Walter Russell Mead | Obamacare Jumps the Shark in its Premiere

Whatever the merits of the claims, any new required service will inevitably drive up the cost of insurance.

This same process will happen again and again and again. The nurse lobby will make sure that only licensed nurses can provide certain procedures. Other groups will protect their vested interests by influencing the regulations following amending laws. Ultimately even the positive features of the law will be significantly compromised by the steady accretion of small changes, almost unnoticeable in themselves in many cases—and even well intended sometimes—that over time will turn the law into an unholy mess.

The law is a blunt instrument; fixing the health care system by government fiat is like neurosurgery with a hammer. It’s going to hurt more than you think, and will harm more than it helps. Let’s hope politicians figure that out before too much damage is done.


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