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Fox | Republican senator: ‘Jack Lew must never be secretary of Treasury’

A key Republican has vowed to block the expected promotion  of White  House Chief of Staff Jacob "Jack" Lew, saying he "must never be secretary of  Treasury."

Lew is expected to be nominated for the treasury secretary  job by the end of the week.

A strongly worded statement by Sen. Jeff  Sessions, R-Ala. — prepared in anticipation of that nomination and obtained  by Fox News — signals the bumpy ride Lew could face during the Senate  confirmation process. Sessions, the top Republican on the Senate Budget  Committee, says Lew misled Congress about the White House’s budget proposals and  argues that should disqualify him from being put in charge of the government’s  finances.

"Lew, as the president’s budget director, appeared before Congress and  continued to insist that President Obama’s budget-which Lew had crafted-would  not add to the debt  of the United States," Sessions said in the statement, calling Lew’s comments  "the most direct and important false assertion during my entire time in Washington."

Obama is expected to announce Lew’s nomination later this week.


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