Will Steelman’s Missouri Congressional District Become the Next NY-23?, Update: Steelman on Obama’s ‘Business as Usual’

News broke Monday morning that Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO) was dropping her Congressional Seat in Missouri’s 8th District.  Emerson’s late husband held the seat since 1981 until he passed away leaving her to succeed him in 1996.

According to area politicos, the Emersons were instrumental in turning the District from Democrat to Republican.  The 8th District of Missouri represents the southeast portion of the state and former U.S. Senate Candidate, Sarah Steelman lives there.

Naturally, Steelman’s name has been thrown into the ring of possible Republicans to be the party’s nominee in the upcoming special election.  Unfortunately, the structure is set up similarly to the process which caused an uprising of the people in New York’s 23rd District.  There won’t be a primary.  The area GOP leaders in Missouri’s 8th District will select who they believe should be the nominee just as the “leaders” in NY-23 selected Dede Scozzafava.

However, according to this article via the Secretary of State, it says something about “the committee” and mentions the alternative options for ones who might not be chosen by the powers that be. (Emphasis)

[I]n the Republican-leaning district, Emerson’s successor could essentially be decided by the GOP’s committee, which has about 100 members.

[N]o primaries will be held, meaning that 8th District committees from the state Republican and Democratic parties each will select a candidate to represent their party in the election. The Libertarian and Constitution parties could also nominate candidates, and independents and write-ins would have an opportunity to run, according to the secretary of state’s office.

As an advocate for Governor Palin, there’s nothing more I’d love to see than Sarah Steelman in the House of Representatives.  Ms. Steelman has a history of going against the grain of her party, ticking off its good old boys, and doing things that stand out like stopping payment on a check used to quiet a sexual harassment case involving a department head.  Her philosophy: it was the people’s money and the people deserved to see it play out before it was spent to cover it up.

In addition, she received the endorsements of Governor Palin and the Tea Party Express for her 2012 U.S. Senate run and we now know that due to last minute ads paid for by Claire McCaskill, Todd Akin became the party’s nominee and he lost giving us six more years of McCaskill.

The House is where we have no choice but to place all our hopes on (at least until 2014).  After the fiscal cliff debacle is over, we’ll need strong leadership and members of the House to prevent the others from going “wobbly” on us.  I believe that Steelman’s voice in the House of Representatives will help promote the idea of actually using the power Republicans have to defund a lot of Obama’s wasteful spending.

If the GOP “committee” selects one of their own after knowing Sarah Steelman won a big portion of the 8th District’s vote in the primary for U.S. Senate, the people can run a challenge against them as was done in NY-23 with Doug Hoffman.  Be ready to send a few D.C. politicos into fits if that were to happen.


(h/t Gary Jackson)

Listen To Sarah Steelman’s (via Kevin Scholla and SarahNet Radio) commentary on Obama’s "business-us-usual."

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