Wesley Pruden | Hillary running out the clock on Benghazi

There’s no mystery about why Hillary Rodham Clinton spends so much  time on airplanes to dreary places that everybody else avoids like the plague  (or the stomach  flu). The climate anywhere is better than in the comfortable ineptitude of Foggy  Bottom.

The report of an independent panel inquiring into what happened in Benghazi  blames the State Department  bureaucracy essentially for not having a clue about what was going on in Libya. A panel of diplomats would never say anything  like that, but the message written between the lines is plain and clear.

The panel blames intelligence officers — i.e., the CIA— for relying too much on “specific warnings” of imminent attacks, waiting for  the details of the enemy’s game plan, and ignoring what should have been  telegraphed from the seat of their pants. Everyone in Libya knew that the militias were all over the eastern  part of the country, having already shot up a British diplomat’s motorcade and  set off a bomb outside the American  mission in Benghazi. The evildoers were looking for evil to do. The  Americans were the obvious targets.

A lot of people at Foggy Bottom were apparently busy with morning and  afternoon siestas. The panel specifically blames the State  Department’s Diplomatic Security Bureau and the Near  Eastern Affairs Bureau for failing to pay attention to what was going on  around them:


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