Glenn Reynolds | Why not a waiting period for laws?

So New York’s stringent new gun-control law bans guns or magazines capable of holding more than seven shots. Everybody’s safer now, except that — in the Gov. Cuomo-led rush to pass the bill — nobody thought to exempt the police, making all those Glocks felonious.

The Rolling Stones once sang that “every cop is a criminal,” but even they didn’t mean it as a prescription for legislation.

Yes, Cuomo argues (unpersuasively) that the ban still doesn’t apply to cops, but Albany is amending things just to “clarify.”

Maybe someone might have noticed the problem before the bill passed — if legislators had had time to, you know, read the bill and talk about it and maybe even hold hearings. But Cuomo issued a “message of necessity” to allow skipping the state’s normal “waiting period” before passage of legislation.

 Perhaps the governor feared that, if lawmakers took the time for intelligent discussion, the bill might not pass?

Maybe so, but — as they say in the software business — that’s not a bug, that’s a feature.

After every tragedy, legislation gets rushed through that’s typically just a bunch of stuff that various folks had long wanted all along, but couldn’t pass before. Then it’s hustled through as a “solution” to the tragedy, even though close inspection usually reveals that the changes wouldn’t have prevented the tragedy, and don’t even have much to do with it.


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