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Charles Hurt | Faked Beyonce song perfect ending to Obama speech

Without naming Republicans or conservatives who are concerned about all the  wild spending going on, Mr. Obama accused  them of wanting to choose between caring for old people or helping children. He said they wanted to kick disabled children to  the curb.

Finally, as he wrapped up his deflating speech, he seemed to make some effort  at trying to unify people.

“We cannot mistake,” he said, “absolutism for principle, or substitute  spectacle for politics or treat name-calling as reasoned debate.”

Perhaps if Mr. Obama — in his trademark  humility — had not just offered his edits to one of the greatest and most  enduring documents ever written by man, we might have sensed the slightest bit  of humility here. That maybe he wasn’t just pointing his small, petty finger at  one side.

And then there was the thrilling, wow finish with Beyonce’s singing of the  national anthem — which turned out to have been faked. Which, really, was the  perfect ending to that speech.


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