Charles Hurt | Congress doesn’t mend its old ways

It is that bountifully hopeful time of year when Americans everywhere vow to  do better. We make New Year’s resolutions  to eat healthier food, exercise more and spend less money. We vow to be better  husbands and wives, have more patience with our children and be more charitable  to those in need around us.

Even when optimism and good intentions eventually give way to reality and old  habits, we are better for having started off well. We are better for having  dreamed of noble goals and fought to achieve them. And, with every passing year,  we just might get a little closer and closer to that better person we want to  be.

It is also that time of year when we are reminded once again of what an  intractable disaster our political process has become. Congress  and the White House have so utterly disgraced  themselves and this country over the past few years it seemed impossible for  them to do any worse.

Yet here we are, facing a massive tax-hike time bomb that was set by them 10  years ago — a bomb which today will destroy any hopes of an economic recovery — and these people manage to reach new levels of stupidity, recklessness,  dishonesty and unfairness.


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