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@AGUGrizzlies: Scottie Hughes (@scottienhughes) Details Obama’s #GunControl 2A Assault

NOTE: This post was originally published on US4Palin. The transcript was prepared by AGU-NY State Coordinator Ron Devito and the interview was conducted by AGU-PA State Coordinator Kevin Scholla.

Scottie Hughes is the guest on The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla! Hughes, the news director for the Tea Party News Network discusses the Obama administration’s assault on our Second Amendment, the liberal word police, hypocrisy when it comes to coverage of Obama’s children vs. Sarah Palin’s children, Piers Morgan, and much more. Also, Governor Palin remembers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., applauds the thousands of March for Life participants, and shines the spotlight on a young man with Down Syndrome who happens to be a three-point assassin on the basketball court. Plus, Palin bids adieu to Fox News, she recommends the new Todd Starnes book, and we’ll tell you about the big event honoring Terri Schiavo that will feature Sarah Palin. SarahNET Radio’s Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman is featured as well. Steelman calls out Washington for leaving Hurricane Sandy victims in the dark while attempting to pass more pork.

Obama Exploiting Shootings to Push Dictatorial Agenda

We, the American people should have known Obama would do this, Hughes said as she opened her dialogue with Kevin Scholla about Obama’s attacks on the Second Amendment. "We…elected him…he is a dictator. I didn’t think it would happen so quickly before inauguration," she said. Hughes said Obama’s 23 executive orders on gun control are mainly "fluff," but she found two in particular to be scary: the executive order demanding that doctors ask patients if they have guns at home and the national registry. She said medical records contained on computers can be compromised. Registration leads to confiscation.

Hughes said Obama is exploiting children to guilt Americans into supporting his asinine gun control proposals. He is essentially saying, "if you don’t support the assault weapons ban you want to see children shot." She decried the hypocrisy Obama who rails against the NRA ad that points out his children are protected by guns while having twice paraded his children around on the campaign trail.

"What Did You do to Make Someone Angry Today"?

Hughes said while watching Golden Globes, she threw a bedroom slipper at the TV. "Palin can’t do anything right [in the eyes of] the left and the moderates in the Republican Party." She recounted how Reagan used to ask his staff, "what did you do to make someone angry today?" If the answer was ‘nothing,’ Reagan said they did not do their job. We need to stand up for what is right. Palin, Malkin, Rand Paul are doing that."

Hughes said, Obama knew Americans would not support the ban, which was why he waited till after the election. He did not push the issue after the Colorado movie theater shooting, because it could have cost him the election.

The Piers Morgan Blood-Chummed Shark Tank, Hilarious "Hunting" Politicians

About her appearance on the Piers Morgan show, Hughes said Morgan was "rude and had little to say on and off camera," but his staff was "accommodating and kind," and invited Hughes back for next night. She described the experience as "like being thrown into shark tank full of blood." It was her first TV interview – ever.

Hughes said she does not subscribe to conspiracy theories about Obama’s using the gun issue to distract from the economy. But, she said "he is exploiting emotion and we all know that criminals are going to get guns without background checks before or after a ban. It’s just disarming law abiding citizens."

"States like New York and California are for the course" on gun control, Hughes said. "Seeing these politicians hunting would be hilarious. Maybe we could send pictures of the animals they kill to PETA and they can see what we go through," she said. "The left holds these states as leaders we must follow."

Gov. Palin Could Reclaim Country by Leading Second Amendment Fight

"I would be honored if Gov. Palin would take the lead. Right now people are trying to take the Tea Party word and make it a curse word and I absolutely despise that connotation. The tea party helped the revolution 240 years ago which by the way we are celebrating this year. I would be thrilled to see Gov. Palin. You know she was one of the people who helped restart it."

Hughes continued, "true conservatives will not blame her for John McCain’s loss. They blame McCain moderates don’t win. Establishment Republicans keep trying to sell us that story. This year they gave us Mitt Romney and he lost."

She concluded, "if Gov. Palin and other good people like Ted Cruz step up we have a good chance to reclaim this country."

Steel Resolve: Pork-Laden Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill Offers No Help for Victims

In this week’s installment of Steel Resolve, Sarah Steelman said,

"A perfect example of government not working is the pork packed hurricane Sandy relief package that passed the House and the Senate. The last bill totaled $51 billion and it looked more like a stimulus bill then a relief bill. Local state and federal government all have a role to play in providing emergency help after a disaster, but according to various news accounts, there are people in New Jersey, Maine, and New York literally freezing during these cold winter months while Congress passes a bill with earmarks for projects like a $32 billion deal for Amtrak and $150 million for Alaskan fisheries which have nothing to do with helping victims of Sandy or rebuilding infrastructure in those areas.

Instead, the government relief help can’t even get electric or propane heaters to people living in trailers to keep them warm during these frigid nights. Many of these victims are waiting for insurance companies to approve their settlement in order to rebuild or have simply not had their heat restored yet. Between Congress stuffing the relief bill full of unrelated earmarks and President Obama celebrating his inaugural festivities dancing and partying, those victims of Sandy exposed to freezing temperatures might wonder who in leadership in Washington really cares about what happens to them."

Complete Audio Transcript of Interview with Scottie Hughes

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  • John_Frank

    Thomas, thank you for this update.

  • Palinchick

    Scottie hits it right on the head. What people like Piers Morgan can’t see here is beyond me. Great interview, Kevin.

  • Patriot41

    First and foremost, I want to say how very much I appreciate the efforts of all citizens who have supported the Tea Party movement.  The citizens of this country have lost their representative government when it comes to either of the two sanctioned political parties.  The only hope to restore a representative govt.. for and by the people, will be that of the grassroots movement known as the Tea Party.

    Socialists knew who and what Obama was all about and there was no doubt in their minds, when they went to the polls on election day.  Since it was the socialist media that created Obama’s image, there can be no doubt who was behind insuring that he got reelected.  It was the MSM that deceived the politically inept in this country and they need to be exposed as well.

    As for gun control, anyone that reads or watches the news daily, should have been well aware of Obama’s intentions to disarm the citizens of this county.  He has fully supported the U.N. efforts to disarm citizens around the world and even directed his Secretary of State, to sign such agreements at the U.N.  That news was carried on all of the major networks, so there is absolutely no excuse that voters did not know what his intentions were. 

    It should not be a surprise to anyone, that when Obamacare was implemented, that all medical records would become available for public access and that private medicine would no longer be private.  Any and all of that information in the hands of the wrong individuals, can be detrimental for political purposes and one can be assured with the radicals running this govt.. it will be used to their advantage.  Gun ownership has nothing to do with one’s medical condition and should be considered as non applicable when questioned.  It can be traced through both medical records and gun registration, so yes it is a means for gun confiscation.

    I did not know that Piers Morgan was even a citizen?  If not, what business is it of his, as to what type of guns we use in this country?  Answer, absolutely none!  Intelligent individuals should know better then to accept an invitation onto a show that he is hosting, as they only give him more attention and creditability with the crazies who watch his show to begin with.

    The Tea Party needs to unite under a strong, positive, Constitutional leader and Sarah Palin is that leader.  They are wasting their time trying to instill conservatives in an establishment party that risks everything, to destroy their opposition.  Out of the last fifty years, conservatives have been allowed to lead the GOP only eight of those years and it is a useless battle.  This country needs a conservative party that stands strong for our Constitution and puts the nation first.  Until the Tea Party unites under a strong leader such as Sarah, it will be wasting valuable time and energy.

    Good elected conservative legislators, should be pushing a law that prohibits allocations for pork in the case of any national emergency. 


  • lanahi

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