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Chuck Heath, Jr. Asks: ‘Has the Third Party’s Time Come?’

Last night, Chuck, Jr. made a very thoughtful case to his readers.  In it, he recognizes the reality of politics as usual in Washington which is also co-opted by the powerful mainstream media.  Chuck shares the following via Facebook:

Enough is Enough: Has the Third Party’s Time Come?

We’ve lost our way. The American political system is a mess. The divisiveness between Republicans and Democrats seems insurmountable and it’s getting worse every day. I could get into the reasons that this is happening, but I doubt that would change a thing.

It is very painful for me to see this country literally becoming unraveled at the seams… especially when I look at my own children’s future. I’ve watched friends and even family members break ties over political differences. I have watched good, smart people enter politics and seen them change for the worse over the years as they’ve become part of the political machine.

Political seniority often leads to leadership positions but has nothing to do with performance. Casting a favorable vote for something you may not even believe in, just to gain a committee chair or for some other future favor, is rampant in politics.

It’s a very dirty game and it’s the reason so many really talented people never get involved in it. It’s also the reason my sister Sarah Palin, has been so viciously attacked over the years. She refused to “play the game”. She has always stuck to her principles and because of that, she is viewed as a threat. I’ve watched people in both major parties do everything they can to demean and destroy her. And all for what… for trying to limit the size of government? For asking all of us to do our share? For insisting we spend less than we take in? For ending crony capitalism? For going above and beyond to support our military? For utilizing our natural resources in a responsible way? For praying? The list goes on.

Let’s face it. As it stands now, it’s impossible to be elected to a high national office without being a part of the Republican or Democratic Party. I propose that the disgruntled citizens of the United States… Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians… persons of every race, religion, economic status, and whoever else is interested, join together and form a new party. I’d simply call it, the American Party.

You can find the original post here and join in on the ongoing discussion.

My personal thoughts on a third party include the fact that first, there has to be a loud uprising of the people.  Then, a certain powerful individual would perhaps respond to that uprising to become the leader of this movement.  The key is to get enough folks to follow.  There are a few leaders I can think of which include Allen West and Governor Palin.

The Republican Party needs to stop catering to special interests, the left, and to the media and get on the right side of the people.  With that being said, they have to know that they cannot do it (win) without us.

The task of a third party or an occupying of the GOP will be daunting either way.  I believe everybody recognizes the gamble of both avenues.  Yet, one person needs to be the one who sets the agenda so everyone is on the same page.  Additionally, there are far too many sections of the tea party out there.  All of them focus on the big prize of president.  In the past, Palin supporters and Ron Paul supporters would veer off on their own.  At the same time behind the scenes, both groups of tea parties would remain very cordial and pretty much support the same fundamental ideals of reducing the size of government and cleaning it up.

In 2013, let’s do our best to reach out to all those around us who share the same vision.  The prize is a return to our principles.  Once that happens, the rest can work itself out.

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  • Jthom26837

     You see this, Ann Coulter, Dick Morris, Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer, and the rest of you GOPe morons?

  • Mr.L

     Posting the comment I left for Chuck: Chuck
    you are not alone. Many people in America feel this way. These days, I
    feel about the GOP the way Reagan felt about the Democrat Party in the
    50s– "I didn’t leave the Democrat Party the party left me." The DNC
    and the Obamacrats of today gone so far left that the members of it are
    down right naked about their socialist communist tendencies. Many of
    them are supported by the CPUSA. Then you have the GOP. They have
    become like the democrats used to be before Reagan left the party. Don’t
    get me wrong, I dont want to lump all of them in because there are some
    in there who are really conservative. No, what I’m talking about is
    the hierarchy of the GOPe. The people in charge. They do not embrace
    conservativism. If they don’t run from conservativism they attack it.
    They attack conservative members of the party like Allen West and most
    of all your sister Sarah. They are willing to spend spend spend money
    we dont have just as much as a democrat/liberal. Worst of all, they are
    willing to cave on core principles every chance they get. Like Rush
    Limbaugh said on his show last week– we are running out of core
    principles to throw away. He’s right. It seems like the DNC GOPe and
    leftist media want the majority of the country to believe that for all
    of us to come together and live in harmony Republicans simply must
    forget who they are! And so when you have a party like the GOP who are
    handled by country club middle of the road types selling us out, it’s
    only a matter of time before the party becomes just like the other party
    and there is one party rule. And that’s not America. It’s a monarchy.
    I believe the jury is still out on whether a 3rd party could be
    successful. I have said before that perhaps we don’t need a new third
    party but as Reagan once said "we can have a new first party made up of
    people who share our principles". If so, for either a 3rd party or a
    new 1st party to work and be successful, it would have to depend on the
    leader. Frankly, there is no other person to lead such a thing than
    your sister Sarah Palin. She has the energy, she can excite people,
    motivate people, her core conservative principles are rock solid. I
    don’t know if she would be willing to run as a 3rd party candidate
    simply because after researching her all of these years I know that she
    believes and has faith in the original planks of the republican party.
    But she would have my and millions of others support if she ran. I’ve
    said in the past that Sarah Palin is a 1st Party candidate with a 3rd
    party message. She’s 1st party because she has the notoriety as a
    national world figure. That is something that other candidates just do
    not have. We live in a world today where fame and notoriety mean
    everything. Yet she’s 3rd party because her message is so unabashedly
    pro American, pro constitutional conservative and out of the box. And
    she’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind. As her old friend Rick
    Halford once told her when she was contemplating taking on both sides
    and running for GOV in 2006…she has the 5 stones. She has the right
    positions on ethics. On energy. On governments appropriate role. Shes
    certainly different and the country needs something different. She
    wouldn’t have the establishment support. But as Halford told her
    Alaska then– like America today– needs change. She still has those
    qualities and she should run. I hope she does. God bless,Mr.L

    • sodakhic


    • dave7777

       Fact…Lincoln was a Whig Congressman before he switched to the Republican Party. Many of the Republicans will switch to the American Party.
      Mr. L…..paragraphs would make reading it easier. Just a suggestion.

      • Mr.L

        You’re point with your fact is and what does it have to do with what I wrote?   Your fact is from 1860s.  Hate to break it to you but times have changed since 150 years ago.  I sense hostility. Something that I said? I cut and pasted this from Chuck’s post to share with others here.  Sorry I didn’t separate paragraphs just to please you.  But if you are trying to be snarky please know I will never separate paragraphs just to piss you off.

        • quinn_the_eskimo

          A mistake is to commit a misunderstanding ~~Dylan:~)

    • Betsey_Ross

      I pray that she is thinking all of this over.  It’s time.  We are lost in a morass of immorality and a pathetic, so-called leader that is fast becoming a dictator while our Congress and media just sit by and watch it happen.  Actually they are facilitating it.  No one seems to have the will to fight back.  Yes, it’s time.

      • Mr.L

         I agree.

    • jgrimes

      I agree! Sarah is the one.
      I stand w Mr. L
      I stand w Sarah Palin.

    • jester2939

      Right on, Mr.L!! Thanks :D

    • Isabel Matos

      I agree with MrL and I am glad he wrote everything I feel in a very logical way. 

      I think the GOP is almost dead in spirit, so why not take this opportunity to show the contrast between what is making it die and the energy and power that can bring it back from its lifelessness?

      Surely we can beat the lame, suffocating leaders like Jeb Bush and others who have hijacked the party message with one that does not work.  I would love to be an R again, and have Sarah be the reason for it.

      I also think starting a Third Party would also be a logistical nightmare. It is expensive, time-consuming and too many voters would have different opinions on how it should be run. 

      Sarah also just finished sending more Republican representatives to Washington, D.C. It does not make sense that she would change her party affiliation on them.  It would create confusion.  She knows her worth, what she stands for.

      It would not unify Republicans and raise questions as to whether Sarah, who embodies conservative principles, would run from a party when she IS what the party is supposed to represent. 

      I would love to claim a resounding victory by defeating the sources that tried to defeat her (us).

      A Third Party would feel like a hollow one in which we ran from our problem, not faced it head on. 

      Sarah, you have my support no matter what you do because I know you know what to do. 

      • Mr.L

        good points made.

    • Sue Lynn

      Right on Mrl Tavern!!!!

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, Mr. L!!

    • DocBarry1

      Mr. L  u hit if out of the park – I pray that Gov Palin decides to run for the Presidency in 2016 – as she looks around, she must see that obama is destroying what she believes in and she is the only one that will stand up for our American values as well as conservative principles –

      Let’s hope that God continues to Bless Gov Palin and leads her on this path  America needs her, more now than ever.

  • cbenoistd

    I don’t agree with a third party. Divide and conquer is Obama’s game; by playing, Mr. Heath will be conquered. But I would like to know: when the tactics of bankrupting a family of a Down’s syndrome child became clarified in Gov. Palin’s resignation speech, was there any politician or pundit who said, "I didn’t realize it had come to this.This will not stand; a line has been crossed." I recall Charles Krauthammer, an undeniably–I repeat, undeniably–intelligent man suggesting that if Gov. Palin had not defended herself against the slander of inciting Rep. Giffords’ shooting, cooler heads would have prevailed. But she needed help that Saturday and Sunday. He didn’t, and I can’t help holding that against him.


      We need to quit worrying about what Obama and his cronies are doing…..and do what WE think/know is right.
      You need to quit thinking that Obama, the LSM and liberals are playing by the same rules we do…..they aren’t.
      We need to just start doing what we need to do to set this country right again….I’m tired of fretting over what Obama and his minions are up to and you should be too.

      • socon

         It’s the Republican party, too.

    • section9

      That’s the entire point, Bill. Nobody in the GOP, knowing that what was done to Sarah Palin could just as easily be done to them, stood up and stood by her.

      The Establishment are swine. They are willing to accept the crumbs off Obama’s table in exchange for slavery for the masses.

      Like your handle: "You’ll never walk alone!"

      • cbenoistd

        Thank you section9, great to know you get the handle! (I’m American; for non-soccer fans, the late great Bill Shankly was manager of Liverpool, rival of Everton, which is Palin disparager Paul "PowerLine" Mirengoff’s club. "You’ll Never Walk Alone," from "Carousel," is their adopted anthem.)

    • William Legge

      I don’t agree, it took a new conservative party in Canada called the Alliance Party who became the official opposition in the 90’s and whipped the conservative party and left them with only 3 or 4 seats in parliament, an amazing historic loss, because the Conservative Party became exactly the same as the liberal party and the people were sick of it and voted for the new party of principle . The Alliance Party eventually re united with the Conservative Party to form the New Conservative Party of Canada who now have won Parliament  and the Prime-minister’s office. The GOP need the same kind of spanking or (corrective action).

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    "Enough is Enough: Has the Third Party’s Time Come?"


    Sarah has not had a FB post since New Years Day, not even about the fiscal cliff fiasco or the debt limit. Maybe she is about to shock the world.


    Yep, the time is now.
    The base is ready and completely fed up,  and we are seeing/reading it everywhere.
    At all the "conservative sites" that used to be love havens for Mitt/GOPe, they are now chanting for a do over.
    Yep, the time is now.

  • nkra

    It’s time.  

    The logic of 3rd Parties allowing the opposition to win has been proven correct in the last election, but the dividing was perpetrated by the Establishment who were more interested in courting right-leaning Dems, and the rest is history.  The GOP is divided, the brand is damaged, and the Establishment are aimless.  Reagan united all three legs of the stool, but his legacy no longer resonates (as stated by Gingrich and others during the 2008 cycle).  It’s time to coalesce around constitutional conservative ideas with a charismatic, authentic voice.  Hopefully Chuck Jr.’s sister reads his posts.

    Awaiting marching orders from Alaska….

    • dave7777

       Let’s not lose sight of 1) the GOP changed the ground rules at the GOP convention as to how the delegates were to be chosen (freeze out any Palin or Paul type supporters), and 2) they are planning on changing the primary process… it is not, it "drives the nominee too far to the right."
      It was hard enough to gain influence in the GOP before shenanigans such as this. The GOPe plan on making it nigh on to impossible in 2016. The window on forming a third party will begin to close as we get closer to 2016.

      • friskyness

         The GOPe has already lost the 2016 election…..while they are trying to cast aside the conservatives they will lose.  There won’t be enough independents, hispanics, or single women to make up the difference……plus the cheating from the left….the GOPe is done……

  • palin45potus

    The Bush Family, who started the cave-in to the left in the first place, is now ready to offer up Jeb as the presumed GOP savior!

    The same Family who sabotaged McCain-Palin with the stock market crash followed by the TARP bailout, which pretty much handed the election to Obama.  But just in case, they supplied the loathsome Wallace pair, as well as Steve Schmidt.

    And then they made sure that the GOP got behind Mitt Romney and we now find out that Mitt didn’t even want the job!  So in essence he was there to make sure that Sarah Palin didn’t get nominated, which would ruin Jeb’s 2016 chances.

    How can anyone expect things to get better if we allow them to complete this with a Jeb Bush 2016 run, and the entire GOP apparatus pushing for it?  A whole new cast of DC blonde bimbo GOP cheerleaders who can write books and have radio and TV spots while the country sinks further into the abyss, and the name "Conservative" becomes bastardized beyond recognition?

    A 3rd Party is the only chance we have.  But without Sarah Palin, it will be a complete waste of time.

    • Carolyn Dixon

       perhaps chuck’s message is one to all of us who support Sarah – perhaps she is considering to run third party in 2016.  let us pray this is what she is going to do.

      • Craig Phillips

        Reply to Carolyn Dixon;

        Perhaps Sarah is waiting to see what her supporters do? A great leader knows how important timing is and I don’t think she will let herself be forced to do anything too soon.

        If her support is not broad enough in the early 2016 states ( in the 12 months preceeding the first votes ), and the field chock full of divide-and-conquer candidates, and if the Tea Party supporters don’t show ( early enough ) that they are prepared to coalesce around her if she runs, then I believe she won’t make a move.

        I reckon she will wait until she clearly sees that there is a real hunger for true change in the GOP voters – and that its palpable…and NOT before!

        I also believe that in 2012 she was watching and could not see any focused support for her in the very early states.

        But consider this; if 20 – 25% of early state voters were just so red hot and fed up with the GOPe and showed it by determined to handwrite her name on their ballots – even if there was no "write-in" section on their ballots ( wasting my vote? who cares; without Sarah its all wasted anyway, and I’ll give those GOPe "fatherless sons" NOTHING ELSE!!! ) – then the GOPe would not have been able to keep secret such a clear demonstration of focused & determined support – it would have made MAJOR news, and in itself created a true "earthquake" in the GOP race.

        However there was no passion evident in the early states for that, and although SC voters acted on her "suggestion" to vote for Newt, there was not any clear & sharp focus like "SARAH OR NOTHIN" coming from the GOP voters themselves – they got hoodwinked by the divide-&-conquer candidates whose support ( to use one of my fathers expressions ) alternately rose & fell, going "up & down like a brides nightie"!

        They just were not hungry enough, and they just were not fed up enough – I think Sarah could see that.

        On reflection I wouldnt ( and shouldnt ) have expected her to do anything other than stay away from the whole slow motion train wreak.

        My hearts dream is to see a great unfolding & groundswell of Sarah supporters – millions of them  – raising their voices in tight focus over the next year or so – almost in unison communicating to the GOPe, but also to Sarah – " WE WANT SARAH, OR NOTHIN"!!!

        May the rumblings commence from this day forward, and grow like rolling thunder across your great nation, shaking and shifting the GOP voter base, drawing them away from the desiccated husk of the party establishment; an unstoppable force like the swaying of great tides, bearing them to a new place, new understanding, & a new appreciation of our Sarah!

  • Jane M. Smith

    I agree.  We need to go back to our country’s original principles and stand our ground on these principles.  We need a leader who is not ashamed of this country – who does not wish to bring it down.  We need a leader who isn’t seeking a $35M house, but rather who wants to put both the House and Senate back into order.  We need a leader who isn’t trying to diminish God, and banish Him from our schools, government offices, etc.  Sarah’s the one!

  • virginiagentleman1

    Is it time for a third party?
    No, it is way PAST time for a new FIRST Party, and one led by a certain Lady from out of the far north, Sarah Palin!

    • CharterOakie

      My opinion EXACTLY.

      • virginiagentleman1

        Greetings my friend and a Happy New Year to you and your family! 

        It has been a while since we’ve chatted! I pray that all is well with you and yours. I’ve missing seeing you on the open thread.  VG

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Happy New Year, Bro!!

  • Freempg

    No matter one’s opinion on a third party there is no reason not to take it to the GOPe at every turn. Ridding the RNC of Reince Priebus is a battle worth fighting:

    • MarkRNY

      I STRONGLY agree Free. They have to be crushed no matter what. I truly don’t think they can be without Sarah. She’s got the market cornered on guts, leadership and the ability to light a grassroots inferno. That’s putting a great weight on her shoulders, but it is what it is.

  • PalinIsGodsGift2USA

    Yes. Time is right for third party – if led by Sarah Palin. Call it the American Peoples Party, APP.

    SARAH 2016

  • lanahi

    We need a third party or an independent Sarah Palin.  Yes, it’s time.

    We also need conservative TV to get our message across to those voters who only get their "facts" from TV news.  This seems the number one problem with conservative candidates, hoping to get the message heard…it needs to be fixed before the next elections. 

    And election fraud is something we need congress to fix first.  Voter ID as a start.  Ask your Congressmen to address this issue now.

  • palinpatriot2012

    Yes, Chuck, it IS time. The Republican Party will never allow Sarah to be the nominee. We all know this. It is time to to bring people from all walks of life and political affiliations together. There are too many people out there who are sick of BOTH parties and don’t trust either of them.  It is time to direct America to the North Star that will guide her in the right direction. It’s time for Sarah.

  • cudaforever

    I used to always say No but I’ve crossed the Rubicon. To answer Chuck’s question, YES, the time has come. Where do I sign up? :)


  • Independantminded

     Thank you Chuck Jr for your thoughtful post. I can’t say that I disagree  with a word that you wrote, our current political system is a mess and it has become impossible to do any meaningful reforms. GOP loyalists will say that a 3rd party would be a disaster and give the elections to the Democrats but the majority of my friends here in Southern Minnesota are Democrats and they are disgusted with all things political but would never vote GOP. Things to think about but I believe I would be all in  

  • 2C714

    I’ve been very busy lately, but I had to chime-in briefly.

    I couldn’t agree more concerning a new party!

    Speaking as a Constitutional conservative, I am looking for a ‘home;’ a place to ‘hang my hat;’ a place to uphold & defend the Constitution and my values.  A new party…as they say…just for us!!

    I am never surprised at the America-hating, God-hating liberals, but I am shocked and sickened at the  rinos, elitists, backstabbers, who give us a pretense of "looking out for our interests"—which is hypocritical ‘rubbish.’

    I have no loyalties for the Republican Party. 

    There is no political party for us….Yet!!!

    After the election, several of our TP members were discussing a third party, and we agreed that the only leader that we could support was Gov. Sarah Palin.  That sentiment is growing!

    I continue to support Gov. Palin and the Constitutional conservatives across this great country.

    • dave7777

       One act that will immediately give body to the new party is the switching of Congressmen. It will happen as it did with the Whig to Republican switch. Check your history. It became a landslide. As to Chuck’s "American Party". Careful with the name.

      The American Independent Party is a right-wing political party of the United States that was established in 1967 by Bill and Eileen Shearer. It is most notable for its nomination of former Alabama Governor George Wallace, who carried five states in the 1968 presidential election running on a segregationist platform. The party split in 1976 into the modern American Independent Party and the American Party. From 1992 until 2008 the party was the California affiliate of the national Constitution Party, with its exit from the Constitution Party leading to a leadership dispute during the 2008 election.


  • Pete Petretich

    I agree that we should not pre-judge the outcome. That’s my problem with the very title "third party". Whenever we use that phrase it sets people off on all kinds of fantasy trips and goofy fringe fixations.

    According to the US Constitution an American citizen doesn’t need to be a member of either or any "party" to run for office. There are only a few attributes, actually, which are required for someone to become Chief Executive of the USA.

    • senator20526

       Well Pete, the good news is that whoever the GOPe nominate for President will never get elected if we form a third party….in fact a third party has a better chance because of all the people who have been turned off by both parties….

      • Independantminded

        I don’t see a GOP nominee winning even without a 3rd party. Mitt ran against one of the worst presidents ever and mainly becuase of changing demographics which will be nothing but worse in 4 years. If you can’t get a decent percentage of the Latino and single women vote you will never win a national election, it is as simple as that

        • dmac8889

          Independentminded:  You are right in a practical manner, however, it was Conservatives not coming out to vote for Romney that cost him the election.  When it comes to voting, there are just as many Conservatives willing to stay home and not vote for the Republican nominee, as there are Republican & Independent Moderates who are unwilling to vote for a Conservative nominee.  Republican & Independent Moderates did not decide this election, Conservatives did. They stayed home.  If Latinos and single women want Big Reckless Gov’t, than the division of Moderates and Conservatives will give the Democrats the POTUS again.  Meanwhile our side can continue to grow our power in the Congress in Senate, because Latinos and single women don’t come out and vote in off POTUS years.

  • Ron Brown

    Don’t know the "right" answer about best direction. Conservatives are split. Many say that a true conservative can’t make it through GOP nomination process. Many say a 3rd party can’t be sucessful. Will split the vote. Don’t know the "right" answer, but I do know that conservatives will never be successful until they get a "can do" attitude rather than giving so much priority to "can’t do."

    I agree with Steve about the tea party factions. They are split all over the place. Lack consistent direction. I was totally disgusted with the Tea Party Nation (Judson Phillips). He was asked about supporting Sarah Palin quite often. His comment was always "She is not running." (This was prior to October 5) But let me ask you? Why couldn’t he have said something like, "Well I don’t know if she will decide to run, but if she does she is certainly the type of candidate that would warrant support."  Of course it turned out that Judson spoke most often in favorable terms about Newt, so it became rather obvious why he would never speak in favorable terms about Gov Palin.

    Other tea party groups were so determined to maintain their independence that they were not willing to take any type of supportive stand. My suggestion to tea party groups is that they need to do a much better job measuring potential candidates as how well they match up with their principled positions, and then actually "give support" to those strong principled candidates. Otherwise it remains split and we end up with another McCain or Romney.

    At any rate, again, I don’t know what is the "right" choice, but I truly think the country is in desperate need of a leader that conservatives can coelesce around. That leader would decide the path they wanted to take. Then it would be our responsibilty to get behind that leader 110%.

    Of course I realize that will be too much to ask. The "can’t do" folks will come out of the woodwork knocking whatever decision the leader makes as the wrong decision as "can’t be done." That will simply mean we have to work that much harder. We can’t continue the let the "can’t do" people drag us down.

    Governor Palin, I am prepared to unapologtically follow the direction you decide. To those that are not ready to give 110% support then I’d suggest that you step aside because we are coming through with or without you.


  • momofsons

    Are there any disgruntled Democrats that believe in the constitution that would consider political suicide and run with Gov Palin on the ticket?

    • momofsons

       Artur Davis perhaps?  Seems a man of integrity and principle

  • korn8131

     Thanks for the heads-up Steve.  I hope Chuck; Jr. has expressed his sentiments with sissy. Enough is enough. If Sarah Palin is serious about making any changes in how we are governed, she might as well write off doing it through the Republican Party. In fact, if this article doesn’t cause her to rethink her strategy about change, then nothing will convince her. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein’s quote describes what the GOPe’s have been doing for years,  I also believe this quote sums up her dealing with the GOP. I hope she doesn’t waste any more of her time and energy, on them. She needs to move on. Sarah, if serious about change, needs to help organize a movement that will bring about a Constitutional Conservative party ASAP!!


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