Gary Aminoff | Republicans have a messaging problem

By  increasing the debt limit we allow the Federal Government to borrow more and  more money. The fiscally responsible action is to 1) have Congress make a budget  (which has not happened in any year under the Obama administration but is  required under the Constitution), 2) figure out what revenues there are, which  would be the limit on spending and 3) make the spending cuts necessary to enable  the country to "pay its bills" out of what existing revenue there is. Isn’t that  what businesses and families have to do to prevent bankruptcy?  Republicans should already have articulate spokesmen out there framing the  issue. Instead, they are once again allowing Obama to position Republicans as  the "bad guys" who are preventing America from "paying its bills" instead of the  "good guys" who are trying to be fiscally responsible and prevent another  recession and runaway inflation.

Democrats  are framing the issues in a way that will allow them to retake the House in  2014. Republicans need articulate strategic and tactical thinkers and spokesmen  who can take the initiative and present the Republican message in a way that the  public can clearly understand before the Democrats frame the issue, if they want  to survive as a political party.


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