Erick Erickson | The Real Gun Violence Problem

Piers Morgan has been in the news a lot lately with his interviews on gun control.  He’s made it his cause of late.  He interviewed my friend Larry Pratt a couple of weeks ago and really attacked Larry.  The other night he interviewed that conspiracy crank Alex Jones and many conservatives and gun owners have lamented a perception that Alex Jones will become the face of gun owners.

The conversations have actually been fascinating.  Piers Morgan isn’t the only one to engage in these, but he’s been one of the most prominent.

Unfortunately, the incident that set off all these discussions — the Newtown, CT tragedy — is causing policy makers and news figures to fixate on all the wrong things, or at least the things with the least amount of meaning.

The fact is the tragedy in Connecticut was terrible.  But it is also not a common act.  It is called a “random act of violence” because it is random.

After the shooting over the summer in Aurora, CO, the President and his team could have picked up the gun issue, but they chose not too because it is a political hot potato and hurts the Democrats.  They are compensating in light of this new tragedy, but the discussed policy proposals thus far probably would do no good.  Increasing gun free school zones and punishment for violating those zones will not stop a mass shooter.


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