Chuck, Jr. Follows Up On His ‘New Party’ Post

We here at C4P have a lot of respect for the Governor and her family and appreciate their contributions to commonsense conservatism. 

I was thrilled to post Chuck’s brilliant post from a couple days ago where he questioned whether or not the time for a third party had arrived or not. 

Well, through reader discussion, he has followed up a couple times with his readers since then.  Please join in the discussions here at C4P or at Facebook.

On Monday, he posted the following:

This is the second half of the piece about a new “American Party” I posted last night. Many of your comments were great. Keep the suggestions coming.

“This party’s platform would be a conglomerate of the best ideas from the existing parties, plus a few new commonsense ideas. It would adhere to the tenants of our Constitution and be Christian-based.

Under the new party’s platform, term limits would be adhered to. I suggest that any representative be limited to three consecutive terms and senators two. They would be free to serve again in the future, but only after sitting out another two terms. If the opposition won’t play by those rules, so be it. The people will decide who stays and who goes.

Under the American Party, a senator or representative would not be permitted to go to work for any corporation that he has been involved with as a member of government for a period of two years.

Campaign contributions would be limited to individuals and be completely transparent. No more “corporate politicians”!

This would be the party with solutions, not just talk. It would be a party by the people and for the people.

If not now… then when?

This is just the beginning. I am just one man expressing my opinion. I’m hoping that there are more of you out there that share it. Something has to be done. Our country cannot and will not prosper unless something drastically changes.”

Then even more recently, Chuck was nice enough to post the following words from Democrat Pollster, Pat Caddell.  Chuck said the following:

This is kind of eerie. As most of you know I wrote a post two days ago about the possibility of starting a third major political party that could seriously contend for high national offices. I’m not a politician and the only reason I wrote it was because I am so frustrated with the bickering between our two established parties and the direction our country is heading. Anyway, someone sent me a video today of a speech that Democratic pollster Pat Caddell delivered to a group of women in Austin, Texas yesterday.

Pat is much, much more politically savvy than I am so I’d like to share some of what he said in his speech. He mentioned that he is speaking out for the sake of his own grandchildren.

-75-79% of Americans believe government in Washington governs without the consent of the people.

-83% think the system is rigged by lobbyists, unions, banks, and special interests.

-77% (recent Gallup poll) believe the power play between our two parties is a threat to the survival of our country.

Regarding the Fiscal Cliff: Mort Zuckerman recently stated that the unfunded liability of government is 87 trillion dollars. The new bill that was just passed: for every dollar in spending cuts there will be 41 dollars in new taxes. On top of this, hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks will be given to special interests.

Mr. Caddell then said that we currently have two political parties: the “corrupt” party and the “stupid” party (he didn’t stipulate which one was which).

He said that not only did the Senate pass the Fiscal Cliff bill, but they caved and gave Obama the power to raise the debt ceiling.

He called Obamacare a crime against democracy because Obama promised it wouldn’t be linked to new taxes. Since then 19,000 new IRS agents are being put in place. He said that congressmen on both sides of the aisle helped it pass because they are in cahoots with the insurance companies that will profit from this new legislation. “Congressmen will talk but will not act.” He mentioned that 30% of Obama voters want Obamacare overturned.

He said that the role of government is supposed to be to protect the people from power, not impose power on the people.

He concluded by saying that regardless of what party people belong to, when you are elected you swear an oath to the constitution, not a political party.

It’s anything but a mystery.  Frankly, for my own reasons I bit my tongue through most of the election cycle in 2012.  But serious discussions must move forward and the movement required to create such an alternative has to be consistent.  Right now, we do have decent members on both sides of the aisle who feel cut off.  But then it becomes easy to sell out to special interests when people are showered with media attention.  That is why a new platform should be presented to the people.  They need a place to go and I frankly believe they are willing to take that step.  A couple folks powerful enough are required to at least begin the discussions on the possibility.  We’re not going to determine the direct course overnight, but if the people know we’re working towards bypassing both machines of the left and the right, they’ll be ready to grab on once its developed.

People really are that sick of our government.

The fact that Huffington Post is picking up Chuck’s words means that even they know that people are waiting for something new.  The threat of a new path could not only accomplish the task of giving the people a viable choice, but it could in fact get the two parties we are currently stuck with to sit up and take notice.

I thank Chuck Heath, Jr. for having the courage to put this thought out there.  Gov. Palin has always contended that at the end of the day most of us agree more than we disagree.  And there needs to be a choice for ‘most of us’ in future elections.

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