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CNS | Nat Geo: John Wilkes Booth ‘Could Be the Poster Child for the Tea Party’

( – Executive Producer Erik Jendresen of National  Geographic Channel’s upcoming television movie “Killing Lincoln,” said John  Wilkes Booth “could be the poster child for the Tea Party.”

“This is not the act of somebody who can easily be dismissed as a  psychopath, so that it’s easy to understand,  ‘Oh well, he was crazy,’”  Jendresen said of Booth at a Television Critics Association winter press tour event on  Friday in Pasadena, Calif., as initially reported by The Wrap.

“No.  It’s more disturbing to find out who Booth was," said Jendresen. "This is a man who  believed what still probably 20 percent of this country still believes.  He could be a poster child for the Tea Party."


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