Daily Caller | Washington traded away America’s future

If someone had woken you from a dead sleep 20 years ago and asked what the  Republican Party stood for, you would’ve had no trouble answering: Fiscal  restraint, a strong national defense and lower taxes. Those were the three  pillars of the GOP. The party’s brand was clear. Voters understood it, and many  approved. In the days before Obama, Republicans won seven out of ten  presidential elections.

Things have changed for the muddier. Scratch the surface and you’ll find  there is no longer a consensus among Republicans on foreign policy. Fiscal  restraint? Years of earmarks, record deficits and at least one new federal  entitlement under Republican congresses make that idea a bitter joke.

Of the three principles that have united the party since Reagan, only taxes  remain. Republicans have been able to claim — sincerely, and with continuing  success at the ballot box — that they are for lower taxes.

Until Tuesday.


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