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Will Your Kids Need Bullet Proof Back Packs and Body Armor For School

Will Your child be safe with a bullet proof back pack and body armor

Were the mass murders of innocent children, teachers and school administrators at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newton, Connecticut a wake up call for parents across America concerning child safety? According to Fox News, many parents are seriously considering sending their children to school with bullet proof back packs and various degrees of body armor to keep them safe.

Is the nation now at a point where Barbie dolls, Nintendo games, and toy soldiers are going to be replaced with pink and blue bullet proof backpacks and form fitting child size body armor under the Christmas tree?

The violent murders by Adam Lanza of 20 children has re-opened a national debate concerning just how safe are children and what measures or precautions can and should parents take to keep their precious kids safe.

Fox News reported on Wednesday, December 19th that a Utah company’s sales of bullet proof back backs and other safety clothing manufactured by the company Amendment II is literally going through the roof. With an approximate increase of 500 percent in sales since the murderous assaults in Newtown, Conn., parents and perhaps grandparents are grabbing up the, “pint-sized” protection safety lightweight armor called RynoHide.

While President Obama and his newly designated gun-control czar Vice President Joe Biden search for ways to strip gun rights from legal owners by the president’s end of January 2013 deadline, parents are left to fend for themselves.

If stricter gun control measures was the real solution, how does the president and gun control advocates account for the massacre which robbed the young children of their lives in Newton, Conn.? The state is one of five states with the strictest gun control measures in America.

What about the 270 children who were murdered in President Obama’s hometown of Chicago over the past three years. In fact Illinois leads the nation in strict gun control measures. Their gun ban law ban had deprived thousands of home owners of their right to protect themselves in their residence, from home invaders and gang violence until the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court overturned their 28-year-old handgun ban.

Just how many gun control measures will it take before liberal gun control activists and politicians wake up and address the real problem; which is the mentally unstable shooter pulling the trigger. So, whether it is a Columbine or Aurora Colorado massacre or a Newtown, Connecticut mass shooting, it is the shooter that special presidential task forces, national commissions and any other so-called violence solution panels should and must focus on.

Depriving Americans of their 2nd Amendment rights by using a drip, drip, drip method, until finally the nation’s citizens are disarmed is not an option; citizens are willing to witness or permit. This potential constitutional stripping peril was addressed in 2010, by the U.S. Supreme Court. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was insistent in the 2010 court decision which overturned the Chicago City Handgun Ban.

Justice Alito stressed:

“It cannot be doubted that the right to bear arms was regarded as a substantive guarantee, not a prohibition that could be ignored so long as states legislated in an evenhanded manner.”

Second Amendment U.S. Constitutional rights are not open for debate nor is it optional for discussion about how a state or a citizen’s group can define the right of an American to fully exercise and embrace defense of home and family. This individual constitutional right cannot be abridged or debated out of existence by Obama or Biden.

As a matter of law, the individual right to bear arms was reinforced in the 2008 U.S. Supreme Court District of Columbia et al. v. Heller decision.

The court held: “that the purpose of the right to keep and bear arms extended beyond the context of militia service to include self-defense.”

In the same decision the U.S. Supreme Court also held that it is not up to the state to determine the type of weapon that a homeowner can use in the defense of life and protection of family. The court added:

“The Court, relying on historical analysis set forth previously in Heller, noted the English common law roots of the right to keep arms for self-defense12 and the importance of the right to the American colonies, the drafters of the Constitution..and the states as a bulwark against over-reaching federal authority.”

With history as a foundation, it is clear that the founders and designers of the U.S. Constitution were not merely interested in a congenial debate about the right to hunt deer, moose or bear. The U.S. Constitution’s 2nd Amendment protection against enemies foreign or domestic should and cannot be influenced by emotional threats based upon unfortunate occurrences which are not connected to the right to protect oneself.

The nation’s children are the most precious gift that is given by God to parents. They by right will embrace everything that can be legally done to protect and preserve their child’s safety. If it includes tens of thousands of parents sending their children to school with bullet proof back packs and body armor, then, it must be done.

Take a page out of the book of the Israeli parents who have to send their children to school under the constant threat of possible violence. Consider some of the teachers at Israeli schools who have the right to carry guns, if trained and licensed and use them in case of an outbreak of a terrorist attack at the school.

Instead of dodging the reality of the dangers which confront the children in a 21st century America, spend more time on teaching your children about how to safeguard themselves against the America that has evil-hearted and sinister-minded individuals.

Before another Newtown, Connecticut tragically captures the nation’s headlines organize around defending the constitutional protection that stand between a child’s safety and unstable killers.

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  • Guest

    Mr. Fobbs…..excellent articulate article in every way. May it stir the necessary discussion.
    "Terror" is a prison either emotionally, physically and/or spiritually. IMHO…it must not dictate decisions when activated. Yet, precaution is always needed without imprisonment.
    Perhaps, "classrooms" will evolve into virtual learning until adequate infrastructure is developed….that is if Newtown is not a random occurrance which no one seems to be really considering (why else the alarm across the country).

    The difference with Israelis toting guns & American teachers is Israelis have been through the IDF ie already trained with weaponry. Seems the best alternative is to have trusted armed security personnel on campuses…..but then terror will strike another way such as in 1927 with use of dynamite. Perhaps, there is yet another solution for safety of Americans…..but I’ll leave that for another time.

  • $8196935

    How about NOT sending your kids to Public School to start with where they receive Liberal bullets daily
    of Left Wing propaganda starting in Kindergarten on up

    • Argus_C4P

      Sadly there is a lot of truth to that. The whole education system has been co-opted by the left as a tool to indoctrinate our children. From the top rung of every University and College in North America to the lowest rung in any kindergarten, the left is brainwashing our kids. When are we going to stop them?

    • Patriot41

      Starting in Kindergarten, don’t you mean pre-school?

  • TangledThorns

    My coworker was looking into this for his seven and ten year olds but his wife said no. Those plates can weigh more than four pounds plus some school have the students keep their back packs in their locker till end of the school day. Maybe the schools need bigger ‘NO GUNS ALLOWED’ signs?

  • Exgunman

    Bullet proof anything generally isn’t. Generally effective against only handgun calibers and after you are knocked down, and a cjhild would be knocked down, A 2nd shot at an exposed body ends it.    "If stricter gun control measures was the real solution" It is not, Gun control laws are meant to be a means to control people who do not then have a way of objecting to a directive, they( Laws ) have nothing to do with guns, nor do they have any effect on anyone intent upon using a gun to commit a crime. A well armed lamb is in a much better position when in a discussion about dinner with a couple of wolves……………………………………………………

  • nkthgreek

    Another reason for home schooling.

  • 01_Explorer_01

    If someone opened a charter school or private school where teachers were allowed to carry I wonder how popular the school would be over public schools.  I bet there would be a waiting list.

  • Freempg

    George Mason (founding father) – "I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them."

    Zacharia Johnson (founding father) at the Virginia Ratifying Convention – "The people are not to be disarmed of their weapons. They are left in full possession of them."

  • Argus_C4P

    Quote:"Just how many gun control measures will it take before liberal gun control activists and politicians wake up and address the real problem; which is the mentally unstable shooter pulling the trigger. So, whether it is a Columbine or Aurora Colorado massacre or a Newtown, Connecticut mass shooting, it is the shooter that special presidential task forces, national commissions and any other so-called violence solution panels should and must focus on."

    When are we going to address mental health issues that are at the base of these shootings? We need to make Mental health more visible citizen freindly. We can run campaigns to make everything under the sun , more palatable to the population but we can’t get a better image of mental health issues?
    Gun control only makes criminals out of honest citizens. The criminals are already criminals and don’t care what the Gun Ban Law says.

  • c4pfan

    I think a guard for the school would be better.

  • Patriot41

     There is a whole lot more to this problem, then just gun control and bullet proof vests.  When you consider the impetus behind murder, it all boils down to disregard for the sanctity of human life.  Our nation, like most on the face of this earth, has relegated human life to the level of animal existence or survival of the fittest.  In fact, I would dare say, that animals have more regard for their own species, then do humans, in this day and age.

    One only needs to take the time to reflect on what we have become as a nation, over this past half century.  Perhaps having lived here for over seventy years, I can more easily relate to the changes that have taken place in our culture, then our younger generations can.  In doing so, I have come to the conclusion that we are a warring nation, not only on the battlefields, but also within our own society.  The war mentality exists, both within the spiritual aspects as well as the physical.  Where we once were more of a godly nation that respected and protected life, we have become one that has little regard for life. 

    That is not a pleasant reality to face, but it is so very true.  If you think that it is not so, consider the changes that have occurred in our nation during the period of time I speak of.  Since the 1970’s, we have killed more of our future citizens in the womb, over fifty million, then all who have been lost at war, over that same period of time.  You can add to those figures, all of the senseless murders that have taken place in our cities as well as our schools.  By the way, not all of those murders were by guns.  Straight ahead, we are looking at the possibility of euthanasia for the elderly and infirm.  What does all of this tell you, about our current respect for human life?

    Our history as a nation, is littered with violence, even at it’s birth.  At first, we fought for freedom and then to protect the Union.  Then our nation was involved in WWI & II to help protect the freedom of other humans around the world.  One can say that such actions were justified at that period of time and for those occasions.  Such mentality has changed since WW II and our nation has become the protector of the free world or so we are told.  My point with this brief history, is to bring attention to the fact, that such problems are dealt with through the mentality of violence toward our fellow human beings.

    The movie industry provided ample support of this mentality, with depictions of Cowboy and Indian wars and then that of world wars, promoting the thought process of good overcoming evil through violence.  Then came the TV age, followed by computers in the home, that provided both ample programs and war games to entertain our youth.  Subliminally, our children were programmed with a war like mentality and without regard for human life.  During this same period of time, there was a rebellion by our youth, against both the laws of God and our nations’ laws.  The results of that rebellious nature, proved to be even more detrimental toward the respect for human life.  Then of course, came the indoctrination of our children within the educational system, that blurred the distinctions between right and wrong in our society.

    This problem we face today, with senseless violence such as these mass murders, has been brought upon us by the loss of spiritual, emotional and physical respect and dignity, for human life.  Until those aspects are properly addressed, we will continue to see horrifying events such as these mass murders within our society. 

  • 08hayabusa

    I really wish more people would become aware that the only gun laws that have reduced this carnage are the concealed carry laws.

    And what is ironic, now that most states are giving this right back, is the fact that in the beginning we had this right.

    The Second Amendment has no exceptions written into it.

    These gun laws are nothing more than feel good Liberal laws against that Amendment. And now that they have created these gun free zones, they’re screaming to further erode law abiding Citizens Second Amendment rights.

    Personally I think that was their play all along. To create these environments and just sit back and wait for the massacres to happen so they could push their agendas. I know that sounds cynical but I’ve seen Communists up close and personal, and they don’t care about anybody’s life except their own. They’re all about the end justifies the means.

    Here are a few stats on CWP holders:

    –Portland, Oregon. Concealed-carry-holder Nick Meli hadn’t noticed that the mall was a
    gun-free zone. He pointed his (otherwise legal) gun at the shooter as he
    paused to reload, and the next shot was the attempted mass murderer
    killing himself. Meli aimed, but didn’t shoot, because there were
    bystanders behind the shooter. Total dead: Two.

    — Mayan Palace Theater, San Antonio, Texas, this week: Jesus Manuel
    Garcia shoots at a movie theater, a police car and bystanders from the
    nearby China Garden restaurant; as he enters the movie theater, guns
    blazing, an armed off-duty cop shoots Garcia four times, stopping the
    attack. Total dead: Zero.

    — Winnemucca, Nev., 2008: Ernesto Villagomez opens fire in a
    crowded restaurant; concealed carry permit-holder shoots him dead. Total
    dead: Two.

    — Appalachian School of Law, 2002: Crazed immigrant shoots the
    dean and a professor, then begins shooting students; as he goes for
    more ammunition, two armed students point their guns at him, allowing a
    third to tackle him. Total dead: Three.

    — Santee, Calif., 2001: Student begins shooting his classmates
    — as well as the "trained campus supervisor"; an off-duty cop who
    happened to be bringing his daughter to school that day points his gun
    at the shooter, holding him until more police arrive. Total dead: Two.

    — Pearl High School, Mississippi, 1997: After shooting several
    people at his high school, student heads for the junior high school;
    assistant principal Joel Myrick retrieves a .45 pistol from his car and
    points it at the gunman’s head, ending the murder spree. Total dead:

    — Edinboro, Pa., 1998: A student shoots up a junior high
    school dance being held at a restaurant; restaurant owner pulls out his
    shotgun and stops the gunman. Total dead: One.

    Guns aren’t the problem. GUN FREE ZONES ARE!!

  • SuperRoadrunner

    Assume for a moment that all guns have been banned and nobody has any!
    Visualize this: A nutjob intent on killing gains entry into a public
    place, or your home, armed with a knife! You try to call 911– if you’re
    lucky! The cops arrive in about ten minutes. You are dead in ten
    seconds! Think about that one…
    On the other hand, a properly trained and licensed individual with a
    concealed carry permit would blow the perpetrator away in less than five
    seconds! Or would you rather run away and lock yourself in the closest
    bathroom? Hmmm?


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