Washington Times | Obamacare’s Medicaid time bomb

States already struggling to get by will face even tighter fiscal constraints  thanks to yet another costly Obamacare mandate. A study last week from the Kaiser  Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured revealed President Obama’s health  care takeover would dump $1 trillion in new costs on federal and state taxpayers  over the next decade.

By Kaiser’s calculation, following Obamacare’s loosened eligibility  conditions for Medicaid could add an additional 10 million people to the rolls  of the insured. The tab for this will exceed $1 trillion by 2022 with Uncle Sam  picking up $952 billion, leaving states on the hook for $76 billion. That  represents a 26 percent increase in federal outlays, but the state share  represents modest 3 percent increase — for now. The real crunch will come after  2022, when Uncle Sam is no longer required to foot the bill for the Medicaid  expansion.

States have a way out of this budget-busting dilemma. The Supreme  Court’s Obamacare ruling earlier this year left it up to the states to  decide whether to expand Medicaid under the Obamacare guidelines or not — in  return for the federal cash. Governors would be wise to decline Uncle Sam’s  white elephant, as they will hard pressed to find enough money in their coffers  to cover costs once the federal largesse begins to taper off in 2022.


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