Conn Carroll | Can Republicans win big by going small?

Of course, the only businesses capable of fixing prices and managing collectively bargained contracts are large corporations. The New Deal was basically an all-out war on small business, conducted by the liberal Iron Triangle of Big Business, Big Government and Big Labor.

Obama has revived that alliance and continued that war today. Every part of his first-term agenda: Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, EPA regulations, NLRB appointments, higher tax rates on individuals, etc., increases the government-imposed costs on small businesses and gives a competitive advantage to big businesses.

No wonder the Obama recovery is also the weakest recovery since the New Deal. New business creation has been the main driver of job creation in every U.S. economic recovery since World War II, and new business creation has never been weaker than it is today under Obama.

If they are going to win national elections again, Republicans must develop a message and an agenda that will level the playing field between big corporations and small businesses. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal sounded such a note last Thursday at the Republican National Committee meeting in Charlotte, N.C.


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