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@AGUGrizzlies: #GunControl; Free Men Do Not Need Permission To Bear Arms

On Monday Barack Hussein Obama will pretend to promise to uphold the United States Constitution at the inauguration ceremony in Washington DC. Ironically, while this breach of faith is taking place, the President and his Anti 2nd Amendment goons are plotting to tear it apart.

This type of disloyalty is expected from the progressive left. But it really hits home when alleged conservatives join in on Obama’s crusade against the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution in general. Be that as it may, there is a silver lining. Being forced to deal with subversive radicals also yields an opportunity for common sense conservatives. We are now bound to take a good hard look at the type of candidates we field and support to combat the growing Obama problem.

One example of a so-called conservative jumping on the Obama gun grabbing wagon can be found in Virginia.

Virginia Lt. Governor candidate Jeannemarie Devolites Davis is unfortunately one of those Republicans who bow to Obama by gleefully cashing in and capitulating the original planks of the GOP in return for media approval. Ms. Davis has even gone so far as becoming BFF’s with Nanny State Cover Boy Michael Bloomberg and shown her true colors on CNN with him.

But it doesn’t stop there.

During the campaign to defend her Virginia state senate seat, Ms. Davis ran to the left of her Democrat opponent Chap Petersen and attacked him for supporting the 2nd Amendment. She lost.

The 2nd Amendment is very clear. Free men do not ask for permission to bear arms. No permission is needed from Ms Davis, Michael Bloomberg, the corrupt complicit media, and absolutely no permission is needed from Barack Hussein Obama.

As we approach the 2014 midterms lets take a long deep look at each and every candidate we consider supporting and ask ourselves:

"Is she or he the best candidate to uphold the United States Constitution?"

"Will she or he buckle under the pressure of the LSM?"

"Will she or he risk their political career? Or will they cut bait and run for cover after the first shouts of RAAACISM RAAACISM RAAACISM?"

"Does she or he have the chops to cut through the filter of the LSM?"

Disarming innocent law abiding citizens, does not protect innocent law abiding citizens or children. When a bad guy with a gun commits a crime, the crime does not stop until a good guy with a gun shows up and stops it.

Guns don’t kill people. "Gun Control" kills people.

Our work continues.

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  • lanahi

    Right on!

    And why do we have FEDERAL registration of gun owners?

  • misterlogic0013

     In due time America will again be lead by the people / servants for the people = United States of America ..  OB on offense = not presidential, many millions of sane people will rally against him, with Sarah Palin Tea Party, we win they loose .. mid terms we romp, get involved in you neighborhood make it happen .. be heard .. OB woke the silent majority.  nothing so bad, a few good old elections can’t fix .. Sarah said that  / I agree …  you? 

  • colint

    As I understand it when buying a gun one must pass a "background check" to make sure the buyer does not have a criminal record or some other impediment. Does that mean that those who already own a gun have to pass another backgrund check when buying another gun. If so, why not have a gun owners license like most people have a  driving license. This does not have to a seperate document or card. The could just just be an indication on the driving license card. In the same way as there are "commercial driving" licenses which require passing a test requiring more skills than just driving a car, with a more detailed "background check" and gun use skill test, the same license could be used to authorise "right to carry"

    Now once someone has "gun owner" indication on his multi purpose license he should be able to use it to buy legal guns and ammo without any further "background test"

    Businesses selling guns have to keep records on who they sold each gun to. If the police find a gun used in a crime they can usually find out to whom the gun was originally sold. Records can be used for good purposes. There are some who speculate that records will be used for bad purpose. Based on recent polls a majority thinks guns in private hands is a good thing. If so confiscation that some fear is not going to happen.

  • Betsey_Ross

    My step son and I were just discussing this the other day.  There should not necessarily be any registration of guns as the second amendment gives us that right.  Period.  End of story. 

    It’s the mentally disturbed that need to be registered.  I would even extend that to Communists and Islamists and by default….Democrats.

    • lanahi

      How do you identify the mentally disturbed and keep them from getting guns? 

      Keep in mind that the liberals think tea party types are crazy, that ex-military personnel are potential terrorists, conservatives are enemies of the state, etc., etc.

  • Christopher H Fromme

    This guy was the speaker at are rally on Saturday east of Pittsburgh this incident happened one year ago  and show what good laws can do to protect law abiding citizens.
    by Dr. Charles Gallo“
    We know that the law is good, if a man use it lawfully.” I Timothy 1:8. We have a good law, the Castle Doctrine. We also know that the spirit and letter of this law is not implemented or used rightly by local officials who choose to rule by their own agenda and self interests rather than by the law.I want to thank everyone for their support over the last several weeks. Thank you for your phone calls, texts,
    e-mails and most of all for your prayers. This overwhelming support helped keep me strong in the face of this challenge. My thanks and appreciation, in addition, goes to those of you who were able to attend the preliminary hearing in Ligonier on December 2nd. It was an honor for me to be accompanied by our modern day minutemen and women who were there to stand with me for freedom. I am always encouraged when I see my fellow patriots respond to attacks on our liberty. God is not a tyrant. He did not create us as sheep in the Garden, but instead, in His love, endowed us with choice at the core of our creation. The love of freedom lives within our hearts. For those of us who have refused to muffle or silence it by succumbing to lies and deception, the clarion call will always sound its alarm in our hearts when freedom is threatened and we will respond and stand together, and when necessary, individually. This is the invisible bond that unites us. And that is what took place on December 2nd at Magistrate’s office.

    As you probably know, on October 30th 2011 at 10:00PM, my passenger and I were the victims of a random, unprovoked attack by a seriously impaired drunk driver whose violent relentless pursuit placed us in mortal danger. The severe degree of reckless aggression and violence displayed by this individual, clearly showed him to have no regard for his own life or for ours. I made eight attempts to avoid and escape this nightmare to reach a secure place, however, this individual continually blocked and obstructed our efforts to reach safety. We also communicated with 911 three times, asking for assistance, but there was no timely response. As a result, this situation progressed to a point in which we were stopped and trapped on a dark isolated road, with no means of escape and with a large utility truck driven by a madman charging us head on. Facing an immediate lethal threat, the use of a firearm opened a momentary escape route and we were eventually able to reach safety. Without a firearm present for defense in this situation, the results would have been caskets and/or hospital rooms. My actions turned what would have been a tragic outcome resulting in death or serious injury into a positive outcome. Initially, I was correctly viewed as a victim by the Ligonier Township Police.

    Two days later, however, I was charged with several felonies included attempted homicide—all for ending a violent attack and saving three lives: my passenger’s, my own and even that of our attacker. Pressured by the Westmoreland County’s DA office, the Ligonier Twp Police refused to stand up for a law abiding citizen who acted within the law to defend himself.

    Through the tenacious efforts of citizen groups such as Firearm Owners Against Crime (FOAC), our Pennsylvania legislators, after many years of work, gave us a good law, the Castle Doctrine, which affirms our God-given right of self defense. The problem we face now is how this law is being implemented by local officials. All too often these officials choose to ‘rule’ by their own agenda or special interest rather than by respect for the spirit or even the letter of the law. There is as yet no case law for the newly effective Castle Doctrine. Those who do not respect individual rights and are anti-gun and anti-self defense, seek to establish legal precedents that shred the power of this law. These precedents can then be used by them to effectively nullify the law. These individuals believe the power resides in the state to protect us and tell us it’s their job to protect us (the latter a blatant lie), and that we as individuals do not posses this power nor do we have the right to possess firearms. Evidence the lack of response to the three 911 calls for assistance and the immediate and lethal threat to judge the wisdom of this belief and the veracity of their pontifications. Police departments, no matter how well run, are mop up crews after the fact. They physically can not be there when the threat suddenly presents itself—we are on our own.

    The legal system, personified by the Westmoreland County DA and the Ligonier Twp Police, chose to ‘throw the book” at me rather than recognize my right to defend myself. Our attacker actually received lesser charges! I was ‘the guy with the gun’ therefore I was automatically wrong. The facts of the case really didn’t matter. Because I had the gun I was also the one headlined and portrayed in the media in a derogatory way as the criminal, led out in handcuffs, given a $50,000 bail and time in jail. While our attacker, who aimed and fired a 6000 pound missile straight at us, simply walked away with lesser charges and no bail. His picture never even appeared in the news. When it comes to the news and anti-gun bias, a large utility truck used as a weapon just does not excite like a firearm used in self defense does.
    It was only through the work of my attorney’s May God bless them both! and the strong support of all the minutemen and women who stood with me, that all the charges were dropped. All those who were there may a clear and strong statement. The legal system was fully prepared to make an example of me for daring to exercise an individual right. Keep in mind that on this day it was me and that tomorrow it could be you. Most of us own firearms and many of us posses a carry permit. At times we can find ourselves thrust into a situation, which is not of our own choosing, which we have not in any way sought out or contributed to and which through our life patterns we have even developed the wisdom and behavior to avoid. Yet we can find ourselves instantly, without warning, facing a lethal threat and a grave choice. We were random victims of this man’s rage—simply the first vehicle that he met as he pulled out of the bar. My choice was for me and my passenger to survive. As a result we traumatized twice, first by the attacker and then by the actions of the police and the DA!Any law abiding citizen choosing to exercise a God-given right and acting within the law should be protected, not prosecuted or persecuted. However, as the system currently exists, should you have to defend yourself, in addition to the severe emotional and psychological stress that follows the aftermath, you will also be traumatized by the legal system. You will be subjected to defamation of your personal character and professional reputation by a news media which cares little about the truth, and you will face financial devastation. Your world can be turned upside down in an instant, all for doing the right thing.This is wrong and needs to be fixed. Chris Cox, Executive Director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action stated, ‘Governor Corbett and Pennsylvania lawmakers know that law-abiding citizens must have the right to protect themselves when criminals attack, without fear of being second guessed by an overzealous prosecutor. Crime victims don’t have the luxury of time when confronted by a criminal and must be able to count on the law being on their side.’ PA Representative Scott Perry, a sponsor of the Castle Doctrine stated, ‘Our citizens who work hard and abide by the rules of decent society deserve protection of the law.’ We cannot allow local tyrants to trample on our rights and liberties by ‘ruling’ through their own agenda and special interests. Local elected officials are put in place to serve us as stewards entrusted with caring for and governing our land—they are not despots who rule us. Those individuals, who do not understand this, need to be voted out of office. We can have a tremendous impact on local elections and it absolutely does matter who you vote for. In the recent November elections, Westmoreland County residents effected an historic house cleaning. There is still more cleaning to be done—the DA office is up for election in 2013 and it needs to be swept clean.An individual who favors the power of the state and denies our individual rights cannot remain in office. It affects too many people. Secondly, more work needs to be done with our PA legislators and I am in the process of setting up meetings with some of them. They need to know how the law they gave us is being implemented and distorted and ignored in the field. They also need to work toward laws which strengthen our individual rights. Representative Saccone is introducing the disparity of force clause to the Castle Doctrine in order to strengthen it and to clarify its legal intent.

    Finally we need to continue to educate individuals to help increase awareness of the continual attack on freedom because without vigilance, it will be lost. Tyranny must be fought at all levels!

  • John_Frank

    Thank you Thomas.

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