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NOTE: This post was originally published on US4Palin. The transcript was prepared by AGU-NY State Coordinator Ron Devito and the interview was conducted by AGU-PA State Coordinator Kevin Scholla.

Ben Shapiro stops by The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla! The author of the red hot new book Bullies: How The Left’s Culture Of Fear And Intimidation Silences America talks to Kevin about the despicable tactics the Left uses to bring down good people and advance a radical agenda. Shapiro explores the reasons why Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin are consistent targets. Learn what has to happen for freedom loving Americans to counter Obama, the media, and the tactics of intimidation leveled at anyone who disagrees with liberalism. Plus Shapiro addresses Colin Powell’s feckless attacks on Conservatism. Also, Senator Ted Cruz publicly thanks Governor Palin, her supporters, and SarahPAC. Plus Chuck Heath Jr. mulls over the possibility of a third party solution and Kevin Scholla visits a liberal talk show. SarahNET Radio’s Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman is featured as well.

Counter-Attacks to Leftist Smears

Shapiro said the most common leftist tactic is to label conservatives as "racist," "homophobic," or "sexist." Colin Powell – who was appointed by a Republican – has gone on record as saying those who don’t support Obama and his leftist policies are "racist." Shapiro said the biggest mistake we can make is conceding that these people are somehow "reasonable," while they portray us as "scum of the earth." Romney portrayed Obama as a well-meaning but incompetent President, while Obama characterized Romney as an evil man who hates poor people. People would rather vote for someone incompetent than evil. Shapiro said when debating leftists, we must call out their tactics up front and give them no quarter. He said some like Chris Matthews and Piers Morgan only want to demagogue issues and they are are not deserving of civility, because they are uncivil. Demagogues cannot be reasoned with, he said.

The left traffics in fear. For instance, if you support the Second Amendment, they’ll say you do not care about the children who were shot last month in Newtown, Connecticut. They played the race card to the hilt in the Zimmerman case. Zimmerman, who is Hispanic – and ironically an Obama voter – was labeled "white" – to turn a normal self-defense case into a major race issue, in which Obama interfered. Shapiro said some leftists play the race, gender, and sexual orientation cards, because they know it is an Alinsky tactic that works. Many actually believe it. Shapiro said liberalism is about "feeling good," and feeling "morally superior."

"It is time to punch back twice as hard," Shapiro said, adding that we need more candidates like Gov. Palin and Ted Cruz who speak the truth up front. Presenting someone like Obama as a "nice guy" was not the way to go for Romney and McCain before him.

Shapiro said the hatred rained upon Gov. Palin and her family by the left is rooted in leftist ideology. The left sees itself as standing up for "victimized groups": women, minorities, gays, etc., therefore anyone who opposes leftist ideology must hate these groups. Someone like Gov. Palin – a conservative woman – flies in the face of leftist ideology and forces leftists to actually discuss the issues. They can’t demonize her as someone who hates women, so she poses a real threat to them. "Anyone who is a member of a ‘victimized group’ who disagrees with the left is at the top of the left’s hit list and they’re demonized as evil," Shapiro said.

He said the media is the worst, because "at least politicians have a ‘D’ after their name," but the media "pretends to be objective." Shapiro said the media creates an Orwellian world where they pretend to be objective and hold conservatives out to be "dishonest." He praised Gov. Palin for calling out the leftism of hosts such as George Stephanopoulos, and said he uses the same tactic himself.

Shapiro worked with Andrew Breitbart and he said the late Breitbart would have loved his book, because "he devoted his life to fighting bullies." He said, when handling the left, we need to understand that "we did not pick the fight, but we’re going to end it."

Shapiro expressed his gratitude to the Palins for promoting his book and giving away copies. He said he was a big fan.

Steel Resolve: Now…the Debt Ceiling

Sarah Steelman said Obama refuses to negotiate with Congress about the debt ceiling, yet this is the "time to be passing significant spending cuts and / or a balanced budget." She said "Standard and Poors has already downgraded our debt, because Congress will not deal with long-term debt reduction." Obama is blaming the downgrade on not raising the debt ceiling. "Nothing could be further from the truth." Now, Moody’s may also downgrade our debt. Steelman quoting Moodys, said, "negotiations should lead to specific policies that result in a stabilization, and then a downward trend in the ratio of federal debt to the size of the economy over the medium term." She concluded, "we the people must demand that Congress not raise the debt ceiling unless a balanced budget is passed with a cap on the size of government. This is the only way we will get our country headed back in the right direction and our fiscal house in order."

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