Washington Times | Liberals press own red lines in ‘fiscal cliff’ talks

Republicans said Wednesday that it’s now Democratic leaders’ turn to feel the  heat of trying to work out a budget deal.

After House conservatives sank his plan last week, Speaker John  A. Boehner, Ohio Republican, and his top lieutenants said it’s now up to  President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, to take the next  step and try to write a deal that can get through the Senate.

But Mr. Obama and Mr. Reid are facing  increasing heat from their party’s left flank to make sure Social Security isn’t part of any agreement.

Some liberal leaders have drawn red lines, and one pressure group has vowed  to find primary opponents for any Democrat who votes for a deal that includes  reductions in projected Social  Security benefits.

“We will not be voting for any cuts to Medicare, Medicaid  and Social Security,” said Rep. Keith  Ellison, Minnesota Democrat and co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive  Caucus. “They can go back and recalculate and come up with something else,  because we’re not going to solve these fiscal problems on the backs of the  seniors, of the disabled, of the survivors.”


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