012, but let’s hope that in 2016 she does run, with her people and in her way.

  • Rob Hart

    What a great Christmas present this video was for me. Thank you C4P and a very Merry Christmas to all of you.

  • John_Frank

    Doug, thank you for bringing this video of Pamela Geller to our attention.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Thanks Doug. You are one of the soldiers getting the word out and leapfrogging the evil Media. Enjoy a blessed Christmas. You and yours deserve it.


      We need to get videos, photos and word of mouth spreading like wildfire of these events and speeches…..we need an outlet.

      BTW….I don’t know why, but that accent just cracks me up. lol

      • indemind

         As an X New Yorker I say …"What Accent?"…. ;-)

        • TENCOLE

          My parents were "X New Yorkers", and carried that accent with them till they day they died. ?

  • Jthom26837

     Another great woman along with Sarah Palin. This has to drive NOW up the wall bonkers. Welcome aboard, Mrs. Pamela Gellar. She also joins Mrs. Michelle Malkin and Janine Turner on our side.

    • indemind

       Pam has been a Palin lover from the very beginning of this (C4P) site… Back in 09 if you went to Pam’s site Atlas Shrugs you have saw  a 40 min. video of Pam siting on the floor of her home Just talking about Gov. Sarah Palin and how much this Country needed Her in the White House.

      • Jthom26837

          I went there and saw the video. It Rocked!!! Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Guest

    Rock On Pamela !!   Thank you.

    thanks for posting this video!

  • patnatasha

    pamela is a fighter like sarah.

  • $8196935

    A long time follower of Geller, her books, site and interviews.
    One of the Best on National Security and the Middle East.

    As with many, Pamela attempts to give a poke at some in the Republican party
    to get on board with a more Conservative view.
    While she gives a poke, she is not a Third Party person, Geller being a fighter against
    the IslamOfascists and Marxists, knows just as Mark Levin, that is an automatic victory
    for the Democrats.


       Depends on what that "third party" is, what it stand for and who’s leading it. The country’s ready for a new party….it NEEDS a new party.

      • $8196935

        It is not going to happen. There are already too may third parties that are disrupters.

        We are a two party system, work withing the Republican party to help get into the primaries adult conservatives who have a chance of winning.

        The Democrats are a stick together majority or at least 1/2 Cutting the other half in half again gives you an automatic Democrat win.

        Mark Levin again stated he would never go third party

        • TENCOLE

          Yankee, you’re living in a dream world if you think the republicans will ever accept "conservatives" into the party…..been there done that, and it ain’t working……look at how the Tea Party officials have been treated.
          Of course, you being a fan of those establishment types would NEVER agree to a "third party".

        • GetWhatYouPayFor

          Invoke Mark Levin and anyone else you care to. I doubt he said never ever, anyway. There will be no need for a third Party when the GOPe drops out………or will they stay with less than 50% support?  Will you then encourage them to drop out? Can’t wait to see! Sarah Palin initiates a new movement or Party and I am all in. How about you, Yankee 4 Palin, will you finally change your name to Yankee for RINO?

  • Freempg

    A warrior princess, like our girls here.

  • Jon Kelly

    TRUTH IS TRUTH. Either the Republican Establishment heeds the repeated warnings of Common Sense Conservatives or a change is coming — Mr. Speaker, Senate Majority Leader et al. There is no compromise with failure!!!!!

  • ernst1776

    The individual vs. the collective.

  • misterlogic0013

    My Dad would say to me when things where getting better, "the worm is turning" .. Sarah / Jim De Mint / Tim Scott / Rick Scott, many more are heading in the correct direction, Americans are joining in mass .. Peaceful and effective we will be .. Sarah Palin front and center .. Happy to witness ..


    This is a fantastic lesson in freedom and how to fight to protect it. I enjoyed listening to her comments about America and whats happening.
    Thank you  The Gotham Tea Party for having her as a guest speaker and recording her speech.
    Thank C4P for posting this event on your site.
    Simply awesome.
    Blessings to all and Merry Christmas

  • Art Telles

    Dittos to Pamela…

    Dittos to Doug…

    Next, I would like to see Sarah and Pamela (AND Robert Spencer) on the same stage.

    Paging Sarah Louise Palin for 2016.


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