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Chris Stirewalt | 1350: The no. of days since Harry Reid’s Senate pased a budget

Democrats started ditching the budget process back when they controlled both  houses of Congress and opted to do so with supermajorities in both chambers.  They could have passed budgets but opted not to because, well, budgets these  days are real downers.

It’s bad enough when your government is borrowing more than $1 trillion a  year – more than one third of its total outlays. It’s way worse when the  green-eyeshade team at the Congressional Budget Office go to work on long-term  expenditures.

Medicare,  Social Security, Defense and government pension legacy costs look boggling in  real time. On a 10-year curve they become dispiriting on both sides of the  aisle.

To deal with this gloom, the Obama Democrats have opted to simply ignore it.  They have the Senate just sit on the budget ball. The president, as required,  proposes a budget, but does so confident in the knowledge that Senate Majority  Leader Harry Reid will not ever bring it forward for a vote.


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