Hollywood Hands "Golden Globe Award" to a Piece of Garbage (aka HBO’s "Game Change")

Hollywood gathered to stroke their egos last night by handing out "Golden Globe Awards". Two awards were handed to liberal/progressive actors who claimed to portray Governor Palin and Senator John McCain during the 2008 presidential election in the HBO film "Game Change".  Even more pathetic was actually naming the film "Best Television Film."  All of it was yet another attempt to legitimize a piece of garbage captured on celluloid. And the actors, Julianne Moore and Ed Harris, were useful pawns to desperately elevate the two-hour sorry excuse as "historical fiction."

It may seem harsh to call it garbage, but when you look at the definition of "garbage", the HBO fictitious film "Game Change" is just that. From The Oxford College Dictionary:

"a thing that is considered worthless or meaningless."

If the shoe fits, wear it. Numerous writers –John Nolte at Breitbart.com, Stacy Drake and Damian Geminder, to name a few– have thoroughly exposed the garbage for what it is, here, here and here.

Gratefully, so has Jason Recher, an adviser to Governor Palin during and after the election, who was actually present during the campaign. He set the record straight, once again last night, via CNN:

"It comes as no surprise that the Hollywood Foreign Press recognized another Hollywood group, HBO, for their work of fiction and awarded a prize for best fictional filmmaking,” Recher told CNN. “The reality was an original American story, not a screenplay by people who only imagined events to fit their fiction." …

Recher said Sunday’s award show was a vivid example of Hollywood liberalism at work.

"The media is reporting last night was Hollywood shining the light on and celebrating women,” he said. “It’s clear however they only celebrate women who fit their political ideology. Women who don’t conform to their liberal values are torn down in terribly harsh ways – a clear double standard which was awarded last night.”

While CNN claims that the creators of the film say they "relied on people both critical of and sympathetic to" Governor Palin, they don’t reveal the names of those "sympathetic" people.  Could it be because in truth they did no such thing? Breitbart’s Nolte noted this even in March 2012! Writes Nolte: (emphasis mine)

By my count, including Governor Palin, who’s gone on the record with various statements and her own fact-checked-to-death autobiography, “Going Rogue,” we now have 11 people — 10 of them on the record — who were there during the campaign and who vigorously and openly dispute the malicious way in which the Governor is portrayed in HBO’s “Game Change.”

The most important thing to remember, is that a few of these individuals did speak to the “Game Change” authors and screenwriter, but rather than take the word of those willing to speak out in the open, those writers CHOSE instead to take the word of those who refused to go on the record.

If you have nearly a dozen people, either telling you or willing to tell you the same story openly, why then would you choose to go with bomb-throwers living in the shadows.

That’s a rhetorical question.

Can someone please give Moore and Harris a copy of "Undefeated", Steve Bannon’s documentary (read: fact filled, historically based film)? Sadly, Moore still lives under the liberal rocks otherwise known as Hollywood and Manhattan:

In her acceptance speech, Moore thanked comedian Tina Fey and former CBS anchor Katie Couric for making “a significant difference in the 2008 election.” Fey famously mocked Palin on Saturday Night Live, and Couric won plaudits for an interview with Palin in which the vice presidential nominee seemed flustered and unprepared.

And then give her a copy of Governor Palin’s book, Going Rogue, and Chuck Heath Sr. and Chuck Heath Jr.’s book, Our Sarah. Perhaps then she will fully grasp the errors of her thinking.

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  • indemind

     The LSM, to anyone who will listen- "Remember Sarah is NOT important ;-)   And we must discuss in GREAT detail how unimportant she is."

     Rant Free 24/7….. LMAO

    SarahAmerica- "Here’s To Liberty!"…


    How about we also give Moore and Harris a copy of this….
    "The most confident person I’ve ever met"……..hmmmm, kind of proves their view of Palin lying on the floor in a fetal position having a meltdown,is a lie….and a big fat one at that. 

    Jasmine I usually like your articles, but giving Game Change, their creators, and those who throw accolades at it acknowledgements is a real disappointment. *sigh*

    • $3069072

      I hear ya. It is a double edge sword to even acknowledge its existence. 

      But the sickening reality is that it’s out there and unless the record is continuously set straight, future generations will believe that it was truth, when it was far from it. My own children were in iTunes the other day and found this film there. All kinds of people were praising it with lies.

      We have to fight the smears as much as we can without it letting it consume us.

  • cbenoistd

    This cheered me up.


    Moore was invited to the White House Easter Egg hunt. Pity the unlucky toddler who found her brain.

  • Guest

    Does anyone believe Hollywood any more ???
    Oh…that’s right (palm hitting forehead)…of course they do….that’s why BHO was voted-in…
    Maybe if the truth came out about the WH, the truth would come out in HollyWood…just sayin….

  • CliffNZ

    Moore thanked Couric and Fey, however it fell rather flat, I thought. I think even hollywood knows deep down that this award was not given for talent. Julianne has won a trophy but lost a lot of respect.

  • Mr.L

    I don’t know what the hell they’re celebrating.  The premiere of Game Change on HBO got beat out in the ratings by a re run episode of the reality show Pawn Stars. The reason they saluted this piece of lying garbage is a) to bash Sarah Palin. b) they needed to give it some awards so that HBO can justify constant re running of this really bad and boring made for TV movie.  The Globes were up in the ratings about 3 mil viewers since last year at about 19 mil. However, they are down from their highest rating in 2004 28 mil.  So they’re losing in my book.  Prominent Hollywood entertainment blogger Nikke Finke live blogged the awards on her site deadline.com and was concerned that the obsessive bashing of Palin and the presence of Bill Clinton alienated about 1/2 the country.  I think she was right.  As for Julianne Moore, well she’ll be starring in her next film soon, yet another remake (my those commies in commiewood certainly do love to recylce) of the B horror film "Carrie".  I guess all those emmys and globes are paying off aren’t they?

    • James A. Tyler

      Wait, she’s doing what? A remake of "Carrie"? That better be "Carrie the Musical"

      Don’t tell me she’s now trying to massacre Piper Laurie’s iconic mother figure. Okay, so its not that good – but, really? Honestly,  I guess I could buy into her playing a psychotic knife-weilding evangelical who intentionally keeps her daughter ignorant and self-loathing, eventually driving her to mass murder. She obviously thinks she’s played this role once before, but she’ll add a special sort of realism to the role this time.

      Unless she’s playing the flat-chested, neurotic, mutant wallflower daughter, Carrie White! Then she’s perfect! She could win a second Golden Globe, and if Sacha Baron Cohen just "happens" to dump a bucket of pig blood onto her while she’s accepting her award, she can blame Palin!

      EDIT: "Grammy" haha

      • Mr.L

          Yes Carrie. The movie from the 1970s. That has already been remade a
        few years ago. Yes she’s playing Carrie White’s psycho mother.

        • James A. Tyler

          That’s right, they did. Is this a theatrical release or straight-to-TV? I believe the remake was a TV movie, no?

        • $3069072

          well, finally a role apropos for Moore.

        • section9

          Look, the woman can act, but other than the Palin role, look at the parts she gets. They might as well have cast Kathy Griffin!

  • Mr.L

    And I found it funny how there’s supposedly a war on women going on in the republican party, yet the Democrats & their Hollywood enablers devoted most of their show to bashing a conservative republican woman.  In 2000, the Hollywood media community celebrated the life and story of Erin Brockovich.  in 2013, they obsessively bash the life and story of Sarah Palin.  However, they are blithely ignorant to realize that Sarah Palin has more in common with a woman like Erin Brockovich than Dinty Moore, Julia Roberts or any other dipshit Hollywood actress.

    • cbenoistd

      I never made the connection. Great stuff. Thanks.

    • section9

      It’s precisely because Palin has a revolutionary persona that they attack her the way they do.

      Obama is one of the most reactionary figures to come along in modern times. What he believes in is a throwback to the Brezhnev Era. His Hollywood supporters don’t get that what Obama believes in was tried in the Sixties and Seventies, and failed back then.

      Palin will outlast Obama and his supporters. She is patient. Her reputation will survive this.

      • lyndaaquarius

        much more than just survive. The story of Governor Palin is really only beginning and the smart ones on the Left know this, too. Almost the entire Huffington post today is dedicated to how awful and stupid is sarah palin. Why?? It’s a bottomless pit of Palin bashing.  Why?? She’s supposed to be so irrelevant, remember?    Really ponder this. Also remember that she’s probably the most accomplished American governor in the last 100 years. Look at her incredible record and ponder the most vicious character assassination in our history. And what did she DO that merits this insane level of hate? It’s all being ginned up by the Left Media and why? These questions must be put to the American people. Why why why???

        • section9

          Here’s what smart Progs know: after Chicago Jesus leaves the White House, someone has to carry on the Cult of Personality.

          Who? Biden? Hillary?

          Obama, like Palin and Bill Clinton, is the kind of person who can light up a room. The Democrats have nobody else! That’s why they are on this mission to destroy Palin now while Obama is still in office and his team and supporters are still together.

          No coalition stays together permanently. Obama’s will drift to the four winds at some point, driven apart by greed and conflicting interests. Palin, wisely, stayed out of the Republican scrum while the Establishment went through its self-immolation. That’s why the Huffers are attacking her: they know she’ll still be around after Obama is gone, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

          • lyndaaquarius

            you are so right!The Dems will start to promote Juan/Julian Castro, Cory Booker,etc. We’ll start to see "human interest" puff profiles on them soon. And they’ll keep spinning the "Palin is awful" plate at the same time. The smart ones know what’s coming.

    • conservativemama

      I thought the same.  Palin is the type of "real woman" they claim to admire and they want to portray to win awards……………..but when those women appear in real life and don’t speak and act according to script they demonize them.

      Palin is the first woman that I, in 50 years of life, have ever identified with.  I get her. I know her, and when these liberal monsters attack her, it feels personal.

  • Jthom26837

     I know exactly who deserves a ‘Golden Globe Trophy’ For the piece of crap HBO’s ‘Game Change': O.P Ditch and The Rest of The Maryland O4P team for skunking The Washington, D.C Premiere Party handing out pamphlets telling the inside story/ truth about the so-called film. We Palinistas across the fruited plain raise a glass to you. CHEERS!!!

     Hey, all of you Hollywood Loonies, if this post gets under your skin, I, or we don’t give a fat rats @#$%!!! We know all of you are monitoring all of the pro- Sarah Palin websites. :-)

  • VADMCollingwood

    What is really tiring is the people who should know better taking this nonsense seriously.  It should be obvious to the most casual observer that everything Hollywood says about anything is a lie.  They pay people to gossip about them.  Others are paid to be gossiped about.  Not one of them could complete a sentence or utter a cogent thought without a script.  

    Don’t worry though, the same people who brought us "My Mother the Car" and "My Favorite Martian" are saying that this, this right here, is no kidding, really true.  

  • DocBarry1

    Game Changer is rubbish – shame on them for going after the Governor and her family -shame on the GOPe for not standing up for the Governor. Shame on Fox News for not coming out strongly to call this garbage garbage –

    • Ceejay

      well said Doc…agree with that movie is rubbish, and will not pay one dime to see it.

      • DocBarry1


  • ZH100

    Excellent read. Thank you Jasmine Velasco

  • patnatasha

    cowards all of them.

  • James A. Tyler

    Its sort of difficult to come up with a double standard equivalent to this, because contrary to what Obama seems to think, the Right does NOT influence mainstream media outlets; but suspending reality for a moment, just imagine a right-wing network lampooning Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton at a major awards banquet viewed by tens of millions all over the country, and no real repurcussions surfacing. I know, I can’t seem to do it either.

    But, this verbatim above – is that "whining" as the Left is now calling it? I certainly hope not. Doesn’t sound like it.

    In all honesty, I sort of hoped Julianne Moore would win. Obama the bigger cultural icon than Palin? Ha! How many washed up actors have revived careers and won Emmies and Golden Globes playing him on Film & Television?

    Chris Christie? Michele Bachmann? Rick Perry? Mitt Romney? Pshaw! No one can name the actors who play them on SNL. No actor owes them squat for making them famous. Katie Couric, Tina Fey, Kathy Griffin, Julianne Moore – WHERE would these ladies be without this darling cultural icon?

    EDIT: Again with "Grammies" haha

  • John_Frank

    Jasmine, thank you for this excellent post.

  • wandrako

    They are so stupid that they wouldn’t read them.  Their minds are closed and they are rewarded for their stupidity.

  • HuntingMoose



    Hollywood is a piece of garbage.

    QED, once again.


  • Fiannaman

    Congrats on the Golden Globe. I really enjoyed the movie.

    • socon

       Crawl back under your fetid rock.

  • Guest

    Screw that skank moore…….

    I stand with Sarah Palin,  always!   there’s millions of us Palinistas,  we will have our day!

    Go Sarah!

  • chuckjr

    I’d like to thank Jasmine Velasco, Jason Recher, Stacy Drake, John Nolte, Damian Geminder, Steve Bannon, Mr. L., and all of you for helping to set the record straight.

     It’s nauseating to read that something like "Game Change" is receiving accolades in Hollywood. This movie was a bogus attempt by the libs in Hollywood to completely distort what really went on during the campaign. We discussed the details of the campaign in our book, but obviously Hollywood wasn’t interested in talking to any friends and family members that were actually out there on the campaign trail. Juilanna or Julianne… whatever her name is, has no idea how far off she was in her portrayal of the real Sarah. 

    But what do I know? I just grew up with her.

    • $3069072

      It’s my pleasure, Chuck Jr. Your sister has inspired me from the beginning. 

      I respect her on so many levels: 

      1) as a faithful woman of God;

      2) as a wife (supporting and working closely with Todd); 

      3) as a Mother (raising five children, supporting them in their endeavors, refusing to succomb to the world’s temptations to abort); 

      4) as a sister, daughter, Executive Producer (making the TLC documentary "Alaska" w/your Dad and family); 

      5) as a servant for We the People (City Council, Mayor, AOGCC Commissioner, Governor, advocate for candidates of Tea Party principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets,and Constitutionally limited government); 

      6) as a writer (two books, Op-Eds, countless Facebook articles and speeches); 

      7) as a generous public speaker internationally and domestically (Israel, South Korea, India, pro-life and Susan B. Anthony List, CPAC, Indianola, Madison, Wisconsin and so many more!);

      8) and as a fighter against corruption (exposing corruption within her own party, taking on Big Oil and crony capitalism).

      That she acoomplishes all this and continues to joyfully live life amidst bogus lawsuits, hacked email accounts, disgusting mockery and lies is even more remarkable. She is one smart, tough lady.

      I also wrote this for Big Hollywood at Breitbart.com http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Hollywood/2013/01/14/Hollywood-Hands-Golden-Globe-to-Garbage-aka-Game-Change

    • uksarahfan

      You can be sure Chuck that your sister’s supporters continue to passionately support and admire her no matter what. We know the real deal when we see (her). I had the (dis)pleasure of meeting a Wasilla resident way out here in Wellington NZ recently and sure enough out came the predictable garbage about Sarah’s abilities etc. I found it strange that he simply couldn’t answer the question as to how someone who is apparently such a moron on every conceivable level could achieve what she has in such a short space of time. Conversation ended at that point as it usually does with lefties.

      As for Moore and her dishonest fakery well I like to quote a lefty favourite – JFK "the fruits of victory will be but ashes in (their mouths). Sarah is patient and so are her supporters.Our time will come.

      All the best to you and your kith and kin Chuck

    • section9

      It’s important to push back. Mr. Churchill is always right: "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth gets its pants on!"

    • Rightmindedmom

      Thank you, Chuck Jr.  Rest assured.  There are millions of Palinistas ready to go to battle for Sarah if and when she declares "war" on the Establishment.  Your idea of an "American" party sounds good to me.  All the people in the Organize4Palin groups around the country, are ready to do whatever we can to form the American Party, and get that party on a ballot in every state. We just need Sarah to say the word…

      Mom in Wisconsin

  • CliffNZ

    It is interesting that Julianne Moore continues to make comments that reflect a personal issue with Sarah Palin. Why the snark? Why the comment about Fey and Couric? It is gratifying to see her act in such an infantile way. Sarah gave the portrayal a thumbs down and the over sensitive actress can’t get over it. Seeing her again, I do have to to admit that even though they didn’t fully capture Sarah Palin’s glowing beauty, the make up artists were more deserving of an award.

    • socon

      Julianne Moore is just another Holly Weird brainless bimbo.  Sarah leaves her in the dust on every level.

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